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Hi ladies!

I am Lin from and I am looking for a pregnant mummy for a collaborated shoot with make up artist Dian from Favor by Dian Mayasari. We are looking to do the shoot in end Aug/early Sept. Further information will be discussed once the talent is chosen. Clothings will be provided.

You will be compensated with 5 fully edited images of the photographer’s choice with more images of which you can purchase. The shoot will concentrate mostly on the mummy but will definitely include some shots with the spouse and child(ren).

The session will be roughly an hour long and safe distancing rules and Covid regulations will be observed at all times. The person in the photo may only unmask during a take/shot and must promptly put the mask back on in between and after the take/shot.

Criteria of talent:
  • Confident and natural in front of a camera
  • 28-36 weeks of pregnancy
  • No health concerns as we’ll be shooting outdoors
If you tick the above requirements and would love to have your photos taken, please email [email protected] or WhatsApp 8950 8876 and include the following information
  • Name, mobile and email
  • Face & full body photos - no filters or edited photos please, mirror photos are ok
The photographs will be used for marketing and promotion of our businesses. If you require me to write up a contract/agreement/release, please let me know.

Dian from Favor by Dian Mayasari: