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Just to share my experience with my CL (you can call her Di Jie, or Mdm Wong). FTM here with baby girl who is currently 5 weeks old.

Yesterday was my CL's last day. I was fortunate enough to find her contacts on mummy forums through other mothers. She isn't with any agency, she gets her clients solely by word of mouth.

I was totally clueless about a lot of things and depended heavily on her with regard to confinement practices, taking care of baby, breastfeeding, etc. By the second day, I made the decision to extend her stay by another 10 days (wanted to extend for another month but she already had a pending assignment after mine).

1) She is very honest and reliable. My hubby and I could entrust our baby with her at home without having to lock any of our doors when we had to head out.

2) She is knowledgeable about confinement food and baby's needs. She knows what food is too cooling for mummies and what food is good for boosting milk supply. Her food is also something that I always look forward to. She is very efficient and works very fast in the kitchen. I always wonder how she's able to whip up a three-course meal within minutes. On top of that, she's still able to keep my kitchen clean. She may not be able to read English but she knows all the baby products (diaper brand, diaper rash cream brands, etc) and was even gave me recommendations on what to get for baby.

3) She treats our baby like her own. She is very meticulous and patient. Our baby appears to like her very much too. She talks and plays with our baby every day. My hubby and I even asked her to come along to our baby's newborn photoshoot session and full month celebration. She has no complaints and takes care of our baby well even throughout the night. She wakes up at the slightest sound our baby makes. Before she left, she even took into consideration my work schedule and helped us to adjust our baby's routine accordingly. I'm glad to be able to still cope even after she has left.

4) She is not calculating at all. My sister made a casual comment about how she likes to eat a certain Malaysian dish and she offered to cook for my whole family even though they don't live with us. She would also go beyond her job scope to ensure that mummies have ample rest. She helped us a lot with our housework throughout her stay.

I really enjoyed my confinement and was sad to see her leave. She treats the mummies that she has worked for as friends. She has very high EQ. Even my parents and relatives who dropped by during my confinement find her good. I highly recommend her to mummies who are looking for a good and reliable CL. Currently, I believe she has assignments up to the month of May 2019. You can call her (number as shown in pic attached) to see if she's still available.


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