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Recommending Good Nanny/Babysitter in Jurong West

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by twins_mama, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

    Hi all,

    Anybody looking for a nanny/babysitter in Jurong West ext. area?

    I have a very good nanny to recommend, staying in St.71. She helped me to look after my twin gals (P1 now) until they attend full-day childcare at K1. Then my son fm 3mths till now 29mths. As I'm not working now, I decided to look after my son myself. So she'll be "jobless".

    She's a very responsible and experienced nanny (had looked after 7 BBs). And she's young (45yo) but her kids all grown up (15~19yo).

    You may SMS me at 91708231 if you are interested.
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  2. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

  3. sri_leo

    sri_leo New Member

    Hi.. May I know JW st 71 at which blk? and wats her charges?
  4. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

    Hi, it's Blk 707. Her charge is market rate. This nanny very easy-going, everything can be discussed.

    SMS me at 91708231 if you want her contact.
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  5. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

    This nanny is now taken up. She'll not take a new BB until this current BB is grown up till around 1yo.

    U can try your luck at around Mar or Apr-2013. SMS me if you want her contact by then. Thanks!
  6. yun_lum

    yun_lum New Member

    My mum provides babysitting service at Jurong West Ave 1. She is English, cantonese and simple mandrain speaking. She is currently taking care of my daughter who is 9 yrs old now. Do contact me at:yun_lum@hotmail.com or my mum (Catherine) at :cathysclow@yahoo.com if you are keen.
  7. singping

    singping New Member

    I'm am looking for baby sitter to look after my new born baby girl starting January 2013. By the time she will be 2months old.

    I stay at Jurong west street 61

    Do contact me at 97733361 if you are keen
  8. clouddealz

    clouddealz Member

  9. slee75

    slee75 Active Member

    Hi, my mum is providing babysitting service for toddlers and she's staying at Jurong West St 42. If you are keen, do contact me at hp: 97626900 (Serene).
  10. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

    Sorry to let all of you know that the nanny is fully occupied. Currently she has a 1yr old toddler, a 4mths old BB to look after in the day-time, and a 5yo boy to take care after 6.30pm. And by Aug or Sep'13, she needs to take another BB who is going to be born on May'13. Pls try ur luck again in 2014 if u need her help. And pls Whatsapp or sms me @91708231 instead of the no. above. Thanks.
  11. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

    Thank you for your good responses. I'm happy that she can continue to find new BBs, and that these BBs have a good nanny.
    Status update: She has just taken a 2mths BB now, and another bigger BB @10mths now.

    Pls try your luck again on the coming Dec or early next year (2015)..... ;)
  12. pclock912

    pclock912 New Member

    Hi, can you give me ur nanny contact? I looking nanny to take care my baby dec onward.
  13. mintzz86

    mintzz86 New Member

    Hi all....i am looking for nanny to take care my bb girl start from Apr15, i am staying at Jurong West St.41..do contact me at 9711 9242 if you have any good nanny for recommend...thank you very much!
  14. Jessica_xu

    Jessica_xu New Member

    hi, i'm looking for an experienced Chinese Day-time nanny ard Jurong West St 52. And i need the nanny to be able to start on Jan 2015 when my girl is 4 mths old.

    please let me know if you have any recommendations? Thanks.
  15. purplebook

    purplebook New Member

    I am looking for reliable and experience nanny to take care my son who's less than two year old. Preferred babysitter staying in jurong west and Chinese speaking, pls contact or sms to 96866130 (Mrs Neo).
    Offer $900 per month (day. No overnight)
  16. emily sei

    emily sei New Member

    im interested in this
  17. emily sei

    emily sei New Member

    90899495 if u need a nanny to take care of your baby:)
  18. emily sei

    emily sei New Member

    hi u looking for nanny?
  19. emily sei

    emily sei New Member

    hi mrs neo. you looking for nanny to take care of your son?
  20. emily sei

    emily sei New Member

    my name is Emily.im experienced Chinese nanny that can take care of your girl.if you need u can msg or call me 90899495
  21. lynntsh

    lynntsh New Member

    Hi I'm looking for a nanny to look after my 7 month old boy at my place at jw 8am to 8pm. Able to start immediately.
  22. SHMay

    SHMay New Member

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced nanny/baby sitter to look after my baby about 3-4 months after baby is born. My EDD is early May 2016 so service needed in August 2016. I am looking for a babysitter around Jurong West Central 1, just next to Jurong Point. Price is negotiable but nanny should not be tight with other babies. Baby will be put in nanny's place from about 9 to 10 am to 7 pm weekdays only. Pls contact me at 87990702 if interested. Thanks!
  23. pixie ng

    pixie ng Well-Known Member

    Hi, I'm looking for half day babysitter for my 6 weeks twins. Need to come over my house @ jurong west ave 5 from 12.30pm to 5.30pm. Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. I have maid at home, so the babysitter only needs to take care of twins and bring them to me every 2 to 3hrs for breastfeeding.
  24. VonzGoh

    VonzGoh New Member

    looking for a nanny to care for my 4 month old baby girl. Looking for someone around Jurong area and able to offer overnight service or simple just day care while I am at work. Please give me a call at 91394680. Rates negotiable :)
  25. Linga

    Linga New Member

  26. Stellatjs

    Stellatjs New Member

    Hi, I am looking for a experience nanny for my new born start from Dec 2016 at Hougang or Sengkang area? Any recommend?
  27. superjj

    superjj New Member

  28. karen88

    karen88 New Member

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced Chinese nanny/baby sitter around Jurong West to look after my baby from June 2018 onward. Please email me at nakadeyuki@yahoo.com if interested or you have any good recommendations. Thanks!
  29. Richard Tay

    Richard Tay New Member

    Looking for baby nanny around Jurong West St 65.. please call me at 87768590.. baby is almost 3mth old. Richard
  30. Vivian Liang

    Vivian Liang New Member

    Hi, I m looking for experienced, caring Daytime Chinese Nanny for taking care of our baby boy (14 months plus) on weekdays (5days).
    Location : jurong west
    Time : Monday to Friday (office hours)
    Pls contact me at 97734303 if you are keen or have any recommendations..
    Thank you.
  31. mintzz86

    mintzz86 New Member

    Dear mummies, I got a very good nanny want to recommend! She stay at Jurong West st.41! Pls msg me if you need more informations, my number is+6597119242!

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