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Aunty Evon was recommended to me by another nanny, and I have engaged her for my second born on Feb 2024. Highly recommended!

Aunty Evon is a very well experienced nanny. She is open to mommy request and attend to mommy’s worries. My boy has jaundice and baby acne(which I didn’t not encounter for my first born) and got me worrying but Aunty Evon give me a lot of reassurance that all this is normal and will ease of after a few weeks. She shared many of her experience and get me less worried about my baby.

Aunty Evon is a very patient nanny and attend very well to my fussy baby as we do not hope to give him pacificer. Evon will suggest the better ways to take care of the baby but ultimately still respect mommy’s decision, and will give in her best to take care and pacify the baby. Hence it’s a very relaxing and non pressured experience with Evon.

Evon is also an awesome cook! She is creative and come up with different dishes to cook for me for lunch and dinner. Everyday I can expect different dishes! Most importantly her cooking skill is awesome! She is never calculative of the things she cooked and includes the share for my helper for the whole confinement days. She even offered to cook for my families whenever they are coming over for a visit.

On the last week of my Confinment, Evon has offered to do a handover to my helper (without me requesting). She wants to ensure everything is well taken care of even after she leave. A true responsible nanny!

Evon has a really nice personality and is always smiling and laughing throughout my confinement. She holds the values that mommy should rest after delivery hence no additional pressure should be added on to mommies. My whole experience with her was pleasure and comfortable.

I would highly recommend Evon if you are looking for one! You can contact her via below contacts:

+65 8301 2911 / +60 16-330 8664


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Hi! You can contact her at
+65 8301 2911 / +60 16-330 8664

First one is her Singapore number. If she’s at sg she will reply with that number! Hope it helps!