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Recommendation of my confinement lady

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Hazel Chang, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. Hazel Chang

    Hazel Chang New Member

    Hi all,
    I would like to recommend my confinement lady Aunty Xin Lan who is from Malaysia. I'm very satisfied with her service as she has taken very good care of me and my baby.
    Best points about her:
    1) she can cook very well.
    2) she has great experience taking care of babies; can see from the way she handles and manages the needs of my baby
    3) she shows genuine care and love for my baby, very gentle and patient handling her.
    4) she is very tidy, hygiene-conscious and ensures safety of baby at all time
    5) she imparts her knowledge on taking care of baby and continues to give after care service.

    Her phone number is +078615513(home), +0177852978(Malaysia hp),
    +6583874398(Singapore hp),
    +6583239514 (her daughter's hp)

    All the best and hope u will consider her service

  2. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    hi, thanks for your recommendation. May I know if she is from Malaysia which part? how did you find her? How much is her fees?
  3. Hazel Chang

    Hazel Chang New Member

    Hi yes she's from Malaysia.,she's recommended to me by another confinement lady who wasn't free to help me then. Her rate is $2800 for 28 days of confinement
  4. candymoshi

    candymoshi Active Member

    Hi all, my confinement lady is leaving on Monday and I would really like to recommend her...

    This is my 2nd pregnancy. My HB was not satisfied with the previous CL so I got this one after recommendations from friends.

    1) She cooks really well, my HB loves her homecooked food. My MIL came over to 偷师 (steal some tips) from her. She even made herbal soup for my MIL and 梅菜扣肉 becos my MIL asked her for help to pack herbs for herbal soup, and commented she likes 梅菜。

    2) She is very thrifty. When herbs shopping she didn't buy everything for 28days and only bought enough supplies. She want to know what I drink and dun drink b4 she buys some more herbs.

    3) She buys good quality ingredients from the market. Initially my MIL does the marketing, but after she learns how to go to the market she will get fresher foods. She really knows how to choose the ingredients too. She doesn't over spends and keeps accounts on what she buys given the budget.

    4) she is super duper hardworking. When I first spoke to her on the phone, she said she will only take care of mummy and baby which is common practice and will help out in chores if there is enough time. But she ended up doing up all the chores, esp laundry which I procrastinate. She mops the floor at least once in 2 days or right after cooking depending if she has time. She takes a short nap in the day time but other than that she works non stop. She even keeps track of my elder son's school uniform supply and my HB work attire, so as to plan the laundry schedule accordingly.

    5) she is neat and organized. She packed my kitchen (which is open concept and relatively small storage limits), store all the ingredients, herbs, my detergents, pots and pans even more neatly then before.

    6) She is very ethical and reliable (imo). I booked her in late dec early Jan, and wanted to give her a deposit. She doesn't need a deposit, says in her line must 讲信用, confirm means confirm. So I confirmed her and did not contact her until late June, she contacted me to check if I have delivered and if I have found someone else cos I told her I will most likely deliver early (EDDJul) and yet I did not contact her in Jun. I confirmed with her that I did not find anyone else and will let her know when I deliver.

    I found out that someone else was trying to get her to help babysit her 2mo and begged her to help despite her turning down. Eventually she went to help for a few days while waiting for me to deliver. Employer told her to find a replacement for me and to stay and help her, which she rejected again.

    She also took on an assignment in December. After which a close relative called her to engage her also in December. She has to turn down her relative bcos she has alr promised others first.

    She is available in March/April... PM me if you want her contact.
  5. lannabelle

    lannabelle Member

    Hi Hazel

    May I know about how much additional u spent on food and herbs?
  6. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    Pm pls. Thanks.

  7. Hazel Chang

    Hazel Chang New Member

    I think I purchased about $600 worth of herbs and $500 worth of food
  8. Roslind86

    Roslind86 New Member

    Hi do u mind sharing her contact? Thanks
  9. candymoshi

    candymoshi Active Member

    Hi, she is Lan Jie from Kuantan, you can contact her +65 9149 1959 and +60 13 935 9336
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  10. Clairegoh85

    Clairegoh85 New Member

    Did she support BF?
  11. duckie

    duckie New Member


    I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Aunty Xue Fang, whom I got the contact from the SG motherhood forum as well. She is a Malaysian, in mid - forties, and has more than 10 yrs of confinement experience. She is currently doing confinement for me and takes very good care of my 3rd baby and me. She is so endearing and easy-going, which is a bonus for my big family of seven. She cooks for my entire family, and her meals are so nice that my extended family frequented my place and she is always very welcoming. What a treasure and my entire family (my mum, mother-in-law, helper, hubby) all like her very much. Last but not least, she is also very pro-breastfeeding as well.

    Her SG number 84113195, MY nbr is 60129585884.
    Confinement for 28 days- SGD $2800.
    hongbao at the start and end of confinement- at up to u.
    deposits required- nil, any cancellation or changes to be made known to her 3 mths in advance.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2016
  12. ermmm

    ermmm Member


    Can check if she is available for January?
  13. duckie

    duckie New Member

    Hi, just saw your post and checked. She's booked until February 2017
  14. ayenaingmayzar

    ayenaingmayzar New Member

    May i know under which agency?
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  15. Elizabeth16

    Elizabeth16 New Member

    Would like to recommend my CL in this forum.

    She cooks good and nice food for me and my husband. She is also willing to share her knowledge in cooking confinement meals and little tips on how to handle baby.
    she is always checking on my red dates drink, ensuring i have sufficient supply. She is a baby lover, she is very committed in taking care of babies, making sure our baby is always well feed even in the middle of the night and she is very knowledgeable in taking care of babies.
    She is very patience in teaching us how to take care of our little ones and the important things to take note.
    She even help us to pre-fried brown rice for us to make drink (to reduce water retention)before she goes back.
    Her after service is consider one of the best as she still offer support to us over the phone as and when we require.

    Her contact is below if anyone is interested. Can whatsapp her to check her availability.
    Agency: Her own
  16. pepperjmint

    pepperjmint New Member

    How many months in advance should we contact her?
  17. Elizabeth16

    Elizabeth16 New Member

    Hi Pepperjmint,

    You may contact her when you preggy 2-3 mths.
  18. Rainbow20

    Rainbow20 New Member

    I'd like to recommend the CL who is doing confinement for me now. She is very responsible and caring. So far she takes care my baby day and night. With her assistant to take care my girl, I can have good rest at night. She cooks very well too. I love the soups and herbal drinks she prepares daily for me.

    She currently got a free slot between mid-Dec to Feb. You may try to contact her, no agency.

    Auntie Wong T.H. from Msia/Raub
    10+ yrs experience
    Cantonese / Chinese speaking, speak little bit English
    Age mid 50+
    SG contact 98963237
    Msia contact +60139977374
  19. missyserene

    missyserene Member

    Anyone has part time CL to recommend?? I'm looking for part time probably like 8am-6pm
  20. missyjay

    missyjay Member

    You can contact my young but awesome confinement nanny.

    I named her Nanny McPhee! (If you watched this movie you'll know why)

    Nanny McPhee the movie: "When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go".

    My Nanny McPhee name is Elaine Teng. Haha.

    When Elaine came, I think i do not need one but now that she's leaving TMR! I think I'll miss her OMG. And I think my son will miss her too! :(

    She really takes great care of my son and myself. She nags at me a lot because I can't commit to a good confinement. I'm quite a stubborn person and I rarely get nags at home by anyone. So I'm not used to having a motherly figure looking out for me at home. (What I can eat, drink, do, wear,etc) it's started from WHY she always say NO! Why?! I'm her boss, I pay her money why she say NO to me? Why must I listen to her?! To the present day where I seek consent from my nanny McPhee Elaine if this or that is ok. No regrets. I swear.

    Below are my experience, i don't know what else are there but you moms decide for yourself lah.

    1) no bathing
    I can't take no bathing. Elaine says no for 12 days. But she knows I cannot be controlled. So I give and take la. Bathe once in two days loh. And wipe another day loh.

    2) no ice water, no water
    Elaine makes longan red dates water for me everyday. It's quite nice actually. She sometimes add ginger because I'm such a brat I always bathe so she have to add ginger in my water to for I don't rem what reasons. But I know its for my own good.

    3) no fan, no wind
    OMG, my aircon is on daily because I can't take myself perspire like mad so.. Ya my electricity bill is going to go crazy! Elaine entered my house and first words are not hi... It's.. YOU BLOW FAN AH? Haha.

    4) no tee, no shorts, no skirts
    Elaine only give her consent to me to go out if I wear long shirt and long pants and covered shoe. (I went out on the 2nd week on confinement) which I silently surrendered and went home an hour later. My whole body was feeling crappy. So yes I would advise mom's to be good and listen. Haha.

    I don't know what other No-no there is coz I don't listen one lah. But I will share with you my experience!

    1) Elaine makes perfect breakfast lunch and dinner for me! I look forward to my meals daily. Sometimes I even dream about my breakfast. I don't ask Elaine what's for breakfast lunch or dinner because she does really great job.

    2) Elaine has great hands with my son OMG I'm worried what would I do when she leaves tmr. My son cries and I don't know why, but when I hand him over to Elaine, Nanny McPhee wonder works. I think Elaine attended course or school to learn how to take care of babies. I'm not sure but She sure knows her stuff. Eg.which cream is best for rash, my sons rash is gone in a week after buying the cream Elaine recommended. And the tcm powder thing for my son because he has phlegm. And my son now have colic too. Elaine will share with me her experience etc. Oh... She taught me how to see if my son is going to pee or poo while I change his diapers! Crazy cool! Hahah. Just see his BALLS! Haha.

    The sounds she makes to make babies sleeps, can make me sleep too lol! And etc lah. She is really good in her Nanny skills!

    It was my son full month party on Sunday and I was bz hosting but Elaine will ask "nag" me to sit down to eat the food first - I listen and grab my food to eat then I suddenly realised Oh there's PLAIN water OMG I want! I took... But it's warm..I wanted ice! I turned to Elaine, did you got warm water for me? She say yes. I felt a sense of wow. She's so motherly! She's like keeping a look out for me! She's not at the end of her service yet and even though it's my GRADUATION from confinement, she still try to erm. Keep me "disciplined" I get to drink plain water OMG! Warm hot also nvm! But once I get home.. Back to logan red dates water again Haha.

    She taught my helper how to cook food (she don't mind sharing recipes) and also how to care for infant. She openly share her experiences but it's up to us to believe or not. Some i find it hard to believe but after Elaine being here for a month, she earned my full trust!

    Forgot to mention, Elaine and I didn't started on good terms, I was so upset with her for her constant nags at me to go wipe my body! She says to wipe or bathe by 5pm. But I always don't want to listen. OK la my fault la. Maybe really cannot bathe and wipe after 5 la. It's too 凉 if after 5pm. I actually vent my anger at her and I'm still sorry about it today Haha.

    Elaine will boil tonic (10hours in slow cooker) for me to drink before bed. It's ultra big bowl. And I will sweat it out. She say coz I always bathe etc one. Forgot reason la but I know its good for me.

    I can't say anymore coz there is way too much I have to say of my perfect Nanny McPhee!

    Here are some photos of the yummy food she prepared for me and my hubby! Sometimes I have visitors and I'll boldly ask if she can cook extra (nannies don't really cook extra coz they mainly care for the mom and child only) but some is ok one so long mom don't too much la ask for alot!













    This is her MARTEL black chicken soup before bed! OMG. She say it's good but I can't take alcohol at all one! But still down it all!

    Her contact number (SG) 8424 8363
    Msia 0103953906

    Please sms her only as she is always at work. She can only sms. Even when she's with me she only sms seldom on call as its so inconvenient.

    Elaine can also do overseas confinement.

    Please say my sons joke name given by her if she ask for a name :Kim Bo loh! Haha. (Golden pomelo)

    Tmr is the last day of my confinement with Elaine. So mom's, faster call Elaine my Nanny McPhee bah!

    Sure gonna miss her.

    Don't ask me her rates, sms her yourself.

    Don't be taken aback if she chases you for deposit, because if you place your deposit with her, she's committed to you she won't fly your aeroplane. I didn't like it when i was chased by her. But when she came I asked her why. She said because she's on waitlisted by many mom's so those who give a deposit first she will book her calendar for them right away. No questions asked. Well that's a right way I believed too.

  21. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    Thanks for all nice recommendation. I will contact them for my second baby. Pls feel free to recommend more good one.
  22. silly1812

    silly1812 New Member

    Hi hazel,

    Does your confinement nanny speaks English? I am looking to engage one in Feb. Thanks!
  23. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    Huh.. Lots of popular confinement nannies have been fully booked in March 2017..stressss...!
  24. Lovelypiggy

    Lovelypiggy New Member

    I'd like to recommend CL from Malaysia who previously help me do confinement . She is friendly , not calculative , cook nice food and she also support breastfeeding . She also know post natal massage ( addition charges) , I have do 5 times when my confinement . Will use back her on my next pregnancy .
    Can call her directly
    Madam Lee +60172694426
  25. Tres Beau

    Tres Beau New Member

    Hi missyjay, may i ask how's the variety of Elaine Teng's cooking?
    and is she attached to any agent?

  26. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    I had good cl to recommend. Mine can speak abit of english. If u need 1, pls contact me.
  27. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    I had good cl to recommend. Mine can speak abit of english. If u need 1, pls contact me.
  28. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    When is ur edd?
  29. jling

    jling Member

    Hi, I have a good and experience nanny to recommend. She attended the confinement nanny training course in KKH just few months ago. You can contact Mary at 97788522. She is currently a live in nanny at my house but Im able to make work arrangement to work from home therefore I do not require her service by end of this month to save some cost too. Helping to promote her service
  30. missyjay

    missyjay Member

    Hi! So sorry for my late response!

    Elaine is not attached to any agent! Freelancer! I found her via this forum too!

    What do you mean by the variety of her cooking?

    She can do western and Chinese?

    Her pork trotter vinegar is very Yums. And my personal fav is her avocado cheese tuna toast and wrap! I've have now taught my helper how to prepare it for me! And noodles! My son is 3.5 months old now and I still miss Elaine's cooking. Her Chinese soups are so nice too! I also like how the way she cook fish with shredded crispy ginger and garlics! I've never eaten ginger and garlic with so much love for it before lol!

    I'm not sure about other moms but I really like elaine a lot and I'll still find her if I ever have a second baby!

    You can whatsapp elaine at her number to ask her but be patient if she replies slow as she's also caring for another baby at the same time. Up till today I am still asking her for advices whenever I can't handle my boy. She's really good. Please ask her specific question lah ok because she's so busy lah can't expect her to slowly entertain queries while she need to care for baby! So chop chop questions she will chop chop replies!

    Hope it's not too late for you to find her!!!
  31. twinny

    twinny New Member

    Hi jling, how would you rate Mary? Her service with you will end at this month?
  32. Hazel Chang

    Hazel Chang New Member

    Hi sorry for the late reply. I'm afraid she does not speak English
  33. Jeannie Ho

    Jeannie Ho New Member

    Hi, I want to recommend my CL Auntie Xue Fang. She has 17 years of experience. She is humble, easy going and is very caring towards baby and me. She cooks very nice confinement food and has good initiative to help out with housework i.e. mop the floor everyday, wash the toilet once a week, wash and fold clothes, etc. She is also very responsible, efficient, organized and clean. Despite the cooking everyday, my kitchen has never been cleaner.

    On BF, she is very encouraging and will cook soups to help with boosting milk supply. She understands my needs and will do her best to match my schedule and preference. She also takes very good care of my baby, and is able to read my baby cues very well. I am very happy to have found her. If you are keen to engage her, you may whatsapp her at +60129585884 or call her at sg no. 84113195. Do contact her early as she is very popular.
  34. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    Hi. Have you find cl? My auntie know how to speak simple english. Pls do contact me.
  35. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    hi all mumies, any good recommendation for CL?? EDD is mid of March 2017. My initial contact of CL last minute canceled due to her family matter.
  36. Angela Mu

    Angela Mu New Member

    I do not recommend my confinement aunty XiuMei , HP: +60 167908568 / +65 91759581 . I don't feel that she cares me nor my baby. All she wants is money, money, money. She asks money to buy food for me, she said $400 per week. She asks $20 per week to buy her coffee drinks and snacks. One thing I hate most is her arogant attitude, which always wants to control me. She leaves my baby cloth in water at evening and wants to wash the next day. She doesn't want to wash baby cloth in hands, and she wants to wash them in washing machine, which I strong do not allow.

    Finally, she asks to leave in week 3, and I am so so happy to see her leave my home....
  37. aspsue24

    aspsue24 Member

    Dear all mummies,

    I would like to strongly recommend my nanny Elaine Teng. She takes care of my baby very well, my 2year old twin girls love her especially my elder twin, cooks very well and most importantly the chemistry is so good that we feel that she is part of our family!

    Life is crazy with 3 little ones and I went back work earlier after 2 months from giving birth, I don't even have time to breathe but time and time again, I reminded myself that I have to write a good review for her because she truly deserved it, she is that good!

    I have attached pics of her cooking, she cooks a wide variety of stuff, incorporated confinement element, very tasty and great presentation! I appreciate that she checked with my preference during the first few days of confinement.

    She nags but effective nagging I would say. lol
    I couldn't believe I didn't wash hair for 2 weeks and once a week subsequently, amazing influence for a stubborn freak like me.

    It has been almost 3 months after she left, my twin girls still remember her and ask about her often which is pretty amazing as this age of theirs, usually is out of sight out of mind. Haha

    Glad to share her contact and spread the love around!

    Malaysian no: 0103953906
    Singapore no: 84248363

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2017
  38. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    Hi all,
    I would like to recommend My CL - Kam Lan which from Malaysia too.
    She very friendly & patient.
    Taking very good care of me & my baby.
    I recommended her to my fren, they all are happy. Need to book her early, she quite popular.
    She very experienced on taking care baby & cooked very well. ( my family like her cooking alot!)
    Best part is she very fast & hardworking , while taking care of us, she still manage to keep my house clean & neat. ( my previous aunty for my first born was calculative, didn't do any housework at all, understand that she not need to do cos not part of her duty, but still feel not so good like that)
    Really appreciate to have confinement lady like her.

    Her number : +6012-7288628( hp)
    Her daughter : +6592715065

    Hope you all can engage her service.
  39. Afry

    Afry New Member

    Hi all. I want to introduce CL . She is 58 years. She is from batam indonesian. Can speak mandarin and hokkien. Not a traditional style. Very clean. Usually she quoted $2300 if no need to cook she can accept $2000. Call her whatsapp +6285264414668 aunty Gim Hua
  40. Bendi

    Bendi Member

    Hi all, i would like to recommend my Singaporean mum who is an experienced CL.
    She has 3 children, all grown up now all taken care by herself, including my son. She has experience in looking after newborn, children, and knows how to cook well.
    Unfortunately she only speak Chinese and hokkien.
    Her rates are reasonable as well.
    If interested, pls pm me for her contact.
    Her slots are as follows:
    April ✅
    May ❌
    June ❌
    July ❌
    August ✅
    Sept ✅
    Oct ✅
    Nov ✅
    Dec ✅
    She has just completed an assignment from a mummy in this group. She would prefer to work at hougang, punggol , Sengkang area , but other areas are open for discussion too. She would prefer not to stay overnight.
    Thank you.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2017
  41. syzin05

    syzin05 Member

    Hi can you pm me her contact? Is she available in April? I'm looking for immediate for April or even 2 weeks. Thanks
  42. Nelson1802

    Nelson1802 New Member

    Can pm contact, thks
  43. yuzhen0309

    yuzhen0309 New Member

    Hi candymoshi,
    May I know your confinement lady's contact?

  44. Carol Lin

    Carol Lin Member

    Hi,I just done my confinement and I had a recommendation of my confinement lady. You don't have to worry about if you engaged her. She's from Malaysia with 2 years professional experienced from confinement center and 8 years experienced as a freelance CL. Some CL are relatively cheap but I go for quality rather than cost.
    She takes good care of me, especially for my baby. She's very concerned, being patient to my daughter and really shows love. My daughter stays with her every night and she responsibility.
    She make everything run smoothly during my confinement. As a new mom, I don't need to worried about and I can fully trust on her.
    By the way, her cooking was pretty good.
    I've learnt a lot from her of how to take care of a baby and of course of her professional, I did extended her for a month.
    If you wants to get more information of my CL, here's her WhatsApp or call to +601136539563.
  45. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Hi Viva Man,

    Is she those strict in traditional confinement dat doesn't allow showering? And is she pro in breast feeding? Thanks.
  46. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Hi Jeannie,

    Is she those strict in traditional confinement dat doesn't allow showering? Thanks.
  47. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    No she is not.. she is quite soft and skinny aunty.. she allows me to shower everyday with herb and she helping me when I got problem when breastfeeding.
  48. ultra031878

    ultra031878 Member

    Hi Mummies

    For freelance CL, do we need to apply for workpermit for them etc?

    Thanks in advance.
  49. ultra031878

    ultra031878 Member

    Hi Missyjay

    Can i check how old is Elaine?

  50. ultra031878

    ultra031878 Member

    Hi Candymoshi

    Can i have your CL name, contact, and age?


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