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Recommendation for prenatal masseuse at home

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by miniminmin, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. miniminmin

    miniminmin Member

    Hi! My baby is growing well and good. I hope your body is recovering fine and baby is all ok too! I slimmed back fast. All those who saw me kept saying i slim down alot. Seemed to be skinnier than before. But my weight remains at pre preg. Still glad i slim though tummy still very flabby. so u engaged mdm layla for all sessions?

  2. xygellehcim

    xygellehcim New Member

    Hi, able to pm me her contact. I stay in tampines
  3. evie pascual

    evie pascual New Member

    hi, anyone interested to take over my pre/post natal massage at home? I left sg and relocated so can't do it anymore
  4. xygellehcim

    xygellehcim New Member

    What package and how much?
  5. evie pascual

    evie pascual New Member

    10X visits 3-4hrs per visit. 100 each time
  6. tsy1980

    tsy1980 New Member

    you have her contact?
  7. Relaxurmind

    Relaxurmind Active Member

    Hihi... can try diana@94793566.. she hd change her no.. ive tried her thrice... shes friendly n good eventhough shes young. Bt hv to make advance booking..:)
  8. Carrielow

    Carrielow New Member

    Can I have her contact please?
  9. Evey8

    Evey8 New Member

    Samsiah is ok but her timing is very bad. Always last min cancel. Post natal suppose to do 5 days sometimes only do 1 time. Will not recommend. Massage and call at times also nvr reply. Always asking u to buy things then keep chasing u to pay then sit on things. Ask me to buy something then one month nvr give.
  10. Frankie Tong

    Frankie Tong Member

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  11. Evey8

    Evey8 New Member

    Just to share with u all. Please dont engage Samsiah. She is always full of excuse to cancel your appointment. Accident la, Leg pain la, urgent matters. I had known her for only abt 3 mths. She had dont know cancel how many times. Also depends on her she will MIA and not reply. Very bad. She will also always say so the massage so cheap where can u find any more. She is very fast when ask u to sign package or buy things. She will ms u every hour to ask for payment. promise u every thing but then when u ask then say cannot la and give u a lot of excuse. Pls beware....

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