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Recommendation for part time cleaners at Kallang/Old Airport Rd?

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by kenweibb, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. kenweibb

    kenweibb Member

    Hi All, i need a part time cleaner urgently, can anyone recommend? Btw, are there still $10/hr?



    Mrs Goh


  2. assyllene

    assyllene New Member

    Good day!

    Mrs. Goh, I think there's no $10/hr now adays. My part time cleaner charge is $50 for 4 hrs and its ok for I'm also satisfied with her work.

    If you want to try her she's available on weekdays and her contact no. 90279645.

    Hope I could be of help.

  3. pol

    pol Guest

    hi mrs goh,

    please try this co.service.i use them nw

    85226482 / fastlcs09@gmail.com


  4. happymum2

    happymum2 Member


    My pt helper charges $10 per hour during weekdays and $12 per hour during weekends.


  5. mummyfel

    mummyfel Member

    Hi DNA,

    Can you pm me your part time cleaner contact?

  6. boy_boy

    boy_boy New Member


    My pt helper charge $10/hr.

    She only speaks chinese.

    Very efficient n reliable.

    Can call her @ 91669497.

  7. kenweibb

    kenweibb Member

    Hi Boy Boy, who should i say recommended me?

    Hi DNA, can also let me know your part time cleaner?

    Thanks so much.

  8. bb_ashleigh

    bb_ashleigh New Member


    Does the cleaner do only specific areas?

    i stay in punggol.

  9. val_c

    val_c Member

    Hi mrs goh. i'm staying at Geylang/Guillemard Road area which is near where you are. I'll ask my part-time cleaner for her hp no. on monday and let you know. She speaks only chinese, very efficient, but you have to tell her exactly what you want her to do.

  10. kenweibb

    kenweibb Member

    Hi Valerie,

    Can you help me to get your part time cleaner hp number?



  11. guest08

    guest08 New Member


    I pay 50 for min of 4 hrs once a week.She's quite good and reliable,never miss her session.She doesnt mind staying few minutes just to finish her work.Try her @82312665.

    Hope this will help.

  12. norafirstmum

    norafirstmum New Member

    Hi simple_me

    Does ur part time cleaner do at Woodlands too?

  13. lotr

    lotr Member

  14. ryanwife

    ryanwife Member

    I am looking for help too. I stay at Haig road area. If you have any contacts, pls share with me. Thanks

  15. hapi01

    hapi01 New Member


    I'm going to give birth in Oct'11. Any part time helper at jur or marine parade area to recommend?

  16. horlicks

    horlicks New Member


    Any good part time cleaners to recommend?

    I am staying near Buangkok MRT. Am looking at $10/hr every 2 weekday, for 3-4hrs each.

    Can PM me the contacts. Thanks!

  17. PT Cleaner

    PT Cleaner Member

    Dear Ms. Goh are you looking for Part Time helper I have wide exposure in house keeping services in star hotels I can help you during my leisure time please message me at 9811 2592 Thanks

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