Recommendation for child care services near Tiong Bahru Plaza


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Any recommendation for the above subject?
I am thinking to enrol my kid (coming 3 yrs old) to Cherie Hearts at Bukit Purmei Road, any recommendation?


I've heard good things about Cherie Hearts, but through experience i've learnt that it all boils down to your luck! Even if the center is well-known or comes recommended, it ultimatey depends on the "local dynamics".

Near Tiong Bahru Plaza, there's also Moral Home at Jalan Membina. And Eton House at Outram. There's Cambridge at Belvedere too (next to Crescent Girls). Little Skoolhouse on th Hill at SGH is also supposed to be excellent.

Seeing as this post was more than a month ago, you've probably found one already! O well...
Hi littlebubble,

Thanks for the info. I've not found one yet.
Think the nearest is the Moral Home at Jalan Membina but there is a forum that mentioned that it is not very good. I'm still thinking....:)
Hi Serene. I stay near tiong bahru plaza too. Currently still looking for a suitable CC. do pm me if u hv found a nice child turing 3 tis end yr also.

the cherie hearts at purmei is given 12mths liscence by MCYS. I wanted check out the place but decided to give it a miss. Checked out Moral home. Not very fantastic. To me is really basic childcare. No interesting curriculum. Worse still for 100+ students there's only 2 shower facilities. 4 toliet cubicles. (no uriner for boys). Went at the end of the day. the toliet smells. But any way they are fully booked.

went YWCA Outram jus beside eton hse. (cos cant afford Eton
)ventilation not good. a bit stuffy.

there 2 more at redhill. Bright kids (lee kee CC). No aircon. but good ventilation. but mostly teachers from China who cant speak eng. the chinese teachers teach many classes not attached to only 1. I prefer the class to hv a fixed teacher so that they can understand the child better. "bonding" Food menu & curriculm is nice. school outing monthly basis. The moral childcare at viking rd. Small interior. fully aircon. has a neat outdoor playground sand pit & understand water play. interesting food menu (wide variety, eg prata for b/fast)curriculum. hire only native teachers (sporeans). I;m still on the look out.

littlebubble: True it all boils down to local dynamics. BUT how to make a decision when it comes to determining the responsibility & attitudes of the teachers?
Hi 3rascals,

Wow....very informative. Thanks alot. :-D

May I know what do you mean that Cherie Hearts at Purmei is given 12 months licence by MCYS?

Actually, I'm looking for a child care with good curriculum so that my boy can learn. Not so much of child care cos my MIL is not working and I've a maid. Therefore, I'm a bit particular when looking for a child care.

There are a few that I'm interested "The Little Skool-House" at outram, Learning Vision at Harbourfront. Find Learning vision too far away.

Please PM me if you've any suitable ones too. Thanks in advance.
You can skip Eton House Outram even if the fees are low. We left after 2 terms as it was not up to standard. Our child's teacher was always on MC and couldn't engage with the kids. Turnover in the class was also very high.

I've gone to LittleSkoolhouse. Aside from the parking problem (the road inside is very narrowand always crowded as it is within SGH), I thought it was quite good. The principal was very amiable. Security and screening is excellent as no parent or child is allowed inside without buzzing the bell and getting screened first. The kids looked happy, although the classrooms looked a bit messy. Could be the old premises...but messy also means creative!

I also visited Learning by the Park at Pearl's Hill. (Forgot the name - something Like that lah!) They use the Pat's Schoolhouse curriculum. Strong in Chinese. They have a nice play area and a park too. The only problem for me was that there were few segregated classrooms. At the time that I went to visit, HFMD was at its peak. This was a concern to me as it meant that it would not be difficult to spread. Otherwise, it's quite a quiet and peaceful environment for the kids.

Cambridge at Belvedere was actually quite pleasant until the principal explained their "drop-off" system, where ANYONE (not just those enrolled) can drop their kid for the day. I did not like that for security and health reasons. They also accept sub-normal kids. So if you have qualms about that, you'll probably want to give that place a miss. According to my niece, lots of the teachers in Crescent leave their children there, so really - it can't be all bad!

How to make a decision? Hmm, for me the main thing is the teacher herself. I think that if your mommy senses feel that she's good, then you're halfway there. My mistake with Eton House is that I didn't talk to the teacher before I made the decision to enrol. I also think you could observe the other kids. Are they happy? I think that's always a good sign.

I visited the Brain-based schoolhouse at Tanjong Pagar. That was one HAPPY school. All the kids from nursery came to HUG me and say "hello auntie!". So cute! The premises are not ideal as they are located upstairs at TP Plaza (market, shops, NTUC etc...) No park. No play area. But they use a system similar to Shichida (as it is owned by the same owner) and they serve secial brain food to the kids. Unfortunately, they have no bus service so unless you are working in that part of town, it's hard to ferry your kid to the centre. ERP too. Sad, becaue it's not very far from Tiong Bahru - just down Outram, up Cantonment and turn left to Tanjong Pagar.

That's all I've seen around Tiong Bahru....hope that helps!
Hi little bubble
very informative
So in the end which school you have chosen?
Need your recommendation my boy is going preschool next year, I only need few hours type not childcare basis
We ended up at Pat's Schoolhouse. They have a half day program that's about 3 hours plus 8.30-12ish. We took the extended so my child can nap first and then go home (until about 3pm). The full day is up to 5-7 I think.

Been with Pat's only a month, but we're VERY happy with them. The principal is very hands-on and approachable. My child's teacher looks like she loves her job and the kids. Chinese teacher is also very good. (ie. not just any chinese national like in some other schools) Every time I meet them, they will update me about my boy's progress or day in school etc.

How old is your son, teenie?
How much is Patschoolhouse half day program?
I just call brainbased but they are childcare running type too
My boy is 3 next year
Ahh, 3 is a good year to start.

I think their fees are different depending on their centre. However, they shouldn't vary too much... I don't have the fees for my son's branch. Misplaced it. But I have info on the branch at Mount Emily - Pre-school half day am 8am to 12.30pm $856 per month (GST incld). Half day pm 1pm to 6pm $770.40 per month.

As long as the pre-school provides a full day programme, they are considered "childcare" centres. The important thing is their pre-school programme.

If you need the fees for LittleSkoolhouse and others, I can dig up my files. Let me know.
BTW - regarding the 8-12.30 timing for Pat's: The official programme only starts at 9am. What they mean is - you can drop off from 8am. They get a small breakfast and are settled off into activities until the rest of their class arrives.
how about GrowingUp playgroup at Blk 81 or 82 (can't remem) of Redhill Close? They have few hour programmes suitable for those who actually have caregivers at home

there is a new childcare called, "Odyssey.." located just next to the Alexandra PO. Infact, it is in the same compound as the Post Office.

For Presch Nursery, there is PCF Ctr at Blk 87 of Redhill Close. Our son attends school there since he was 4 and they have a very gd Chinese Language Teacher.

Jus sharing the schools/childcare centres around my home area
My son is at Learning by the Park at Pearl Bank Apartment. It's near Outram MRT. He was there since last yr. So far very happy with the place. The teachers there are very nice and friendly. I like the fact that they know every child by name even though they are not in-charge of the class. But I do agree with Littlebubble that there are few segregated classrooms. The N2, K1 and K2 share the upper floor and the classrooms are separated with cupboards. But when we were looking for a cc then, our main concern is the level of care. We wanted to send him to a place where we know he will be well-taken care of. We saw how happy the children were that's why we chose that centre.

We have also been to Littleskoolhouse, Cherie Hearts at Harbourfront and Etonhouse. We also like Etonhouse but too ex. Littleskoolhouse is too messy. We went there while they were having lunch and it was noisy and messy. We also didnt like the food that they serve, very plain and dun look tasty. Among those that we visited, Cherie Hearts' premises is the newest but the teachers were all very young and couldnt control the children. We even witnessed a class that was left unattended! The teacher just MIA.

Like wat most mummies say, at the end of the day it boils down to luck and expectations when choosing a cc. You just got to visit the centres and observe the children and the teachers.
hi mummies,
have you all enrol your kids in the desired childcare already??

this is a good thread, i hv been looking around for childcare centre as well, planning to enrol my boy in sept!! ;p
Hi selene,

there is one learning vision at surbana one( previouly HDB). I thinking to put my son there, any advice?
hi, theres a cherrie hearts at tree top hill. the premise looks good, kids looks extremely happy. anyone knows anything about this? I am planning to place my son here.

Many thanks!
teenie: go for church kindy if u hv caretaker. Or enrichment programs.

syhanie: i'm int in yr son;s cc. but called thrice. the same pax who took my call was not friendly at all. didnt allow viewing till dec. did u call for appt or jus turn up?

little bubble: how much u pay for the extended svc? eg 9 to 3pm. btw which branch is it?

sernelee: went to cherie hearts purmei. the teachers were screaming & shouting at the kids. kids were crying & don look happy. (i was hiding outside w/o their knowledge). place don look attractive. hot & messy. teachers not patient & scream & kids. worse of all that i've seen.according to the director they were given 12 mths lic cos teachers were not diploma certified. getting their cert this aug. lic review in sept.

went little skool house(SGH). they try to stretch max to the mcys ratio. some kids were in playing ard when the teacher was teaching. place looks a bit old. but like the security & toliet facilities.

Carpe D kiz(alexandra):non-aircon places feels warm and massive vegetation surrounding premise. worry abt mossie. pax in charge not friendly.
seems only int to do expates biz.

childcare at AH: teachers & principal looks friendly. place looks neat clean & security is good. unfortunately shifting to yishun in 2010.
have decided on bethod church school

went viewing to littleskool @sgh, learning by the park, Odyssey, appletree

odyseey is v v good if you need cc services
3rascals, we called and made an appointment before going down. Do you know who was the person who picked up the call? The principal is Chin Chin, she looks very serious and stern but she's a very nice lady. They dun allow viewing till dec? maybe they are full? how old is your child? Maybe i can ask the teacher for you.
Hi teenie,

Can i check with you, where is bethod church school n odyseey? Do they hve playgroup or childcare service for toddler at 2yrs old?
Need some advices as i am sourcing for my boy
bethod kinder have 3 hours programs one in morning one in afternoon but its meant for 3 years old kids

odysessy has half day childcare & full day for 2 yrs old and above, you can go to the compound and take alook, its the best playschool I have ever seen so far & the teachers are very caring
but price is not cheap
Its at alexandra
there's a website on it

if not I know near strathmore there's a playgroup under eduland, I can check it out for you if you interested
hi teenie,

sorrie to trouble u. can u give the link for the odysessy? Thank for your helps, but i am looking for CC services.
3rascals - sorry, i don't come here often. We pay about $1100 or $1200 a month for the extended program. (Have not been asked to pay for anything extra since. No donations or books or anything yet...) Not all the branches charge this - d/o location. Full-day is only a bit more.
Btw there is a Brighton Montessorri that's round the corner at River Valley. It was highly recommended to me by a friend. I went there and found it ok, but hey had a long waitlist and I wasn't willing to wait. (what's up with the waitlists here in Singapore?!)

Any comments on CS Montessori at Tiong Bahru Plaza?

Does anyone have the fees for Brighton & Little Skoolhouse at SGH?
hi blueydoo,

re: CS Montessori at Tiong Bahru Plaza
last year, my son attended weekend playgroup classes. he enjoys the lessons very much. we stopped going after a changed the playgroup teacher.
just this june hols, we attended a 1 day program and it was well organised. the playgroup teacher has since been changed. she's interacts well with the children and is alert to their needs.

facilities: about 3-4 rooms. not very spacious. anyway it's not for children to run about. enough space for Montessori based activities. no toilets inside, have to use TBP toilets. if any child needs the washroom, the teacher would need to accompany. normally they'll bring a few to go at the same time.

if you looking for 2-4 hrs playgroup, the fees are quite reasonable for the program they provide.
Hi Blueydoo,

I've called CS Montessori to find out the cost.
Is about $1500 for 10 weeks for 3 years and above and the time is from 9am to 1pm.

I find that it is a bit exp.

Have anyone registered your child to any of the child care or enrichment that is near to Tiong Bahru Plaza?

Just to share with you on "Odysessy". The website is showing the one at Alexandra as I checked with the school.

I like the area from website (I didn't go down) but when I checked the price. I was shocked. Is extremely exp.

I think for full day is $1300 and half day is $1000. If not for the price, I think I will go down to take a look.
littlebubble. I am actually interested in brain-based after reading your comment.

All, I called up Brain-based and they say they are closing down next month due to rental problem and the boss couldnt get any suitable location. Such a pity
Hi Mummies

Just found this thread as I am also looking for a childcare centre near Redhill/Tiong Bahru

I have been to these schools

Learning Vision at Biopolis and Surbana One
Little Skool House at the Vista
Cherie Hearts at Holland and Depot
YWCA at Stevens Road
Kinderland at Ulu Pandan

Odysessy is too ex for me
Learning by the park is full til Jan 2009
Seedling Montesorri havent checked out the centre yet

So far, I think I like Cherie at Depot based on the price and enviroment

But still looking around
Hi Kwong,

Can you share what you think of Learning Vision and Little Skool House at Vista? At vista is it the one at SGH? Cos I know they have a little skoolhouse at SGH.

Did you also check out Mondern Montessori also at Surbana One. I have the price list for Brighton Montessori at River Valley. But abit ex for me.

How old is your kid? Can you share with me the pricelists?

Hi Blueydoo

My daughter is approaching 29 months, I am intending to send her to half day session in Nov cos she has never attended any school before

Learning vision at Surbana One is more spacious compared to Biopolis. Both schools are clean and new but I visited most of the schools on Sats, so not able to see the kids in action

Little Skool House at Vista is at Ulu Pandan CC (Ghim Moh). I have yet to vist the one at SGH
The one at Ulu Pandan is quite new but need to be on wait list til Jan 09.

I can share with you the price but let me tidy up my own notes first cos I scribble everywhere(in case I tell u the wrong things :p)
Hi Kwong,

I am also intending to send my son for half day session, planning to start with 3x a week, then after a few months do 5 days a week.

I had shortlisted some schools also. But I think Brighton is out cos its so ex. My budget is maybe $600+. Did you enquire about the childcare subdisides for working parents?

Thanks for sharing your pricelist. I need to start calling and enquiring too.

You didn't consider Modern Montessori?
Hi Blueydoo

Prices based on monthly, before subsidy

Full day subsidy is $300 and half day is $150

Can you tell me more abt Modern Montessori?

Hi Kwong,

Not sure which are the schools that charges by term. But I did hear of some who do. Maybe its kindergarten level?

So after subsidy should be around $500+? The website for Modern Montessori is They have many centres around. The fees is available on the website and they have a flexible programme for 3 days a week or 4 days a week for half a day.
Hi Kwong,

I have not viewed any of them yet. But the pricing + location is ideal for me. I also like it that they have a flexi programme for 1/2/3/4 days a week.

If you want to view, I think they have classes on Sat, so its better.

I need to start doing some homework to view the schools.
But thanks for sharing your information.
Hi Kwong,

I've called more schools today. I've narrowed down to 3.

1) The Moral Childcare Centre - Viking Rd (Behind Redhill Station)
2) Little Skoolhouse at SGH
3) Learning by the Park

Moral Childcare is the cheapest of the lot. Abt $200+ after subsidy. I read good feedback abt them. Seems teachers are not bad, and parents are quite involved. The website is also quite nice. I am gg down Thursday to take a look. And they have vacancy for next year. THe lady I spoke to is also v pleasant and helpful.

For Skoolhouse, I am going to view maybe on Sat. Schoolfees abt $590 before subsidy for half day. They are full, so have to waitlist. So far, I read in the threads it seems messy, but security there is good.

For Learning by the park, I like that they are using Pat's schoolhouse curriculum, I read also its not bad in some threads, the price abt $500+ also. But the lady said they have orientation in Dec, and she will call me or I can call her bk then in Dec.

I guess I will make a decision based on the environment, the teacher, whether my son feels comfortable there. Will ask if its possible to do trial. And accessibility cos my MIL has to pick him up.
Hi Littlebubble,

Should be branch instaed of brand. Typo erro.
Heard a lot of good things about the Pat's school.
I am wondering if I should put my girl in Halifax branch.
Thanks in advance.