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Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by huiqi16, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    Any mummies care to share which brand breast pumps u are using???

    Appreciate if you could provide me details on the pros and cons of the breast pumps u r using so that I can compare.


  2. feliciarosey

    feliciarosey Active Member

  3. meeyah

    meeyah New Member

  4. mrs_n

    mrs_n New Member

    You can also try reading the reviews on Mumsnet
  5. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    Ameda Dual electric is good. Isetan having Offer, $350 U.P $420. Can control the strength of the vacum and the no. of cycles. But really depends how how long you intend to breast feed as Dual pumps are more expensive but save a lot of time. If you only intend to breastfeed for a short period, get a single side. Medela and Avent have good reviews. You can pop by Taka baby fair also. They have demos there.
  6. dolliepollie

    dolliepollie Member

    taka having baby fair now?
  7. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    taka bb fair tomolo 29th mar is last day
  8. daddyrules

    daddyrules New Member

    isetan also having sale for baby products.
  9. dolliepollie

    dolliepollie Member

    hmmm.. i went down to taka baby fair.. but only see medela pump.. anyone know where i can find ameda pump? cause i would like to go down and see the actual set..

    i actually intend to get the medela pis advance set.. but seems like the machine operates is not as quiet as ameda.. pls correct me if im wrong.. i'm due on aug.. so im doing some surveys on which is best for me..

    i would most likely use the machine everyday.. please advice.

    thanks a million in advance..
  10. strongboy

    strongboy Member

  11. dolliepollie

    dolliepollie Member

    hmm.. den do i have to pay for the demos? cause im only due on end of aug..
  12. strongboy

    strongboy Member

    Demo is free of charge. U can try out the pressure of the various. The personnel is very friendly and give good tips.
  13. daddyrules

    daddyrules New Member


    You can ge Ameda from Isetan. My wife and her friend is using Ameda too.
  14. berrysweet

    berrysweet New Member

    Hi All Mums

    I have a Medela PIS Advanced (Backpack) to sell off. In good working condition. Willing to let go at half price. Bought at $599. Will bundle with 5 boxes of Gerber milk storage bags. Self collection at Telok Blangah Crescent if interested.
    Also have a Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump to sell off at half price.
    Also have Medela Electric Single Pump to sell off at half price.



  15. tamms

    tamms Member

    i'm using the Avent isis iq uno, the electronic pump. I'm happy with it, it allows you to control the rhythm, speed and strength of the pump and has memory setting. Can simulate baby's suckling. Let down is quite fast.
  16. joshjoshmummy

    joshjoshmummy New Member

    i am using ameda as baby refuse to latch on.
    have been pumping for 4 mths now. it is a very good and quiet pump. my baby is a light sleeper but i still can pump beside him. have tried medela electric pump, it is a single pump and it is quite noisy.
  17. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    do we need to get breast pumps if we decided on total breastfeeding? will it too late to buy after bb is born?
  18. dew76

    dew76 Member

    i'm using ameda dual electric pump for 2 months plus. love it, it's efficient for me and gentle on my nipples/aerola. was using the medala single electric before in my first month and that hurts badly on my nipples/aerola area. also, medala single electric is very nosiy compared to ameda. ameda is also better in that i can control how hard i want the vacuum to be and how fast the cycle. very personalised [​IMG]
  19. alhgoh

    alhgoh New Member

    Hi berrysweet (berrysweet)

    Would like to check how much you are selling for Medela PIS Advanced (Backpack). Please email the price to me at annegoh1976@hotmail.com
  20. tania_tan

    tania_tan New Member

    Hi mummies,
    Ameda is gd. My massage lady frm traditional holistic recommend me to get its as before I did not buy any pump yet as worry no supply. Got very bad engorggement after few days delivery and saw many march mums use her service. She told me I got gd supply and advise me to get ameda.
  21. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    how much is a Ameda electric pumps? got uno n dual?

    where can i buy?
  22. meredith

    meredith Member

    Just happen to see this thread.

    I am also using Ameda Lactaline Personal. Its a dual electic pump. Have been using the pump for about 4 mths nw. It has serve me well so far. You can get the pump from Robinson ($388), Isetan ($?)and other retailer like Mumsfairy.

    I got mine from Mumsfairy at $399 (comes with the super shielder and pumping pal). They have a booth the the Singapore motherhood fair (4 jun to 7 Jun 09).

    I saw another booth also selling the pump when I am at the fair yesterday. You can check it out [​IMG]
  23. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    i also went to the fair but i didnt see ameda on sale. only saw philips booth.

    i am wondering if the breastpump r really that useful, coz i saw a lot of mommies selling their breast pumps here.

    may i know how often do u all utilise breast pumps? is $300+ spent worthwhile?

    which month of ur pregnancy did u buy breast pump?
  24. meredith

    meredith Member

    I saw 2 booth selling Ameda pumps, one is mumsfairy, cant remember the name of the other one.

    I have got 2 pumps, avent manual and ameda dual electric. Personally, i like both but back then, i m pumping every 3 hrly so abit tiring to use the manual one.

    Depending how long u intend to breastfeed ur baby, it would be a worth while investment if you intend to breastfeed for long though I must admit that breastfeeding is tiring esp after we return to workforce.

    Cant remember when I bought the pumps, shld be in my third trimester but for the electric pump, i only have it delivered to me ard 36 week so that the warranty starts from there.
  25. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    I'm using Ameda too. It's really affordable comparing to other brand. Using Dual Pump is a lot less tiring.
  26. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    hi meredith n joanna

    i think i will try to breastfeed as long as i can. if so, do i need the pumps, since i will b on total breastfeeding? ( i am thinkg of being a SAHM)

    is ameda only has one type of electric dual pumps? is it the one called ameda lactaline dual?

    where can i get the cheapest of this model? department selling this?
  27. sierra

    sierra Member

    I have medela PIS advanced, highly recommended if you intend to have more than 1 kid, and you intend to breastfeed for a long time.

    I express exclusively for my twins for 8 mths, circulated the pump among some frens, and I'm now using it for my 3rd child. The pump still works great.
  28. meredith

    meredith Member

    I suppose u mean you are latching exclusively? If you are, you might not need a electric pump. You can consider getting a manual pump which is less costly. Just my two cents worth.

    I think Ameda got several models in US but have only seen Ameda Lactaline Dual sold here. Btw, its known as Ameda Purely Yours in US.

    Yup, its retailing at Robinson and Isetan (not sure abt the rest). Hope its helps!
  29. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    does anyone know if ameda is selling at tangs?
  30. michwee

    michwee New Member

    Hi I have Medela Mini Electic plus (with City style breast pump bag) for sale!

    This compact breastpump provides the convenience of double pumping (comes with 2 bottles).
    * Single or double pumping
    * Full range adjustable vacuum
    * Gentle and efficient expression
    * Electric or battery use

    Package comes with a stylish and attractive City Style Breast Pump Bag (with cooler bag and 4 bottles) to transport Medela breastpump and expressed breastmilk.

    * To cool, store and transport breastmilk
    * Designed for active and working mothers

    Bought in Mar 09.With warranty. Very lightly use and in mint condition:9.5/10. Selling at S$280. Kept in really good condition as I'm a stickler for cleanliness and hygiene. Will give a Free boxes of breast pad.Painless n effective. Great buy. On medication so i cant breastfeed.

    For fast response, please sms me at 97480445 as I seldom have time to access internet.[​IMG][​IMG]
  31. justin_mum

    justin_mum New Member

    Anyone can advice me which pump to buy? In fact, I am a bit surprise when I know the price of the pumps. Moreover, heard from my friends that maybe will stop after 3 to 6 mth so I am not planning to get the X one. Just saw a pump from unimom. Anyone use it b4?
  32. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hi Mummies there, my wife is letting go her Medela Freestyle. Normal price is almost $900 to $1000. She is letting go at $700. Also, she is giving away the Super Shield from Mum Fairies.

    We bought it this year from First Few Years. I think warranty is still valid.

    The pump is still brand new with the boxes and everything intact.

    If interested, please PM me or sms me at 96525293.

    This pump is suitable for all mummies who travel a lot and wants to have a very mobile pump.
  33. jenku

    jenku New Member

    Hi ,

    My friend is selling her Medela Pump in style advanced. She had only used it for 1 month as she was too tired taking care of her twins (born in end May 09). Are you interested? She bought at $700+ but is willing to let go at $500. Not sure if negotiable though, but I can ask her. If you are interested, please let me know, ok? Thanks.
  34. kitty_ng

    kitty_ng Active Member

    Hi jan jan, i bought my ameda lactaline dual at Cheongchoon store @ chinatown for $350, with 1 yr warranty. You may want to take a look there [​IMG]
  35. luvfjl

    luvfjl New Member


    I am selling my medela PIS advanced comes with traveller's backpack and manual pump that are brand new. Willing to let go at attractive price. Will throw in hands free pumping from pumping pal and other accessories. Int pl call 97962555.
  36. pikahood

    pikahood New Member

    Hi mummies and mummies-to-be,

    I am now selling my 2 Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pumps (used) for only $100 with the following freebies thrown in:-

    1. 2 Breast Pumps (used)
    2. (Brand-New) Mustela no-rinse cleasing fluid and vitamin barrier cream
    3. (Brand-New) Avent Pacifiers for 0-3 mths
    4. (Brand-New) Avent Pacifiers for >6 mths
    5. (Brand-New) Newborn Teats (worth $6.00)
    6. Anakku Baby toiletries (100ml baby lotion, 100ml baby bath, 100ml no tears shampoo, 100g baby talc all comes in storage box)

    For more info and pics, visit: http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220474858409&_trkparms=tab%3DSelling

    Pls PM me at junie31@hotmail.com if you are interested.
  37. linping

    linping New Member


    Im selling my breat pump at $110.

    Brand : Medela Mini Electric Breast pump
    Warrenty : til March 2010.
    Condition: Perfect condition

    Interested, sms me at 90011410 =)

  38. g0008

    g0008 New Member

    For those on budget, Avent Manual breast pump is the best!

    I have a Brand New In Box (with seal) Avent Manual BPA free Breast pump with cooler bag, selling for $120. Robinson is selling Non-BPA free pump for $162.

    The set consists of the following:
    BPA free ISIS Manual Breast Pump: 1 pcs.
    BPA free Breast milk container (125 ml/ 4 oz): 2 pcs.
    Microfiber insulated travel bag: 1 pcs.
    Extra soft, Newborn Flow Teat: 1 pcs.
    Cool pack: 2 pcs.
    Bottle stand/funnel cover: 1 pcs.
    Spare parts: 1 pcs.

    Please pm me if interested.

  39. blendedbaby

    blendedbaby New Member

  40. faithfu7

    faithfu7 Member

    Hi mummies

    Got a medela swing (US version) last year oct 2009 oct. Used 3 times only. Interested please email faithfu7@gmail.com. Retail price 300. Willing to let go at $130.
  41. yumilicious

    yumilicious Member


    would like to check with mummies here on whether have ur experience any soreness or pain in d breasts after pumping?

    wondering what is d cause of it..can anyone share with me? Im using medela electric pump and pump every 3 hours.
  42. blendedbaby

    blendedbaby New Member

    Kalipok - since i've switched my baby to bottle only (because it was a nightmare getting her to accept the bottle) I have to pump 6/5 times a day and I noticed it hurt sometimes after, not the nipples right? the actual boob? I use a lil baby oil and massage at night and just massage a lil after every session, it helped me.
  43. yumilicious

    yumilicious Member

    Hihi Marie,

    glad to know tat im not the only one going tru this. yes, the boob hurts,not the nipples. I do not know isit coz i pump too much or too hard, so wanna chk with mummies here. yah, im also like u, pump about 5 to 6 times a day. sometimes it hurts, so i reduce. wondering is the pain normal a not..

    how much do u normally pump each time? u use johnson & johnson baby oil? maybe i'll start to try also. [​IMG] thanks so much for sharing. realli felt so relieved.
  44. blendedbaby

    blendedbaby New Member

    Sharing is caring [​IMG]

    Depending, if I get enough sleep I can manage 200ml (together) and a little more but that's usually in the morning or if I've had a nap. If not, I get 150ml and sometimes lower if I'm super tired. She drinks about 150ml on average 6 to 7 times a day so started to give her 1 or 2 bottles of formula as well.

    I use the pigeon baby oil cos that's what I use on her as well but i think anything will do cos you have to wipe off before you pump anyways. Mine got so painful I started feeling feverish while pumping but since massaging it hasn't hurt much especially if I don't wait so long between pumping sessions.
  45. ssharonteo

    ssharonteo New Member

    Hi, I have a medela freestyle to let go. I have never used it before, but open it and sterelize before, i just delivered on 29 mar 2010. Unfortunately i dun not have any milk flow. Anyone who interested, pls sms me at 92393436. Willing to let go at price SGD450
  46. belindaasun

    belindaasun New Member

    Hi Sharon is ur breast bump still avail?
  47. Tres Beau

    Tres Beau New Member

  48. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    Hi does anyone knows whether I can still exchange for a new set of avent electric breast pump at their center, if my old set is faulty ? I lost my receipt but I bought my set at taka in 2013 aug. It's still within the 2 years warranty period.

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