Recent MC, growing subserosal fibroid, TTC. Tough decision > to remove fibroid or not?


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i'm still recovering from D&C done last week but as i grieve and move on, i will face the inevitable crossroad on whether i should remove my 8cm left fundal subserosal fibroid or leave it and continue TTC.

After 2 unsuccessful ivfs, i conceived naturally, but mc at 9 wks. The fibroid grew from 6.5cm to 8cm within that period. Its a fibroid that's on the outside of uterus lining, hence it doesn't affect fertility and the baby, until it potentially grows bigger during pregnancy.

There are some women who's managed it with painkillers and other's who've had to delivery preterm with this condition. There are others who will opt to take it out before TTC as well.

Some of the downsides of removing it includes longer recovery time before TTC (>6mths) and i imagine any surgery involving touching the uterus may impact future TTC chances. Moreover at this size, i'm not sure it can definitely be a keyhole surgery. If it isn't keyhole it means even longer recovery time.

On the flip side, the downsides of keeping it will mean it can grow to around 9 cm or more by the time i conceive again, if i do conceive within 1 year. By then, managing a pregnancy with such a fibroid that can grow up to 15 cm will mean risk of red degeneration (extreme pain), early labour, fibroid pregnancy complications. Although i have heard some gynaes rather their patients manage these complications than have them remove the fibroid because they believe cutting the body is simply not good unless absolutely no choice.

Hence I really hope to hear experiences from everyone who's had this type of fibroid and TTCing. Will appreciate your sharing of advice or experience or recommendation of gynaes i can consider to seek for their advises, or simply any comments that you may have.

Thank you for taking time out to read my long post. :)

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I feel you. I was TTC but have been unsuccessful then found out I had a 9cm fibroid within. I think because of the size, open surgery was recommended to ensure everything can be removed (before being able to test whether it was benign or not). Yes, recovery period minimally 6 months before TTCing again. I decided to remove the fibroid asap cos it was so big, and it was causing heavy prolonged bleeding (that was the main reason on immediate consequences). I figured settle one thing at a time - I believe the mother's health always come first - so self-care first. Settle your own health then you have the health, time and energy to care for others. Wish you all the best!