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Rates on Nanny

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by nga, May 24, 2008.

  1. nga

    nga New Member

    I am looking for a Nanny in Punggol or maybe in Sengkang area and would like to know what is the standard rate now for day care and what is the timing.

  2. kasturi_amelia

    kasturi_amelia New Member

    hi i am staying at hougang ave 1 (lor ah soo ). the market rate for 5 days is $600. the timing is 7:30am-7:30pm. The timing can be flexible don't worry. u can call me at 62821830 for more discussion. thks and hope to hear from u soon.
  3. chrisz_chua

    chrisz_chua New Member

    hi all

    my baby sitter charges $500 for the 1st 6th mths, at 6th mths when baby takes porridge, would charge $550 as rice, fish etc she would take into account, fair rate....timing is 12 hrs, flexible 2 negotiate with e babysitter ie 7am to 7pm or 7.30am to 7.30pm.. ^-^
  4. eno

    eno New Member

    just to check, the rates don't include items like diapers/milk etc rite?
  5. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    these nannies are
    1) u bring babies to their house? or
    2) they come over to ur house to babysit?
  6. storeberry

    storeberry Active Member

    Hi, do nanny charge on a 6hourly basis? Any nanny do house visits?
  7. grownup

    grownup Member

    Hi everyone , my mum provides babysitting service.. She is staying @ telok blangah rise 4 bus stop away from tiong bahru plaza and she is malay and experience in kid especially to my cousin and kids that she use to take care of.. She is in mid 40's.My mum is not fussy.. Not much requirements.. Her charges is $500 a month for any 6days a week for a maximum of 10hours a day. Overnight rate is $30 per night.all u need to provide her is milk and diapers , and the rest she would take care.. Only healthy food is given to kids.. My mum also sent the kids to regularly checl-up and school if needed , so mums u don need to take leave... Every needs for every mum would be able to help .. need more info cal me directly @ 93856063.. Thank You
  8. lixuan

    lixuan Member

    I paid my nanny S$550 for first few months and S$600 after my baby started taking porridge.

    Just wondering, do nannies entitle some leaves? What is the reasonable range? Any pay cut if taking more than a week consecutively?

    Thanks to advise.
  9. elt_mum

    elt_mum New Member

    My next door neighbour (literally NEXT DOOR) wants to charge $800 for 5-day week....I am leaving my daughter with her for 2 days only... so that is about $300....is that too expensive? but she's really next door, so save us alot of hassle
  10. peachbloom

    peachbloom New Member

    hi, it sure sounds a lot to me. market rate is about 500-600 depending on whether the baby is taking solids or not. but you do save on time and energy in transporting the baby.. anyone else around the neighbourhood who babysits? some people put up notices at the block lobby or blocks in the area, and then go to the nanny's house to take a look and do the "interview"... they can then decide if they're comfortable with the nanny and the home environment, and it's also within close proximity [​IMG]
  11. jypan83

    jypan83 New Member

    I know of a baby sitter who leaves near Serangoon MRT. I think her charges is around market rate. Planning to place my baby with her. She has more than 15 yrs of experience taking care of newborn onwards and I noted that she has a Diploma in Preschool Teaching. Feel better placing my baby with someone knowledgable. If interested, email me at jypan83@yahoo.com.sg
  12. mehui

    mehui New Member

    How do you coax child to accept babysitter/nanny?

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