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Raffles Hospital??

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by khijoanne, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. khijoanne

    khijoanne Member

    Hi! I'm a newbie here. Currently 11w 4 days. I'm seeing Dr Koh Gim Hwee from Raffles at the moment. He has asked if I would like to sign up for the antenatal package ($2200) and wants me to to deliver at RH. Does anyone knows how much issit to deliver at RH? Are they good? I heard they are like super expensive!!! Pls enlighten me.... thanks in advance!

  2. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Hi Joanne,

    I am oso deciding wheather to give birth at RH. my gyn is Dr Watt Wing Fong frm RH. I oso heard they ex and I scared that there was sme hidden costs that I dun know.
  3. chrisz_chua

    chrisz_chua New Member

    wow, that's super xpensive for a maternity package, could only be signed up upon 20 wks? i only paid $550 for my whole package irregardless of the number of visits until giving birth,include multivit & folic acid..but my gynea delivers at TMC or Mt alvernia
  4. grumpus

    grumpus Active Member

    i delivered at Raffles in jan 08.
    the package at that time was $2k and can be signed up from 12 weeks onwards.
    includes unlimited visits if necessary depending on whether you have complications etc, otherwise it's monthly visits until the 7th or 8th month then is fortnightly then weekly when closer to EDD
    also includes multi vit and folic acid.

    the package also include the gynae delivery fee for normal delivery.

    meaning, if you deliver via normal delivery, no epidural etc, the only additional charges you will have to pay is for the hospital room and the meds etc you use during your stay.

    one thing i like about RH is the nursery. the nurses are super nice and very friendly. because not as many babies are born at RH, you get very personalized service unlike TMC or KK where it's like factory production line.

    my total bill inclusive of the $2k antenatal package was abt $4k if i remember correctly. and mine was single bedder, c-section under GA.

    if you want more details i can go dig up the bill.

    pls PM me cos i may miss this thread
  5. mayng

    mayng New Member

    the delivery package for a single bedded for 08 is 1488. if assisted, add 300.

    anenatal package from RH starts from 11th/12weeks depends on when is the last visit before ur 1st trim ends. some of my gf with Mt E package of 1.8k starts from 20weeks. [​IMG]
  6. concern

    concern New Member

    My girl friend that delivered her 1 st baby loves the services that provided by the lactating consultant
  7. ynby80

    ynby80 Member


    Looks like it is not so exp to deliver in RH. My bill for MT A single bed and doc fee is around $7k. very exp. i have c-sect with epd.
  8. zeeyan

    zeeyan New Member

    I have c-sect with edp, single bed at RH. Bill came to $6k+..baby was delivered june 08. If add the antenatal package of $2k balance, the final bill for all above is $7k+, this still excludes all the tests such as blood test, sugar test, etc. that're not covered in the antenatal package.

    I find that RH is short of hands. we are always waiting for them. We waited before being ushered/pushed to op. theatre. Gynae asked why we were late we told them we had actually arrived at the hospital early but have waited some time in the room to be ushered to op.theatre.

    C-sect took 30min then I was pushed to a waiting area. Waited there for almost 1.5hr to be pushed out of op. theatre back to room after the c-sect. Made my family worried they thot sth happened. When I was finally out on the way to room nurse told they dun have people to send me to room.

    If you intend to breastfeed from day 1 and may need the help of breast pump to stimulate, do bring your own. The breast pumps at RH is on first come first serve. You have to wait for your turn and that could mean no breast pump for the entire day or at least many hrs later.

    Nursery is busy. The phone is always ringing. I find that the attending nurse(s) has to juggle between answering phone calls and feeding/changing baby...sometimes feed half way, stop & answer call...

    Probably you have to engage the lactation consultant/specialist for guide on breastfeeding...the nursery nurse will be too busy to coach you...i sense the hurriedness so decided to ask for bottle feed and trial & error on breastfeeding myself or later when we went home...

    I do say they are doing the best they can probably...just that there are not enough hands...the only feeling when we left RH is that if we need anything, we have to wait...so we always ask before we really need them...

    I would say for the price that we are paying we are expecting better service...also the room is cold despite the local temp control button in the room...the single sofa bed is not comfy...guess ikea has a better selection of sofa bed at affordable price...

    we will definitely try out other hospital for our next child..
  9. bitrix

    bitrix New Member

    Hey, I have natural birth for both my children in Raffle on Jul 06 & Jan 08. For me, it is a thumb up for their services. I have full attention from the lactaction consultant and the nursey nurses are very attentive and came to attend me whenever I requested. Probably I am lucky or I would say in the right time that I did not encounter what zeeyan has mentioned above.

  10. wk78

    wk78 Member


    anymore feedback???

    thank in advance.
  11. wk78

    wk78 Member

    hi Britix and Zeeyan

    Who is your gynea in RH and feedback too.

    thank u
  12. belsi

    belsi Member


    I have also juz given birth at Raffles in May 08. I give thumbs up for their service and they are veri caring and attentive to your needs. My stay there was really comfortable (like hotel) haha..

    The nurses there really encourages BF, even in the wee hours of the night, when my baby is hungry, they will push the baby to me and they will massage and teach me how to breastfeed my baby as I simply do not noe how to latch my baby.. Even after I was discharged, I had trouble breastfeeding my baby, I went back and they still guide me slowly [​IMG]
  13. wk78

    wk78 Member

    hi belsi

    thank you for the info. RH sounds good.
  14. bitrix

    bitrix New Member

    Happy New Year Mummies!

    Sorry for late reply.
    My gynae was Dr Watt Wing Fong. For me, I would say she is caring, patience and attentive towards my 2 pregancies. I am glad that I have a good gynae to guide me especially my first preggie where we will tend to have lots of questions or repeat question for each visit but she is patience to explain again and again to me kekeke.

    Agree with belsi that the nurses are encouraging BF. They will push the baby in the wee hours for you to b/feed unless you told them you need to rest then they will help to feed and take care your baby .

    It is still a very nice feeling when I am back to RH for my 2nd delivery.

  15. belsi

    belsi Member

    Just to add, I missed the class for breastfeeding and bathing for baby, the nurse volunteered to do a 1-1 session for me [​IMG] Even my auntie who came to visit was impressed!

    Btw, my gynae was Dr Thong Pao Wen
  16. wk78

    wk78 Member

    hi belsi

    How much did Dr Thong charge u? the amt include c-sec?
  17. wk78

    wk78 Member

    Hi Bitrix

    what is the charges like for Dr Watt?
  18. blur_mum

    blur_mum Member


    I stay at RH in April'08. Single Bed.....The services is excellent.....u pay for the service. U get all the attention needed....milo, blankets....

    They help to push the bb to u as well....
    One thing to note is the charges r high if got complication. Mine was abt 12k (Pay Cash abt 10k I think) cos I have bleeding quite bad after the forceps....
    My dr is Dr lee I Woon
  19. blur_mum

    blur_mum Member


    I stay at RH in April'08. Single Bed.....The services is excellent.....u pay for the service. U get all the attention needed....milo, blankets....

    They help to push the bb to u as well....
    One thing to note is the charges r high if got complication. Mine was abt 12k (Pay Cash abt 10k I think) cos I have bleeding quite bad after the forceps....
    My dr is Dr lee I Woon
  20. bitrix

    bitrix New Member

    Hi, let me get back hm check and advise you cos I cannot remember liao...

  21. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    hi blur mum,

    did your hubby stay overnight with you? will there be any hospital tour kinda thingy? are the nurses local?
  22. xiaoyun9

    xiaoyun9 Active Member

    how much is the current package with RH?
    the last time I signed up with Dr. Koh was in Sept 07 and about $1800.
    now he moves to Tampines 1, normal consultancy charge went up quite a bit. Is the package affected too?
  23. Christiana_lina

    Christiana_lina New Member

    i am seening Dr.Koh from Nov 09 untill now, he is very good, and the package is $2500, i will sign the package on next time, but still consider wants to change the hospital or not.
  24. lai_lai

    lai_lai Member

    Hihi, I'm with Dr Cordelia Han from RH...still thinking if I want to change hospital too...
  25. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Dr Koh is on newspaper. He kana fined 10K for performing unapproved procedure on patients. He was my gynae 4 years ago.

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