Quality bag at less cost VS branded bag

Hi Mummies

checking if anyone is interested in these bags.
I am thinking of selling them however they are not branded bag , however come with of better quality bags at lower price

Would you pay $20 for these bags?
thank you for reply!2533BE74-5C82-4572-8D79-CFE87D56A10E.jpegCA615E2E-47E2-4963-A0CE-BB1376A5ADFD.jpeg8D5E9D11-98D4-471F-B538-34AF07B0F693.jpeg28F221B4-C18E-4572-93E9-01F587FFAA23.jpeg3A6ADEBA-EA7C-4EF1-BB07-4792994187BB.jpegEB6C79A8-D2B0-416D-A9A1-0759BDDD630B.jpeg