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Punggol mommies: going to shift to punggol soon, need advice

Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by proudmommy, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. proudmommy

    proudmommy Member

    Hi punggol mommies, can advice me

    1. Any good tingkat delivery to recommend?

    2. any good private chinese n math tutor for p1 student to recommend?

    3. any good ballet school to recommend?

    4. Why greendale primary school is not a favorite? Not good? are the students naughty? teachers not competent?

    5. Also looking for a swimming class for my p1 girl

    6. Any chinese class for a 3,5 yrs old boy who does not like n interested in chinese at all?

    Thank you for your help [​IMG]

  2. pavilion8612

    pavilion8612 Member

    Hi hellokitty,

    Just happen to be here and sharing as follows:-
    1. Sorry, I don't have but you could google for recommendations. Tried Neo Buffett previously, quite good but not sure about their tingkat.

    2. Sorry, no recommendation.

    3. Also, no

    4. More established schools like Mee Toh and Edgefield offers more CCA. I choose Greendale and I think it is okay, if you want to know more can PM me, as I seldom come here.

    5. Lots of swimming class in Sengkang swimming pool. I just go there, observe the instructor and pick one. If you want also, can PM me.

    6. Perhaps can try group for this age like Beijing or the one at Punggol 21 CC (sorry forgot the name).

  3. proudmommy

    proudmommy Member

    Hi pavilion 8612 i've pm you, thanks [​IMG]
  4. mrs_chan_

    mrs_chan_ New Member


    2. I've got a very good tutor to recommend. She specialises in primary school tuition and is very experienced and committed. My girl (p2) was initially failing her subjects last year, but after she started tuition with this tutor, her results improved greatly. She started tuition in early October and sat for her end of years at the end of October. For her EOY, she got band 2 for all her subjects--English, Math, Chinese. Not the best, but a great improvement, considering that she was still failing her tests in September. My daughter is now in p3 and for CA1, she scored band 1 for all her subjects.
    I'm really glad that I found this tutor. She is very patient + Does her best to make her students interested in the subjects. She now teaches both my son(p5) and daughter (p3) and they like her very much. My kids even look forward to her tuition classes.
    Very dedicated also, tuition is 2hrs/session but she only ends after making sure they have finished learning what they need to learn for the day. Keeps me updated on my children's progress too.

    PM me if you would like more details/her contact.

    3. Not in Punggol, but there's a school called The Ballet and Music Company in NEX mall at Serangoon. Heard the teachers there are quite good. Planning to send my daughter there soon.

    6. Try the tutor I recommended, my children hated Chinese too, but the way she teaches made them more welcoming towards the subject.
  5. aeiou1280

    aeiou1280 New Member

    Hi Mrs Chan
    Could you please let me have the tutor contact.
  6. siewyee75

    siewyee75 New Member

    Hi Mrs Chan,
    your profile don't accept PM. can you email me your tutor's contact at siewyee75@yahoo.com?
    thanks. I stay in Punggol and my son is in P1 now.

    Thanks/Linda (Mrs Lau)
  7. spotelephant

    spotelephant New Member

    Hi Mrs chan,
    Cn you email me the tutors contact a detail as well? My email address is: spotelephant78@yahoo.com.sg
    Thanks in advance.
  8. proudmommy

    proudmommy Member

    Hi Mrs Chan,

    U don't accept PM, can you please send me the contact of this tutor to my email?


    Thank you
  9. mumtoone

    mumtoone New Member

    Dear MRs Chan,

    May I have the contact of the tutor you recommend? My email is vivng@singnet.com.sg or you can sms or watsapp to 97592069. Thank you very much.
  10. vragustin

    vragustin New Member

    Hi Mrs Chan,

    I'm looking chinese tutor for my kids as well. I tried to PM you but u dont accept PM.
    Can you email me at velopha88@gmail.com or watsapp me at 92728423. Thank you
  11. sherhino

    sherhino Member

  12. chitratabu

    chitratabu New Member

  13. jerseyhk

    jerseyhk New Member

    can i also have the contact of the tutor?
    how much is her rates?
    please email me at jerseyhk@yahoo.com
    thanks so much!
  14. proudmommy

    proudmommy Member

    Hi, anybody knows any good private math tutor?
    Thank you very much for your help
  15. proudmommy

    proudmommy Member

    Good private math tutor in punggol area...
  16. janalelim

    janalelim New Member

    Hi, Mrs chan. Can you pls kindly share the tutor contact with me. Thks in advance my email janale_lim@yahoo.com
  17. ycfern

    ycfern Member

    Hi any mummies here have their kids studying at Horizon primary now?
  18. LeMademoiselle

    LeMademoiselle New Member

    Hello mummies, received this flyer so just sharing with everyone who's looking for tuition for their kids. Hope it helps :)

  19. leonide

    leonide New Member

    Hi Mrs Chan or all kind mummies,

    Don mind can share the chinese tutor contact with me. I really need a good tutor for my son as he really has no interest in chinese. Thank a lot for yr help. Pls text my hp 90253302. Tks again.
  20. mad

    mad Member

    Hi my son is tutoring under this qualified chinese tutor. She is good and responsible. She is a singaporean. Pls check with her if u are interested. Pls contact her 93285785 for more information.
  21. angela_jav

    angela_jav New Member

    Dear Mrs Chan

    can you share with me the tutor contact as I'm looking for an English tutor. you can whatapps me at 94578515 or angela_ng2811@hotmail.com
  22. hao

    hao New Member

    Hi Punggol mummies, any good pri 3 math teacher or enrichment to share. Appreciate if you can pm me or email me at Tze_shiuan@singnet.com.SG. Thks.
  23. ALPS1312

    ALPS1312 New Member

    Mrs. Chan,

    Can you also send the contact of your recommended tutor to me?

    My email: alps1312@yahoo.com.sg
  24. Poofygoogle

    Poofygoogle New Member

    Mrs, Chan,

    Can you send me the contact of your recommended tutor at punggol to sumathi.gov@gmail.com
  25. Honey tree

    Honey tree New Member

  26. Honey tree

    Honey tree New Member

    Hi Mrs Chan/ punggol mummies,
    May I have the tutor contact please. My email is lohfs@singnet.com.sg
  27. Hi Mummies,

    Anyone looking for Chinese tuition and enrichment?
    Highly recommended by mummies and daddies, Funtastic Chinese Education Hub offers pre-school, primary and secondary Chinese tuition and enrichment, after-school care services.

    6702 1123 / 9889 8261
    Blk 257 Pasir Ris Street 21 #01-299 S(510257)

    Opposite Loyang Point

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