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Pte Gynae or NUH

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by happygolucky23, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. happygolucky23

    happygolucky23 New Member

    Hi! I am new to this. I am TTC and I am abit confused on which Gynae to go to. I m a NHG staff n I hv staff benefits in NUH but I realize alot of Ppl seem to prefer going pte.
    What do I look for when choosing a Gynae? When should I choose a Gynae? After I conceive or before that? Thank you!

  2. yoyoblue

    yoyoblue Member

    Use up the benefits get the best gynae in Nuh. Having babies is a cost. Nuh also have A1 class. further more hassle free you can take time off for appointments without having to rush for time. Just my 2 cents.
  3. happygolucky23

    happygolucky23 New Member

    Thank you dear.
  4. min21

    min21 Member

    Hi happygolucky, I was at NUH last year when I was preggie. The doctors there are nice, but the thing I really dun like is the extremely long waiting time. And I'm not seeing the most famous or the highest level gynae there. Waiting time is at least 45 mins each time even with an apptm. And if you are sick that day n call for an apptm, high chance u will never get a slot, they are really busy. I had a m/c in the end, to see the gynae, I had to go through A&E.. Being someone with a little less patience, it wasnt a really good experience for me there.. But really depends on what perks you have there and if you have the patience to wait. NUH price is comparable to the pte gynae outside, not any cheaper..
    No harm seeing a gynae first, at least can see if you are comfortable with this person.

    My 2 cents also [​IMG]
  5. happygolucky23

    happygolucky23 New Member

    min21 thank you..
    I agree the Queue in NUH is very long and I personally felt the Dr was in a rush to finish seeing me. I went there for my usual PapSmear and to do a check if I need to do anything for my PCOS (also diagnosed by her 3 yrs ago).

    I am not sure if she was being bochap when she said no need to do any U/S to check if my PCOS is under control or if I was being paranoid. She told me to try for a year and come back if I still cannot concieve.

    I wonder if a PTE Gynae would have taken more interest in my worries.

    As for perks which are really good..
    I am covered 90% for hospitalisation and the balance 10% I pay via medisave, I also get A class ward even though I m considered subsidized pt. Which means I pay nothing compared to forking out thousands if I went PTE..
  6. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    Hi Happy go lucky

    it's all individual.. some will fully utilise the benefits they haf coz ultimately u are the one paying (if any balance payable) but the disadvantage is the long waiting time (same as KKH) and sometimes too mani patients that they neglect those small signs that may lead to M/C..

    Due to these 2 reasons, i chose pte gynae n pte hosp. Coz to take pte gynae @ KKH, it cost almost the same (or can be more than outside gynae) for the prenatal gynae charges and hospitalisation charges.

    I think the onli disadvantage of going to pte hosp is that, if there is any complication on the baby, u'll stil be referred back to KKH.. =)
  7. yogiboo

    yogiboo Member

    Hi Happy go lucky

    I just delivered in Jan this year at NUH and I am seeing Prof Biswas. He is a beri nice, patience gynae.... and I stayed in the suite during my stay. Nice staff nurses and room is big and I had nice meals set up for both me and hubby.

    I dun find the Q long as I usually waited for abt 30mins. I guess is personally preferance and I do find NUH a beta choice for me instead of those pte clinic.....U can give NUH a try ;)
  8. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    Hi Mitch

    NUH has subsidiced n pte oso right?? urs is pte or subsidiced rate??
  9. yogiboo

    yogiboo Member


    Yes there is sub and pte ... Mine is pte so i can choose the gynae I wanted.
  10. liaocarol11

    liaocarol11 Member

    Can anyone recommend a good female gynae?
  11. yoyoblue

    yoyoblue Member

    Carol- dr judy wong at tmc... u can try google her name at internet to get her clinic number... she deliver my 2 sons at kkh. now she practice private clinic.
    if at kkh i now using dr.suzana.
  12. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    Hi.. Dr Judy Wong is now at TMC.. I used to see her during my 1st 3 mths of pregnancy but I find her charges bait steep n she dun open in e evening so I changed to another male gynae, dr poon kingfu.. His clinic at hougang..
  13. su_yana

    su_yana Active Member

    Hi, for those looking for gynae at Nuh, I'm seeing Dr Su Lin Lin. She is not the high level gynae.
    Waiting time so far is abt 30-45mins.
    Very patience n understanding.
  14. jaslyn_shann

    jaslyn_shann New Member

    hi, i'm a NUH staff & i used my perks to give birth there too. Besides the long waiting time, others are gd. My perks covers pt gynae & i upgraded to A1 ward, and paid nothing! My gynae is Dr Su Lin Lin, she's patient & understanding.

    u will be grateful we have these benefits coz raising a child costs a bomb, and every penny saved counts. But of coz it's still ur choice but i defintely dun have any prob with NUH pt gynae.
  15. oositioo

    oositioo Member

    yah me too mine was dr su lin lin.. to say ..yah waiting can be long sometimes when the doctor has to attend to some patients that in delivery ward..
    but so far.. dr su lin lin is very good.. love her soft spoken hhehe ..
  16. starr_nn

    starr_nn Member

    Hi Jaslyn and oositioo,

    Was Dr Su Lin Lin recommended to you by anyone? I am going to see a gynae in NUH too, but cannot decide between Dr Mary Rauff or Dr Su Lin Lin. Anyone has any recommendation between these 2 doctors?
  17. oositioo

    oositioo Member

    nope ... i chose her without any recommendation bcos none of my friends went to NUH for check up.. but i did recommend her to my friend...
  18. ginger_lily

    ginger_lily Member

    Hi Starr_nn, I don't think Dr Rauff accepts new patient as her Q is always packed to the brim.

    I'm seeing Dr Su and she's very good. [​IMG]I always feel I'm in good hands whenever I go see her.

    Would you need more recommendation? Dr E K Tan, consultant,(male gynae) is very gentle too.
  19. starr_nn

    starr_nn Member


    thanks for your reply!
    I actually got an appointment with Dr Rauff, and will be seeing her in 2 weeks. I heard from the nurses there that Dr Su is very popular too, and her schedule is as packed.
  20. happygolucky23

    happygolucky23 New Member

    Has anyone heard about dr Vanaja from NUH?
    Jaslyn: I agree with u. The perks are too good. I will prob go back there once I cOncieve.. Other than that I will just see a pte Gynae aft wrk hrs.
  21. ginger_lily

    ginger_lily Member

    Dr Vanaja is popular with the Indian mummies. Always long Q at the Jurong Clinic.
  22. by_his_grace

    by_his_grace Member


    for you who are w Dr Su Li Lin. can we visit her on Saturday?
  23. ginger_lily

    ginger_lily Member

    not sure if she has any Sat clinics. Give the Clinic a ring.
  24. ginger_lily

    ginger_lily Member

    I'm seeing her this Thursday. I will ask her and let you know alright? [​IMG]
  25. by_his_grace

    by_his_grace Member

    thanks Gin.
    called NUH. she is not working on sat
  26. nana17

    nana17 Member

    I was with prof Mary last year. I feel safe in her hands as she is really an experience gynae
  27. ginger_lily

    ginger_lily Member

    I did a last-minute visit to Dr Su earlier as I was so worried about the baby. Couldn't sleep the past few nights.

    Dr Su was very patient when I explained to her my concerns and fears. Im assured now.

    It all happen when I 'forgot' that I was preggy and jumped and ran away when I saw a cockroach. Then the stomach started to hurt a little.
  28. simbaobao

    simbaobao Member

    sharing my experience, i just deliver @ NUH 3 weeks ago.. was with a TMC gyane but am sent to NUH due to some complication tat i had to deliver my gal prematurely.

    I would said they r very fast and pro... within 4hrs.. they arranged my opt to be done after informing me, i shouldn't delay anymore..

    I seen Dr Vanaja who visit me - Impression of her.. so so but yes she had alots of indian patient even from other counry..

    I seen DR Rauff who visit me as well - she is very motherly and encouraging. I cried very badly when i know i have to opt to bring my gal 2mth earlier.. she told m everythings will be ok...She even visit my gal in NICU and assure me she is doing fine during my stay.

    DR Kanika delivery for me
    She is rather nice as well.. but waiting time for her is really long... depending on her shedule.. i waited 1hr+ for her before after delivering to remove my stitches.
  29. bulskie

    bulskie Member

    "What do I look for when choosing a Gynae? When should I choose a Gynae? After I conceive or before that? Thank you!"

    Go see a gynae before you conceive and get yourself checked up. Doc will likely tell you to take folic acid and any other supplements/tests if necessary.

    Choosing a gynae is tricky coz 1 person's experience will be different from another. My reccomendation:
    1) Think what matters most to you on the gynae ($$, availability, explanation, evening/Sat clinic, pro natural birth, etc).
    2) Where you would like to deliver. In the end, distance/cost does matter.
    3) Find out as much info from word of mouth/forums which gynae at that hospital fits your requirement at #1 above.

    If I were you I'd definitely go for your staff benefit and find the most suitable gynae at NUH.

    As for your concern on the U/S check on your PCOS....all I can say is that sometimes it is true that faith can do you a lot of good. Worrying doesn't help much! But if you have a real urgency and don't wish to "waste" a year, just ASK your gynae to do it for you :)

    Best wishes and good luck TTC!
  30. sharshar

    sharshar Member

    heard from someone that after delivery by a midwife, you will be left there (blood still flowing) until a doctor comes in to sew up for you. (NUH) is that true?
  31. amyquek1979

    amyquek1979 New Member

    if you choose sub delivery, you will be delivered by nurse and stitch by v v junior doctor who is not specialist.
    sometime even student will stitch you.
    i will not compromise on booking a gynae.
    private has many good og, heard many leave hospital , and those left in public hospital a lot cannot make it.
    private og give more attention to me i think. and their price also sometimes cheaper than hospital
  32. amyquek1979

    amyquek1979 New Member

    last time in kk, this male gynae dr ben choey deliver my baby girl 2 year ago.
    dr ben was very patient with me , answer all my questions and very kind hearted. in the end i end up cesar delivery cos my baby couldnt come out. Dr Ben operate on me, very fast and good, no pain , my wound heal v well, i would strongly recommend him again. He now in private SBCC Women clinic at clementi . Visited him for my early scan. Very nice clinic, very good service, and he price very good,
  33. princess_icy

    princess_icy New Member

    shar - hi there! i guess what ppl were discussing was the episiotomy to be stitched.

    i was a house officer before (what ppl call vvvv junior doctor) some years ago =D.. we dont leave patients to bleed before stitching up! the drs wait for the placenta to be delivered then do the cleaning n stitching.. a student will only stitch up the wound if the patient is agreeable and they ought to be supervised closely.

    do tell the drs or attending staff anything u r not comfortable with. its important to feel safe! not being defensive but i have delievered a fair no. of babies both in KKH and NUH during my training so just sharing =D
  34. kaxin

    kaxin Active Member

    NUH is my biggest regret throughout the 9 months

    1. I will never forget i q 6hrs on 14 feb 2011 to see get a scan (I paid A rates)
    2. The seats are not comfortable and there isnt enough seats
    3. The admin is horrible at fetal clinic different nurses tell you different things.

    My most unforgetable moment. I was so called told that being a 1st time mum, I will be given some counselling (basically) to ask me which ward I wanted to sign up. Here comes joke of the year:

    joke 1

    STAFF nurss: r you going to bf?
    me: yes
    SN: gd we r pro bf, any questions feel free to ask
    me: what should i do if my bb cant latch on
    SN: i give you this book you go read
    me: i have read a few i m not confident what should i do?
    SN: go google u tube
    me: if in the event during my stay in nuh i have bf problems what should i do
    me: dun i have someone to turn to?
    SN: refer to the booklet theres a list of hotlines for you to call
    me: why would i call kk when i m in nuh?

    Joke 2
    SN: there r 3 types of pain killer
    me: whats the difference between epidual , padadin?
    SN: one you jab the spine another jab tighs
    me: thats not helpful, what is the difference?
    SN: padadin waste time, it is not effective
    me: then y woulld the hospital offer it?
    SN: some mothers like to feel the pain

    I was boiling mad by this time

    Joke 3

    me: i will do epidual
    SN: remember you cant take epidual after you are dialted 3 cm (wrong inform!!! if you do so before it may prevent dialation!!!)
    me: how do i know when I am dilated 3 cm?
    SN: you wouldnt
    me: how long does it take for one to dialte 3 cm
    SN: you wouldnt
    me: so when should i take it then?
    SN: not after you dialted 3 cm
    SN: it is part of our protocol

    N i waited 45 min to hear her speak this. I was so close to screaming!

    The saving grace though was that I was treated well at the delivert ward. The nurses truely cared[​IMG]

    So if you dun mind meeting the idiot I met and the q, for a princess treatment in the ward.. NUH is bearable.

  35. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    felicia: LOL... seriously?? i had 1 appt at NUH Women's clinic. wanted to interview my selected gynae b4 i get preg.. but he didn't really bother abt advising on irregular menses when i said i am trying for a girl. to do that, i need the exact O date and diet..
    though the gynae was well recommended and coincides with our birth plan, i don't feel comfy with a too reassuring doc.. haha
    so i chose another gynae at glens instead.
  36. troubledmama

    troubledmama New Member

    I delivered my no 1 in NUH and will deliver my No 2 there as well.
    I must say, NUH is a good option compared to pte. I like their drs there. Friendly and patient. I also hear horror stories about TMC.

    Unlike pte Dr, who gets more if they see more, i dun think the same works with NUH. And the fees are reasonable as well. A scan at NUH and TMC could cost about 100 bucks different!

    I am seen by Dr Anupriya, very nice dr. Her q is long at times if she needs to rush for delivery else fair enough. She takes time to explain to you your fear, and most impt assurances.
  37. yogiboo

    yogiboo Member

    I delivered my girl Jan this year @ NUH and I do find the gynae (prof Biswas) and the nurses here are beri friendly and helpful. My gynae is those assuring type and specialist in high risk pregnancy which I am one. The sonagraphers are really beri experience bunch of ppl. I deliver my girl thru normal delivery with epidural, my stitch wound heals beri fast and I would say is almost pain free. I stayed in a suite and I am definetly being treated like a queen. They also offered candle light dinner aft delivery as celebration. Now I am preggy again and I am definetely gg back ;)
  38. amyquek1979

    amyquek1979 New Member

    i hear many things about nuh OG. they treat subsidize patient different from private patient. the doctors there use this clear transparent kitchen glove to check my vagina,
    and when he break waterbag for my friend, the doctor punctured the glove and water go into his glove.
    he yelled saying aiyo so disgusting.
    I hear already i wont want to go NUH labor ward to deliver my baby.
  39. amyquek1979

    amyquek1979 New Member

    today i am 10 weeks. visited my gynae Dr Ben Choey at his clinic at clementi SBCC Women's Clinic.
    he explain to me many things, and scan my baby.
    Allowed me to buy package and din charge me consultation and let me activate my package (which is meant for 12 weeks onward). Very kind of him.
    He recommend me deliver at Mt Alvernia. He said nurses there are very experienced, facility good and wards nice.
    I think i will take his suggestion.

    Anyone got opinion or experience at Mt Alvernia hospital? Please share with me.
  40. gdmaimai

    gdmaimai Member

    <font color="aa00aa">amyquek1979,
    Dr Ben Choey seems quite handsome from his FB profile (www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Ben-Choey/263115840395620).
    I think I will blush if I see him.

    How much does his consultation, ultrasound cost? Do you have to pay additional charge for urine test?</font>
  41. troy12345

    troy12345 New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    We are looking for the following WOMEN aged 25 to 40 years old for a 2hours English speaking group discussion:

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    * Location at Scotts Road.
    * Any race. Singaporean.

    Cash Incentive of S$100

    Please SMS your name and age to Zara at 9189-2420 ASAP. Please do NOT PM.

  42. gigi_soul

    gigi_soul New Member

    I am seeing Prof Pc wong at NUH, very profesional doctor and is by appointment only. Monday to friday morning slots only.
  43. sgmon

    sgmon New Member

  44. qiuyan29

    qiuyan29 New Member

    Hi... would you mind sharing your bill when you are consulting dr Ben. Because I'm staying at clementi too. Looking for a gynae can thru out looking aft me n mostly near me. I'm 7 weeks and edd is 29 aug.

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