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Property Agents?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Ashley, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Ashley

    Ashley Member

    Hi, are there any property agents around?

    I'm a working mum and I'm contemplating quitting my job to be a property agent. Would like to find out more about the job. Can anyone help please?

  2. keagan

    keagan New Member

    hi ashley,

    are u still keen abt being a property agent?
  3. koli

    koli Member

    hi keagan
    i just quit my job to be a property agent. PM me maybe can find out more from u
  4. keann

    keann New Member

    hi mummies,
    I have thought about it soooo long...and till date, still hasn't been firm enough to quit my job....sigh....
  5. chocbabe

    chocbabe Member


    I just quit to be a property agent too... life hs been pretty exciting... but a little worrying cos haven't close any deals at the moment so dun know when money coming in.....
  6. tempura76

    tempura76 Member

    hi chocbabe,

    are u doing more on rental or sale? market is so hot now..shld be gd ya? care to share more? like which agency u join?? can PM me..
  7. sgsle

    sgsle New Member

    Hi all,

    I am doin part time agent.

    But had been stopping for quite sometime.

    Better think twice before you commit. I actually tot if it goes well and wanted to quit my job too. Maybe I join at the wrong timing.

    Bring few clients to view so many houses but no deal close. So give up.
  8. tempura76

    tempura76 Member

    hi serene,

    hw's part time like?? me keen too..trying to earn more $.. [​IMG]
  9. irenep

    irenep New Member

    Hi all,

    I just started working part time as property agent recently & plan to go into full time early next yr.

    Frankly speaking, if u all plan to do part time... pls be prepare as u'll require alot of hardwork, determination as well as good time-management especially for mothers like us as we hv a full time job & also got to take care of our kids at the same time. I must say it is not as easy as many thinks. But... I think everyone can success if u hv the determination & put in effort. Most importantly I think u must hv a good mentor to guide u along if u r totally new to this.

    Those who r interested to know more, u can pm me if u want. Although I'm still new, I'm willing to share my experience with u all as I find this job rather interesting. :)

  10. preowned_store

    preowned_store New Member

    Agreed Irene about have a good mentor. Some just want to recruit then leave u to swim on ur own.

    Being a property agent u hv flexi time but actually u will have less time for your family. As most veiwing are done in the evening or on wkend.
  11. mindy71c

    mindy71c New Member

    hi all,

    Yeah it's totally right, being an property agent is not as easy. Need a lot of hardwork, time, effort and of cos "luck" too!

    I was a sahm for 5 yrs and started out my property life last Jul and it has been a yr plus and till now I'm enjoying to my fullest. I always feel that one must love something before you can do well.

    If interested, can PM me and I can share more with u.
  12. tempura76

    tempura76 Member

    Hi Mindy,

    care to share more?? i've just started..and sad to say..i dun have a gd mentor...[​IMG]
    pls PM me.. thanks!
  13. jojet_70

    jojet_70 New Member

    i'm abt to start too, tho still holding down a full-time job... certainly will luv to hear more of this
  14. homeangel120

    homeangel120 New Member

    Hi all...is the thread still active? I will need more info about property agent before commiting myself to it....thanks ya.
  15. mousey_mummy

    mousey_mummy Active Member

    Anyone knows if female property agent can still enjoy working mum subsidy of $300 when enrolling child into childcare centre?
  16. little2mato

    little2mato Member

    hi mindy / tempura,

    i just started.. would both u like share with me?

  17. grace3005

    grace3005 Member


    i am also keen....
    can anyone share more about being a property agent?
  18. little2mato

    little2mato Member


    TKTOTTS Active Member

    Hi all,

    Being a property agent is nt easy. Esp when you want to get commision or exclusive.

    There are differnt agencies in Sin and each of them hv their unique / strong selling pt.

    For eg.

    DTZ: landed property
    ERA, HSR, OT, Dennis Wee: HDB
    HUTTONS: Developer projects

    New up comming agency: Credo, there are more, but I cant remember nw

    Try this link, there is a forum there.
  20. aishaht

    aishaht Member

    Hi is this tread still active??
    i am keen in joing as one. Maybe you can pm me. thanks.

    TKTOTTS Active Member

    Aishah, do u hv any property company u hv in mind to join? Do u hv 4 O levels?
  22. aishaht

    aishaht Member

    Hi propertywatchers
    actually i dont know what is the difference in each of them?
    yes i do.
  23. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    Hi. I am also interested. But only available part time. I do have 4 o levels. Please advise.

    TKTOTTS Active Member

    Aishah & Grace Quek, i hv Pm u. Pls check.
  25. grace3005

    grace3005 Member

    Hi property watchers. Did not received ur PM. Thanks.

    TKTOTTS Active Member

    Grace Quek (grace3005), hv email to you again
  27. bb_hopeful

    bb_hopeful Active Member

    hi property watchers,
    im keen too [​IMG]
  28. sgpropagents

    sgpropagents New Member

    Well me I had the good fortune of using Property Agent In Singapore to search for an investment property in early 2010. I found the agent to be extremely well connected and knowledgeable of all activity in the local market.

    Property Agent In Singapore

    TKTOTTS Active Member

  30. bb08

    bb08 Member

    Hi all

    I'm a mother of two gals and a full time property agent with Dennis Wee Group.

    Really enjoy my work and my relationships with my clients. Also loved the flexibility in this job since my gals are still small.

    Those who are interested to join property industry can pm me. I can share with you the pros and cons in this industry. [​IMG]
  31. noscon

    noscon Active Member


    Thinking of joining this industry part time to gain more exposure to real estate. But not sure whether i'm suitable or not cos I'm more introvert than extrovert. Does that matters?
  32. keann

    keann New Member

    i am with Orangetee for the past 4+ years....let me know if any mummies keen to join. Can share with you on the industry ins and outs.
    My team has quite a few mummies, so all in the same situation and boat, so can understand what mummies go thru....

    PM me if keen! Cheers!
  33. sam11

    sam11 New Member

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  34. newme

    newme Member


    Not sure if this thread still active??

    I m thinking to become a property agent. Should I go ahead with the RES course then only choose the agency to join or vice versa? After passing the RES exam, can I straight away apply for CEA or must I join an agency first?

    Appreciate if any of you can advice me on that. Thanks!
  35. beejoo

    beejoo Member

    Hi is the thread still active? I am currently not working and is interested to be a part time property agent, any one has good advise to share?
  36. kaylas_mom

    kaylas_mom Member

    you can pass yr course first then join an agency, they will do the admin for you. Or you can do what i did and join an agency first and sign up for their package which includes the course ( i kiasu, felt better attending classes b4 taking exams!)

    i advise you to shortlist a few agencies and speak to them first, see which you are comfy with. the team and the team manager is more impt than the name of the agency!
  37. kaylas_mom

    kaylas_mom Member

    if u r not working, why do u want to do pty PT and not FT? its very hard to do well part-time as you have limited hours which will affect yr commitment to yr client or project. perhaps what u mean is freelance i.e. work when you have an assignment on-hand?

    that is what i've been doing for the past 4 years to juggle motherhood and take care of my 2 young babies, and it has worked well for me. there will be periods when you are very busy be it selling, buying or renting, or worse doing showflat duty (which i have since sworn off cos it really burns all yr precious weekend family time!) but there will also be lull periods so its all about balance!;)
  38. Cyn ang

    Cyn ang New Member

    Hi all, hope this is still active. I am thinking to go full time as a property agent. I m a stay-home mum 3 years ago to follow my husband for overseas posting. Just came back for good for almost a year. Besides the usual routine of houseworks, occasionally lunch with friends, I would like to earn some income n doing something I like. Please share ur experience or advice or even recommendation if we are in the same situation. Thank you.
  39. jess1

    jess1 Member

    Hi cyn ang, my husband is a property agent. If you need to find out more. Please pm me.
  40. CathyWong

    CathyWong New Member

    I think what I am about to post here is just on time.

    By the way, my name is Cathy and I would like to share this good news to all of you. If you are a mom or a a real estate agent aspirant I believe that this one is defintely for you.

    In this fast-paced era in which technology has begun to play a significant role in almost every known industry, the competition among professionals is becoming tougher and tighter with each passing minute. This is evident especially in the real estate industry, where agents struggle to succeed in the business amid numerous competitors in the market. This then begs the question: What are top performers doing to prosper in the real estate industry?

    Last 2 Jan 2014, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) implemented the Do Not Call (DNC) provisions, which generally prohibit organizations from sending out certain marketing messages to Singapore telephone numbers. This includes mobile, fixed-line, and residential and business numbers which are registered with the DNC Registry.

    Utilizing technology for the benefit of your career in real estate is a matter of being open to new trends in marketing, especially that of the digital kind. Potentials clients are, more often than not, searching for property projects and listings online, which is where your visibility is highly crucial. The agents’ websites and social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are the most relevant digital tools that these cream of the crop agents are using. Believe it or not, top agents of 2014 have been using this technique to reach the height of their careers.

    We will have a free seminar about being a top real estate producer.
    Basically, for existing students, the Free Agent Training Website will be held on April 6,8 and 10.
    For interested students, they can avail the FREE Training Session on the 30th of March.For both events, they need to register first by contacting us at 6423-0155 or emailing us at sales@youfirstdigital.com


    Hope to see you there

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