Processing of Placenta ?


<font face="Comic Sans MS,Tahoma"> Anyone knows where/who can help to process our placenta into capsule for consuming?</font>.

has anyone tried Mommy Cozy Haven ?
Is it reliable?
I'm quite keen but would like to know if they're trustworthy...
from what i know u need to inform ur gynae when delivering.
also have to contact the person who is processing the placenta so they can collect it from hospital asap.

people believe in consuming placenta coz it help "bu" the body and
Hi mummies,

I am due in August and am wondering if anyone has tried placenta processing and encapsulation?

Will you recommend this or is this just a fab? Pls advise.
Hi mummies who have tried the placenta encapsulation services. So after they collected the placenta and processed it, do they deliver it back at ur doorstep? How trustworthy is their service? I scared later the placenta powder that they return to me is not mine...Wah..I cannot tahan the thought of eating someone else's placenta!!! Yucks!!!
Chanced upon this thread and just to share that I've a friend who had tried the service of the placenta encapsulation by MommyCozyHaven and said that it's good! They also offer very prompt service and deliver her capsules to her within the next 3 days. Think they have 3 partners doing so they only process 1 placenta at any one time.

Would like to share.

I had my placenta processed into capsule by InTheWomb. Service was very prompt. They collected my placenta straight after i gave birth. And the pills were ready on the day itself. They only process 1 placenta per day according to the lady i spoke with. I paid $220 for the encapsulation and delivery.
haha, i more gungho...3 yrs back when i had my first child, my hubby took my placenta home to bake it (we had a convection oven to bake cakes/pastries). but he put the temperature too high until the placenta chao ta! so took bad had to throw away. he vowed to do a perfect job for my 2nd pregnancy.
yup, we told my gynae we wanted to take it back. they packed it in a bag for us, and my hubby immediately went home to bake. if it wasn't chao ta, our plan was to pound it into powder and store in container. then on a daily basis, mix the powder with water and drink.

so does anyone have any more updates on placenta processing? Any other mummies tried it? wat's the color of the placenta powder?

was tinking if others are eating goat's placenta pills for health etc, then might as well keep one's own.. how many tablets can one placenta be processed into?

i've asked abt tis with my gynae but she's nt too pro towards the processing of the placenta as she said that there's tons of tonics out there to buy and people needs to eat their placenta in the past because of the poor living and health conditions back then.. Mrs Wong from TMC also said that the placenta functions as a liver, thus there may be some toxins inside..

hmmz, really at a dilemma on what to do..
i encapsulated mine wif mummy cozy haven. reliable service.
i arranged for hb to send &amp; pick up at her plc, in case anything goes wrong.
mine came out to be about 130 capsules. the number of capsules depend on the size of placenta retrieved.
and yes, they only process 1 placenta at a time, so no mix up
yes i recommend my sis to try mommy haven.
they are reliable and good.

if you interested, i can forward you the person contact number
For those that have tried, can share comsumption experience? what are some of the prominent benefits experienced ??

sky mum
I process my own placenta and eat them 4 yrs ago. I have seem the goodness of eating it and i shared with my friends the idea of eating our own "product". It was not common at that time, so encapsulation services were not introduce. Many of my friends ask me to help them and they paid me for the service cos i need to bake for at least 3 days in low temp without burning it and put them into capsules. About 150 capsules. PM me if u wan to find out more and i do only 1 at a every time.
wow i didn't know placenta can be eaten, after birth my wife was just lying there exhausted. doc then came in with a syringe &amp; took his fill then left. I didn't even know what he needed that for.. maybe he kept it for own consumption. I know better next time round!

i had tried cozy haven last NOv, from my 2nd pregnancy. i dunno how true it is, but they claim to be lab professionals with sterilised lab equipment. i assume they do it at home but with lab standards. and they promised they only do one placenta at a time to avoid mix-ups. anyway i engage them as i dun believe in medical halls and i see that they are singaporeans, i am pretty confident of our locals who has more ethics and more trustworthy doing these lah.. that's just my own belief.

so depending on size of placenta, after treatment (not very sure abt the process) and baked, it will be powdered into capsules ranging bet 100 to 130 capsules. mine was 130, the girl commented my placenta quite big.

i cant feel any effects upon taking but coll did comment that it works, i do look more radiant, youthful and with better complexion during that time. i took after 3 mths maternity... 2 pills a day. anyway, whether it works or not, i will engage their service again if i have a 3rd one. = )

Charges are 200 but i dunno if this has changed. They will advise you on the process.
Hi to all here,
I tried to access the inthewomb website as well as the mommycozyhaven website but both seem to be down. Is there any contact number any experienced mums can give me? Thank you!
Hi cheryl,
Thanks for the contact. I just called Jennifer, still trying to decide whether should I do the processing. You yourself have tried it? Feedback? Thank you.
Hi I myself din try as that time din know about this. However i Recommended to both my sisters and so far they tried and no negative effect so far
I provide Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Services.Our hotline is 24hours so means even if you give birth at 3am we will get from you.The Placenta will be processed once we get it,so the nutrients will not be loss by prolonged time in the fridge.

You can visit my site, to find out more information at
<font color="119911">Hi gals,

not sure if my feedback to mummies are in time. I actually use Heavenly Health Store to do my encapsulation of my placenta this Feb, cost SGD300.00

Mr Yeo whom I liaise are quite good and prompt
but they need 3-5 working days to dry and grind before they encapulate the powder. They collected my placenta within 2-3hrs after I deliver. They send back the pills to my home and I think I have abt 230pills which can last me a few months.

As this is my 2nd delivery so decide to give this placenta encapsulation a try, and I am more than happy that I did actually.

My 1st delivery was a total chaos, I actually suffer from postpartum depression and could not sleep well. My energy level are low that I tear so easily until my hubby got so worried. To make things worse, I deliver my 1st child pre-maturely that he got to stay in NICU for a week plus. I practically travel down everyday to visit him after my discharge. Due to my early delivery, my confinement lady cannot attend to me coz her previous assigment yet to complete..etc etc..

To cut the story short, this time the experience is different. Not sure if its the pills that helps but I nvr suffer any postpartum depression, full of energy despite the endless night feed.(FYI, I dun have confinement lady to help me this time also coz my baby is a CNY baby so charges are doubled) My milk keep in the 4th day and increase as it goes... overall experience this time is good!

My frenz commented how radiant I look during my baby shower..keke.. of coz I nvr tell them what I took in case I freak them out.. haha :p

hope my above 2cents experience helps the mummy to decide whether they want to encapsulate anot.</font>
Hi Mummies

I am also really interested in this service provided by Heavely Health Store .
Appreciate anymore feedbacks on the benefits and also credibility of their service.
Hi sasayeo
I am new to the forum, i signed up just to post this as that time i was also looking around for a company doing it.

I used ! Some considerations i took in was that they are very friendly and prompt in collecting. They charge only nett price of $280 with no hidden cost like deliver after this time charge extra, weekend extra etc. and after i delivered they collected only within 20mins. I prefer that their hotline is 24hours.

I like their services alot so i recommend them as i feel that they are very dedicated and personalized.