Problem with ANTS?!!!

I had problems with ants before too. Bought TERRO Liquid Ant Killer from Qoo10 and it works wonder. Now my kitchen is ants-free.


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Ants are entering master bedroom toilet, suspect is via aircon trunking leading to outside. Put 扫光光 also no use. Still see ants after 3 days.

Actually curious to know if condo or landed property got ants or not? Surely the rich won't live with them around. Hdb seems to have many ants.


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I will put a few drops of tea tree oil directly at the most affected area. Follow by mixing 20 drops of tea tree oil with 500ml water into a spray bottle and spray every other 2 days. I also spray into every corner of my house once a week for prevention in case the ants change their route. Additionally, for once a week I close up all windows, turn on all the aircon and light up eucalyptus candle (the big one from b&b) for approximately 2 hours. I see full results in 3 weeks. They were gone! It’s been 6 months since I last saw an ant.

Btw I am still using the spray method every weekly for prevention purposes.


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So long time I never write here. Ants were gone ever since I sprayed bi weekly with bio-x pesticide on windows sills and entry points.

Just saw a few black ants in bathroom (curse and swear)! I followed one of them and it disappeared into the toilet drainage hole. My toilet got two areas, dry and wet. So that drainage which the ant disappeared is the dry area one, means no water flowing down the drainage, only mop the floor once a week.

Anyone got problem with ants coming up drainage hole???