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Anyone can help me???

For a 4YO tod...for nanny service from mon-Fri whole day include nights...
What is the MARKET rate???

I am having 2 nanny on rotating basis to look after my boy of 5 yrs old. They are malaysian, that's explains why there are 2 nanny. One comes and one goes back cos malaysians are not allowed to come here for more than 60 days.

They stayed at my place for 28 days every month and i pay them $1500 per mth. PM me if you are interested.


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I pay my nanny $600 a month weekdays but no nights to look after my baby now 13 months. Actually 4 year old can send to childcare near your house and bring home everyday so that kid can bond closer to you. If look after by nanny including nights will have problems bonding with family when you bring back later and they cry and keep looking for nanny.


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My friend unable to bring him home every night la... long story... so need to have the boi at the nanny house till firday evening then she can bring him back...


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may i check if you already knew this nanny, or you were introduced? we were introduced to one who's asking for $700, mon-fri, no nights. i actually think it's quite high. wonder if can cham siong?

has anyone tried just going around the neighbourhood and asking around?


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Actually got desparate, posted notice in lift lobby ! Turned out also the nearby coffee shop and provision shop people know her she took care of one of the food stall kids before so ok.
I asked around my friends and that was the price given $700 sounds high.
Mine started off as $550 and added $50 more at 6 months for food.


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For a 4 year old toddler, does the toddler attend any form of class? Because some nannys take into consideration the travelling time + transport fee to bring the toddler for class.

I know the rate for just days alone already cost $500 to $600.
So, for days + nights, I think you need to expect about $650+-

Well, the rate depends on location as well.


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4 year old quite big liao, doesn't really need to "take care" like bbs, they can entertain themselves, so shouldn 't be too ex. I pay my bbsitter $550/mth for Mon-fri day only, sometimes sat, she took care my boi for abt 2yrs+, now go childcare and employ a maid to take care of him


Hi, I have a very good nanny. She help to look after my baby since she is 2mths old till now 4yrs old for Mon-Fri day only. We started her the rate at $500. We increased by another $50 when my gal started on food. Due to recent inflation & price/food surge, we increase another $50. So the overall rate is $600/mth


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Market rate is around $700 - $800 for overnight care. You hv to add $50 - $80 more for food depending on how much babysitter demands (usually $50 more)

My baby started off at $550 with my babysitter. Starts on food, there is increase of $80.

Now, its $630 for Mon - Fri without night care.

My baby used to stay overnight - its $800 (+ $80 on food). Bring back Fri evening. But wanted to bond with baby more since he starts recognising people so switch to day care.

Was told by colleagues, mine is priced quite high already as theirs cost around $550 (with food) for day care. Overnight, their nannies ask for $750 (with food) only.


Hi everyone,
my hubby and I have been having trouble finding good baby sitter for our toddler. And we have trouble getting a realiable maid.

Could you share with me where I can find nanny?
Do we have them at our home or we send baby over?

Thanks very much!


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Normally you have to send baby to nanny's place. You can try asking the provision shop people near your house or the coffee shop etc basically places which you frequent in the neighbourhood. Or talk to those kaypoh aunties in the neighbourhood and put out the word that you are looking for nanny. I resorted to pasting notices at lift lobbies.
There is also a website on the mcys website on a coordinating NTUC centre for nanny but so far never managed to get a nanny from them. Either the nanny listed already employed or stay too far away or have dog at home.



u can go to a childcare which is at blk 5 or 6 @ ghim moh.

And i still refused to pull my boi out from his nanny's plc. I even dun mind this nanny helping to look after another baby boi together with my 3yold boy. This nanny kept on complaining abt being tired from looking after one 5mth old boy n one active 3 y old boy. Besides i pay his nanny $550(including food).


am paying 500 for my bb sitter. bb's been wif her since 3mths old. so far, so good. mon - fri (8 - 6pm).


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hello all,

any recommendations for a good and reliable babysitter at yew tew area?

actually my hubby and i are still contemplating whether to get a maid or nanny to help out. i think the charges are abt the same (if i am not wrong) and the plus side for maid is that she can help out with housework..but again, i dont feel safe to leave maid alone with baby at home..


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Hi All,

So let's say if i put my boy for nanny care during the day the rate should be ard $500-$550? I was offer $750. Quite expensive heh? For only mon to fri. No overnight,


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hi all im URGENTLY looking for good nanny staying at fernvale area to look after my 25mth boy, maybe mon to sat, 8am to 8pm. THANKS a lot!!!


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Hello Sherlin,

I think your offer is expensive.
I found my nanny thru an agency (no need to pay agent fees) . The starting rate is $550 and increase $50 when bb is 6mths older ... For only mon to fri 7 plus in morning to 7 plus pm and no overnite.
So far, I am happy with my nanny service.
hi all, i'm stay at TPY central, i am looking for nanny to take care of my 3 months old baby girl for day and nite. Please do let me know if you have any contact. thanks


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Hi all,

I do bbsitting for infants from 2 months onward. I am a 32-yr old mother of 3. And I have also help to bbsit friend bb too! My house is just next to Hougang Green Shopping Mall. Prefer mon - fri day time. You can reach me at 9387 3377


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Any good babysitter to recommend for Yishun area near blk 600+? Please PM me the contact and your experience with the baby sitter. Tks.


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Currently my nanny is charging me $600 per month for my 2yo boy.

I am thinking of going half day CC+ half day Nanny. 1pm to 730pm with dinner. My boy will take the sch bus to her blk so she dun need to go and pick my boy too. Wat's the market rate for such nanny service?

Then next yr fullday CC+2hrs nanny from 6pm - 730pm with dinner. Similarly my boy will take the sch bus thus nanny need not travel at all. Wat's the market rate for this arrangement?

Anyone got experience? pls share.


My gal in CC + 2 hrs nanny from 5.30 - 7.30pm. Nanny charge $250. Previously half day CC and half day nanny and charge is $400. All by school bus to nanny's place.

My fren complain expensive, but I have no choice......not easy to find trustworthy and ok environment.

Hope this helps.


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Hi, I'm looking for nanny for my 3 month old gal,around Tampines St 81. any recommendation or interested Nanny? Pls call me at 90231555. Thanks!


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Hi Jenny sorry can't help you but my previous nanny is looking for a "new" baby. She stays at Lor Lew Lian Her number is 93489881. My girl is now 18 months old and in childcare as the nanny shifted house away from my place. She is very soft spoken and kind.


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Hi I am also looking for nanny to look after my 2 boys. 6 and 7 years old.3-4 days per weekdays only.From 6.30pm to 9.30 pm.West Coast area only. I am studying part time therefore no choice
have to hire 1.Anyone interested call me 98579721


Looking for a FTWM mummy to share in-house experienced babysitter in Tampines St 83/ Pasir Ris, (Mini in-house infant care)

Timeline: Starting from Feb’ 2009
Ratio: 1 Nanny to 2 Babies
Age Range: 3 months – 9months only

I am a FTWM (I have a 4 month old daughter), and am thinking of employing an in-house babysitter (the contact i got has some background in childhood education and she is Chinese, very pleasant lady) to care for my girl. The babysitter will come to my house (Tampines Blk 865) everyday to look after our babies from 8am-7pm (will be flexible) and she'll have to do reading, flashcards and baby chores.

The in-house nanny is charging me roughly $1500 for two babies ($700 x 2 for nanny services, $100 transportation), will not have overtime fee, but I will have to provide for her food during the day (which may be around $50 per month per baby)

Nanny charge does not include:
1. Food/ Formula Milk for Baby
2. Perishables- Diapers, Shampoo, Wet Wipes etc.
3. Washing laundry (which will be done by my maid)
4. Cooking (which will be done by my maid)
5. Sleeping linen and blankets

I have planned up a timetable and will get the nanny to:
1. Make Puree / Vegetable soups until babies ready for porridge
2. Feed formula to a timetable
3. Follow baby routines
4. Shower baby (assisted by my maid)
5. Change baby (assisted by my maid)
6. Play and Sing to a timetable
7. Read and Flashcards to a timetable (English, Math, Chinese)
8. Be on stand-by when we need her for weekends
9. Protect, look after the house and oversee the maid's chore..

I have plenty of toys and books and Glenn Doman Flash Cards (Math, Chinese), if mummies like to bring materials to share, we can plan this into the timetable

We will still need to interview this babysitter before anything. The downside is this babysitter does not speak superb English but she speaks great mandarin, can manage basic Vocab such as ‘shopping’, ‘please finish your food’ etc

Interested mummies, please call me at 81682107 Email: [email protected], my name is Kym. Please note there is only space for one baby, also, we are a simple family and is just looking for someone kind and loving to take care of my daughter, we will try to accommodate any mummy request only to our best abilities, thanks

To let in a bit on my family and our arrangement-

We are a family of 3, and we stay at Tampines St 83, Blk 865, is a 5-room flat, airy and cozy. I am in the Pharma industry, and my husband is a Stock Broker. We have an Indonesian maid who is 32 yrs old, cooks great Chinese food and has children of her own; therefore the maid will provide good help to the babysitter.

The reason I’d like to share this babysitter is so I can share costs, as the babysitter has to come to our place everyday, her rates are more expensive, but she is willing to drop her price if there are 2 babies. We must state that this method is quite unlike the traditional nannies whereby the baby must confine to their lifestyle, as we are hoping the babysitter will engage our babies in play and reading rather than just doing nothing. We are also looking for a mother who is not too fussy, as you would agree that nothing can be perfect

My maid will do the food marketing and the babysitter will not be allowed not bring our children out. As my husband and I are mobile, we will always drop by to check out the babysitter.


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Hi mummies,
I'm urgently looking for someone to take care of my #2 who is 5 months old now. Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm. If you know of a nanny living around Queenstown, Redhill, Telok Blangah, Bukit Merah, or Outram, pls PM me. Thanks!


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I am currently an OL planning to be a SAHM in 2010. I have 3 kids age 11, 9 & 5 this year. I am living in Edgfield Plains (Punggol21). My 2 elder kids are independent and are able to make their ways to/from school and tuition centre by their own. This will leave me ample time to look after newborn or toddler and at the same time, growing together with my 3rd child. Do contact me at [email protected] if you think we are able to work together. Thanks.
Hi! I am looking for a nanny ard Ghim moh/ commonwealth/ queenstown area.. do contact me at [email protected]

I am also considering sending my baby to infant care at ghim moh, but i need someone to pick up the baby at 7pm from the centre, and either hubby or I will fetch baby home from the babysitter's place. Probably just 1-2 hours during evening time.

Who can help me?!


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- Experienced Babysitter -

Chinese speaking.
Non smoking environment.
Residing in marsiling lane.
Interested in helping to look after your child in the vicinity / in my place.
Available immediately.
1 year old and above.

Please contact at 82000661 (no sms) or 65192635. Thank you.


ok...latest i noe...
ranges from $650-$700
solid food mus add another $80-$100

so to afford...haiz