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Premature birth

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by kimmyteo, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. kimmyteo

    kimmyteo New Member

    My sis-in-law gave birth to her baby boy prematurely at 26 weeks. It was unfortunate that her water bag broke, and can't delay the delivery. She delivered at Gleneagles, and now her baby is in NICU. She is not just worried about her baby's health, but also the hospital cost. The PD is a very good doc Dr YY Yip, and it will be good if he can continue to care for the baby, but the cost is really a big concern. For just 10 days, the bill comes up to $15K already! My sis-in-law is left with the option of transfering the baby to a government hospital like KKH or NUH instead. She heard that after the transfer, the government hospital will still charge according to that of private hospital. Is this true? Anyone with premature birth please share with me how you deal with the costs!!

  2. chloegal

    chloegal Member

  3. kimmyteo

    kimmyteo New Member

    Hi Chloegal,

    Thanks so much for referring me to the thread. This website has too many threads, and I could not find any related to premature birth before I posted mine. Really appreciate your response.
  4. kkf

    kkf Active Member

    Hi kimmyteo do join us over at the premature thread. btw, my boy was borned 27 weeks, and was transferred from raffles to kkh.
  5. kimmyteo

    kimmyteo New Member

    kkf, I really need your advice on this thread, as my question is really specific. My sis-in-law went to see MP today to ask if they can pay their gleneagles hospital bill with their medisave but was told that this cannot be helped. They are really very devastated now. How much was your bill at raffles? how long is your boy in raffles before being transferred to kkh? and did you have difficulty paying the sum? The baby is still in gleneagles as they say there isn't any vacancy in KKH or NUH's NICU. Please help me. Thanks.
  6. kimmyteo

    kimmyteo New Member

    kkf, I read the other thread, you mentioned your son was transferred out after 3 days, so you don't have this bill problem. You were also very experienced, having a gynae at KKH and one at Mt E. We are not that experienced and my sis-in-law's premature delivery is really unexpected. I still need advice on the payment from anyone!!
  7. bloom75

    bloom75 Active Member

    kimmy, kkf had just given birth herself. Not sure if she can reply your questions.
  8. gingal

    gingal Member


    you may want to post your concerns at the premature support group thread and see if anyone can answer you. I'm sure there are some mummies who had the same situation also. And yes, kkf has just given birth and unable to answer you so soon. for my case, i admitted myself to kkh as advised by my gynae as we already anticipated my early delivery...
  9. kimmyteo

    kimmyteo New Member

    Bloom and gingal,

    Thank you very much for informing me that kkf has given birth. I will take your advice and post it in the premature support group thread. See you there.
  10. vac

    vac Active Member

    You can transfer to a government hospital, and in fact, the government hospital are better equipt at taking care of premiees, you can apply for the msw and they will take care of it after assessing your situation.
    Do take note, money doesn't matters, the baby does!
    anything money can solve is not a problem.
    Baby is God sent, do not overlook it bacause of money.
  11. noninabebeh

    noninabebeh New Member

    Hi Kimmy Teo,

    Dun know if you still need the say on this. My son was also place in SCN for about 2 weeks, and they charged at $490 per day (this follows the B1 class that i took when i had to stay in the hospital), this is before the govt subsidy. The people in business office of KKH did consult us with regards to the bill as for premature birth, the estimated stay in NICU/SCN is approximately 90 days.

    So she ask if we want to downgrade to C class as the bill size and the govt subsidy is higher. But after calculating both parents income, we do not qualify for the downgrading. So she come up with another alternative that is to appeal. So she refer our case to the MSW.

    Getting the appeal thru is not so simple, they are so many paper works, payslip both parents, current outstanding bills, outstanding loans.. all these are quite tedious. We did ask them that an installment plan can be worked out with the hospital in case we could not pay the sum in full and according to them, yes.. it can be arranged.

    I suppose to deliver at Mount A, and my baby decided to arrive earlier. I never regretted the decision of having to deliver at KKH and having my son at the Special Care Nursery. The service and staff of the hospital are so accomodating and it makes my stay there pleasant.

    I dun think that they will charge according to the private hospital charges. Approach the MSW.
    You can try calling the this number, 63943075.

  12. celineysl

    celineysl New Member

    premature so poorthing baby. but dun worry after baby growth faster den mature baby. my baby also.
  13. babyalice

    babyalice New Member

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