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Pregnant SLE patient

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by suziesan, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. suziesan

    suziesan New Member

    Hi everyone..
    I am new here. Jus found out I was pregnant recently. However I have existing condition called SLE.
    Am wondering if anyone of you come across with this situation or know someone who has this condition and yet pregnant?
    I am worried more than happy after knowing that I'm pregnant.

  2. tuete_cottage

    tuete_cottage Member

    Hi Suzie

    Dont worry, even with SLE, you will still be able to deliver a healthy baby. The most important thing now is to tell your gynae that you have SLE and tell your SLE doc that you are already pregnant so that they could revise your conditions or your medicine as your pregnany progress.

    If this pregnancy is planned when your SLE condition is well controlled, then you shldnt worry to much. Else discuss with your docs

    I have it as well and delivered my bb last nov, now she is 9mths already ^_^ dont worry too much and enjoy your pregnancy.
  3. tuete_cottage

    tuete_cottage Member


    If you need any more info, can PM me. What I can advise you is that speak to your docs soon to discuss the plan ahead. It the best for you and your baby.

    No doubt you will need to undergo more checks to safeguard you and your baby during this pregnancy. All this is worthwhile.

    My doc advise me to chose a hospital gynae under govt subsidised as I will need more checkups and this will keep my unforseen cost to the min
  4. suziesan

    suziesan New Member


    Thank you for replying my post. May I know which gynae you were seeing? How serious is your SLE then? What are the food that you need to take note of?

    I am worried more than happy actually. Going to see gynae next week.
  5. tuete_cottage

    tuete_cottage Member


    Can PM me so that I can reply you by email on the gynae? Tell ur SLE doc as well. Not sure how u measure the seriousness of SLE as my doc said most important is that its under control. I only abstain from raw food and seafood except fish and caffeein
  6. suziesan

    suziesan New Member

  7. fjklrc

    fjklrc Member

    Hi Suzie,
    I am a SLE patient too and my baby is now 18 mths.
    Actually as long as your condition is under control you need not worry too much. I remembered my SLE specialist mentioned that under control would mean that your condition should be stable for at least 6 mths before pregnant.

    Don't stress yourself n worry too much, enjoy your pregnancy and be positive. Jiayou!!!
  8. kittychow

    kittychow New Member

    Hi All,

    I am also new here. I'm so grateful to have pondered on this discussion topic. I also have SLE and would like to plan for a pregnancy hopefully next year when my medications are down. Any recommendations on gynecologists in singapore that specializes in high risk pregnancies for women with our condition? Just wondering if you mummies with this similar condition still working? Fretting if I should continue working if I do really get pregnant.
  9. suziesan

    suziesan New Member

    Was busy with other things and now then manage to reply.
    I am seeing Dr. Eunice Chua at TMC now. She is good as she assures me that if any complication happens, she will refer me to SGH. My hubby has checked that there is a senior consultant in SGH that wil deal with high risk pregnancies.
    Currently I am still working but the workload has become lighter. Has planned to take leave when I am in 3rd trimester cos not advisable to be too tired.
  10. missling

    missling Member

    hello. I am a SLE patient but has already stopped predisolone for abt 1 yr plus.. now i am pregnant and will like to know which gynae to visit so as to monitor both my pregnancy as well as the SLE condition. Thanks!
  11. Agnes Goh

    Agnes Goh Member

    Hi, How do I PM? I am also a SLE patient and currently seeing TAN LAY KOK @ SGH. But his charges are very expensive because I am not under govt subsidized. I am thinking of a solution to reduce cost. Any kind advise?
  12. tuete_cottage

    tuete_cottage Member


    Im seeing the high risk pregnancy clinic in NUH under subsidized rate so as to bring the cost down.
  13. Hi all, I see this thread is old. Just gonna try my luck and see if any of these mommies have proceeded to have babies and how are they now. I’ve done some blood tests and waiting for my results. I am crossing my fingers and hope it comes back clear.

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