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Pregnant and lost, need advice.

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by joanne_, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. joanne_

    joanne_ New Member

    Hi, i was hoping i can get some advice here, ive got nobody that went through what im going through now and ive got nobody to go to for good advice.

    i met my current bf in a club (i know[​IMG] shouldve listened to what people say about guys in clubs) but somehow i thought he was different, he was really sweet,matured.. better then the guys i knew outside of club. things got serious, and after a few months i got pregnant, the day he found out about the pregnancy.. he told me didnt want the kid and told me to abort it. i thought about it real hard and decided that i want to keep the baby, ive always wanted a child just that i didnt expect it to be this soon.

    2 weeks after we found out about the pregnancy, our r/s turned for the worst, there were constant quarrels of our views of the baby, i felt he was forcing me to abort our baby. eventually both of our feelings faded, so im left with myself to raise the baby on my own.

    my parents does not support me on keeping the baby without a marriage and a complete family. Im 22 this year, the guy is 27. Finally came to realize if im raising this kid i can only depend on myself fully for this decision, the problem is im still a student, im currently 10 weeks pregnant, i tried looking for jobs but so far no luck and if ive got a job i can only work for a few months. when the baby is born i dont know how im able to handle a full time job and take care of the baby as well. Im lost[​IMG] i really dont know what to do. but i do know i want the baby. anyone can give me advice?

  2. izah

    izah New Member

  3. blubberish

    blubberish Member

    Are your parents also suggesting that you abort the baby? What are your qualifications?

    As much as you want the baby, you need to consider if you can get support later when the baby is born. As you mentioned, it would be tough to juggle work and care of baby at the same time.

    I don't have an easy solution for you as I can foresee the stresses that you'll be facing from hence forth but I can also understand your desire to keep your baby. The only thing i can suggest is for you to talk to your parents again. Let them know your determination to keep the baby and see if they are willing to support you. If not, you may want to keep your options open, including adoption, as it might be the best for your baby and yourself in the long run.

    Take care ya? I'm sorry I wasn't of much help...
  4. moorspa7

    moorspa7 Member

    Hi Joanne,

    You might want to seek help from the following websites and see if they can offer any advice. It's best that yr parents support you cos it's not easy to raise a child alone. Hope you are able to talk it out with yr parents and get their support. Take care.

  5. aixin

    aixin Member

    Hi Joanne,

    If you are not ready to raise the child up on your own, you may also consider to let someone adopt him/her.

    Abortion maybe an action just to solve the problem temporary. It is bad to you health. A child is a blessing, so many couples wanted a child but cannot have their own.

    So think about it, your child may still be growing up happily if you can find a someone kind and loving to raise him/her up.

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