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Pregnancy Woes + Feelings...

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by Panthera_Tigris, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Panthera_Tigris

    Panthera_Tigris New Member

    Just wondering if any one of u 2019 moms are facing issues such as flu, spotting and intensive work. Haha I was thinking if it is just plain whining and is it the pregnancy hormones making things hard!!

    Please share your tips for dealing with all these. =P

  2. chocolattey

    chocolattey New Member

    Hi there, you are not alone. I fell sick too and not wanting to take any medications and just let the bod try to recover by itself was slow and extremely tiring.
    Yes the hormonal changes certainly changes all your mood too. Staying positive helps and if you feel uneasy abt the spotting, you should consult your dr soon.
  3. Ayn

    Ayn New Member

    Hi im new here... Currently im 2 weeks late with 2 negative test..
    No sore boobs but constant cramps headaches and nausea(no vomitting)
    Should i wait another week or go see doctor??
  4. Panthera_Tigris

    Panthera_Tigris New Member

    Thank you for your reply, it is definitely comforting knowing that I am not alone =0). The spotting stopped.. thank god and Kudos to all moms who have been through this.
  5. Panthera_Tigris

    Panthera_Tigris New Member

    what pregnancy test are u using?
  6. Ayn

    Ayn New Member

    One is clear blue and the other just a cheap one from watsons
    Anyway.... I just did a bloodtest today,wont get results till 2 days time...
  7. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    hi Panthera Tigr,

    I had been seraching for similar symptoms like mine and i happened to see yours. I am glad that your spotting had stopped. :) I hoping mine too.

    I am feeling rather low as i had been spotting since 4 weeks till now almost 6 weeks. Currently, on bedrest and duphaston 3 times daily.

    Can you share with me how long is your bleeding or spotting? what is the colou like? Mine is brownish and yesterday a tiny dot of red. I know it is not good and I am not hopeful but i just prayed hard for things ro be better.

    Started a thread without seeing your first. Wonder is there any mummies who are facing such woes?

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