Pregnancy after bariatic/weight loss/gastric sleeve/VSG surgery?


Hi all

I am wondering if there are any mothers/mothers-to-be who went thru bariatic/weight loss/gastric sleeve/VSG surgery?

I tried to search in several forums but there don't seem to be much info.
If there is any existing or past thread on this topic, kindly refer me as I was unable to find any.

Would like to ask and check how your pregnancy went?
Any complications during pregnancy and delivery?
Did you get any maternity insurance etc?
Which gynae and hospital did you go to?
Did you go back to the hospital where you had your bariatic surgery?
Did you continue to meet your bariatic doctors/team?

Hope to hear from you!


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My sister In law after birth just went through a weight management program. Surprised did not see any saggy skin and muscle firmed up.