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Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by kidsof2, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I'm a regular customer of balinese traditional massage located Old Upper Thomson Road. I love the place alot.. As a member i enjoy disc for massage which is 1hr - $36 regardless weekend or weekday. They also provide post natal massage to ur home which is $440 for 7 sessions. I spent weeks to try diff person to see which lady suits me and i realise IBU noor is not bad. (massage breast, tummy and lin pa too)

  2. babylow78

    babylow78 New Member

    may i have the address, please? i am keen...
  3. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    babylow: can't pm u?
  4. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    Recently trying pre-natal massage.. hee* will keep everyone update again.
  5. jan_hangs

    jan_hangs New Member

    i giving birth on oct can i knoe more abt the post natal massage...any recommen??
  6. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    i haf one which i tried after giving birth (which very good many of my frens say i really slim down alot) but i haven't got chance to get her yet so i'm trying others first.
  7. cheryl_toh

    cheryl_toh New Member

    wow..that's tempting but i have someone to massage me right on my bed... hehehe

    she does full body massage at $68 per hour.. you should try her..

    call her at 92382825
  8. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    Just wanna update
    so far i have tried
    Mdm nadia: rate is $50 pre natal
    Mona: rate is $35 pre natal
    Everything included like Trpt etc
  9. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    mona does post natal or not? how much including transport? use what sort of oil? thhks!
  10. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    yup.. i nv ask wad kinda of oil, shld be essential oil.
  11. jenifur

    jenifur Active Member

    <font face="Book Antiqua"> <font color="0000ff">Vivienne,

    are you talking about the Heritage of Javanese Massage located next to the UOB bank?</font></font>
  12. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    For every mummies info..
    The massage that i tried recently is all come to ur hse to provide svc (transport, massage oil etc) not from any (massage) shop.
  13. excite

    excite New Member


    You tried Mona for post natal massage? Is she good?
  14. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    I haven't tried post natal yet.. Giving birth this oct.
  15. suesue

    suesue New Member

    May i recommend a pre & post natal lady.
    Name: Liz
    Age :40+
    Figure:Slim like w/o 3 kids.
    Service: Excellent, she will bring her own Massage Bed.
    I have been doing wif her for my 1 & 2.
    Now i m on my 3 EDD Early Jan08.
    for more info, email to suesueliam2@yahoo.com
  16. ck80

    ck80 New Member

    Dear all,
    My massage lady is very friendly and easy going. She did my post-natal for me and I still get her to massage for me even till now(at least once a month). Her service includes aroma oil, sliming cream, bind(optional), a session of body scrub, head to toe massage for post natal. She does pre-natal massage as well. She can also do ear-candle cleaning(er zhu), normal massage and foot reflex at additional charge. Can ask her to ur place or u can go to her place. Her charges is $50/1.5hr. Pls take note that she dun massage for MALE. Int, pls pm me.
  17. jynnsan

    jynnsan New Member

    Hi Chanechane,
    Am keen to have her number, please email to jynnsan@yahoo.com.sg, tried to PM you but not successful
  18. babystash

    babystash Member


    i have a vr good aunthetic javanese indo massage lady to recommend, pm me for her contact if ur interested

    Postnatal massage package
    $500 for 10 session, each session is 1.5 hrs or
    $400 for 10 session, each session is 1 hr

    all package inclusive of :
    -full body massage with special blend massage oil
    -tummy jamu wrap with free BN binder
    -free one time whole body scrub
  19. piggyclaudia

    piggyclaudia New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I would like to recommand my post natal massage lady Maya Sari.She is very professional,it just like u r doing own slimming in yr home.She Brin her massage bed to do massage for you to make u feel cmfortable &amp; her magic hand get rid of water in my stomach &amp; i m amaze by her as she show me the pool of water in my stomach &amp; during my 4th daE SHE HELP ME REMOVE LUMP OF BIG CLOT OF BLOOD IN MY WOMB &amp; i had to rush to the toilet to prevent dips on the floor &amp; my husband gt to mop the floor for me.I had got back to my pre-pregancy shape within 4 day.My husband n i r very grateful to her.

    Mummy out there if u all r dying to get bk into shape after pregancy pls try Maya Sari.Her nos is 94767836 &amp; her blog is Maya-sari-massage.blogspot.com

    Or u all could email me at piggyclaudia@hotmail.com i could tell u all the whole prodcere.Gteed No Regret
  20. pennychan

    pennychan New Member

    hi ladies.

    i used origins jamu massage. i tried their service after my friend recommendation. she help me with my blocked ducts as i had difficult latching my baby. like the hot stone compres. more effective than i use hot towel. she gave me tips what to eat and how to slim faster.... very nice lady!!

    their website is www.originsjamumassage.blogspot.com
  21. yoyo80

    yoyo80 New Member

    Hi Sue,
    Can I have contact number of Liz?
    Thanks =)
  22. fabbie

    fabbie Active Member

  23. sulis84

    sulis84 New Member


    Are you still looking for post and pre natal massage ? Perhaps you want to try Mdm Naini. She offer traditional indonesian massage with herbal. Will PM you for details, whether you want to know more and hope it help..
  24. diana11

    diana11 New Member

    For those who need post-natal massage:--->
    I would like to highly recommend my massage lady, Ms Shima.
    After only 3 days, my tummy size has reduced alot and i lost 3kg! She uses massage oil and jamu for massage and does the binding for the tummy.
    You can contact her at 82226593 (Shima)
    She charges $460 (7 sessions), $640 (10 sessions), price is very reasonable.
    For more information, please private message me.
  25. vixen_mum

    vixen_mum New Member

    Hi mummiess....

    looking for malay traditional massage lady?...call: mas (9006 8026)

    for traditional malay post-natal massage: every session has full body massage,

    and stomach wrapping..except on the last day of the session..she dont do the wrapping..

    in any case if mummies has blocked milk ducts, she will help clear blocked ducts as well..

    also help u to bath ur baby if no one to assist u and teach you how to do very mild massage

    your baby incase stomach bloated..

    for post-natal($50) 1 1/2hrs,no extra charges for the wrapping cloth..

    last day of the post natal session, you only pay ($40) due to she need to collect back the cloth and
    dont do the stomach wrapping..

    also do pre natal 1 1/2hrs($40) and normal massage 1 1/2hrs($40)..

    no tpt charges islandwide and no hidden cost..

    3days post natal massage packages: $140
    5days post natal massage packages: $240
    7days post natal massage packages: $340
    10days post natal massage packages:$490
  26. rima

    rima New Member

    hi mummy, i would like to recommend my massage lady, i been use her service at last 7years, she offering tradisional javanes relaxing massage,pre and post natal massage,she help u to bath yr baby as well.s$50 for at last 1 to 2hr.her name is jenny and her contact no is 83305461. sacrifice guaranty.

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