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Postnatal massage lady to recommend?

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by koms20, May 15, 2012.

  1. koms20

    koms20 Member


    care to share contacts and experiences with postnatal massage ladies? what do they include?

  2. xuanyao

    xuanyao New Member

    Aunty sadiah 97724579
    Massage for about 75 mins with herbal wrap.
    House visit. Cheap and good at 50.
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  3. cindy84

    cindy84 New Member

    I got one maybe you can try her name is Joanna
    She is very good you can ask her all the detail
    Her contact number is 97669392
  4. cindy84

    cindy84 New Member

    Hi komathi

    I got One is very good she doing very well maybe you can try to contact her can ask her the detail she will example to you
    Her name is Joan the number is 97669392
  5. missysher

    missysher New Member

    Hi komathi

    Here is one of the best, she does home service and will bring a massage bed to your place


    Her name is Daphine Lim contact number 81337028
  6. llb

    llb New Member


    I used Mdm Naini for my previous 2 pregnancies and now am unable to contact her for my 3rd. Anyone knows if her number has changed?

    Also anyone heard abt Mdm Ida or have feedback abt her?
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  7. cheahbaby

    cheahbaby New Member

    hi i am looking for this last amijan anyone know her no? i used to use her on my 1 and 2nd pregnancy i lost her no
  8. 1st_baby

    1st_baby New Member

    hello..for post and pre-natal, you can try Mdm Layla. she has done massage for over 10 yrs and very very good! press on the points and even stretched my back for me! she would bring the portable massage bed and ask you to choose which oil u prefer. coz i dont like any smell on my body i choose the oil which has no smell. haha.. i still call her whenever my body ache [​IMG] She charged 5 days for $300. 1 hr 15min massage and body wrap.
  9. justone7378

    justone7378 Member

    hi Sarah

    do u have her Mdm Layla contacts? PM me if u prefer. Thks!
  10. paris_baby

    paris_baby New Member

    You can look for Hazizah. Her no. is 98451058. She is good and i like her concentration during massaging. I used her for my 2nd pregnancy. When i am back to my office after my maternity leave, my colleagues was saying i slimmed down alot esp on the tummy area.
  11. xta

    xta Member

    Mummies can try this: helping my ex colleague to post:

    Post Natal Massage: $50-$60 for 70 minutes of full body massage with additional 10 mintues of tummy wrap (berngkong). Certified Masseur with 10 years experience. Please call Dolly Lim, 9873 2936, for more information.
  12. scorpiomummy

    scorpiomummy New Member

    Hi ladies

    Delivered my 2nd bb in March. My massage lady was Mdm Zarinah- hp 91235414. $500 for 7 days. It'll be much cheaper if u take 1 mth, cost ard $1.3-1.4k (can't remember exactly how much but its ard dat price). She brought along her portable sauna. Before starting d massage, i sat in d sauna 1st until i sweat like hell. She used massage oil n slimming cream for d massage. Some parts of my body had lots of "wind" especially my calves n beside my knees so whenever she massaged those areas, it was painful. But overall her massage was really good. She even massaged my head n face. She also provided jamu (u can choose powder or pill) n "peles" for d forehead. D way she wrapped d "bengkung" (tummy binder) was also good, really tight. My freaking flabby tummy did shrink. D sauna + slimming cream + confinement food, i lost 2.5kg in dat 7 days. I highly recommend her, she's friendly too.
  13. graceloh

    graceloh New Member

    may try traditional & holistic postnatal centre as I got their service after my delivery. website jamumassage.com. Many frens had their breast massage done their boss too and help to increase milk supply.
  14. adlinzul

    adlinzul Member

  15. piorpy

    piorpy New Member

    Hi Sarah, can provide me mdm layla's contact?
    Can PM me if you like.
  16. cocoon83

    cocoon83 New Member

    Hi, My ex-colleague use Ms Ida 91514757 as her post-natal massage for 5 days. Highly recommended by my ex-collegue! You will have to check her availability as she's often booked in advance. She does pre-natal as well (4 months onward). I will try the pre-natal massage once I get to 4 months.. only 10 weeks at the moment! Best to try out the masseuse and their massages before the post-natal!
  17. Averie

    Averie Member

    How early do we need to book postnatal massage lady?
  18. khairiana

    khairiana New Member

    Hi, i would recommend mdm emma @ 91822373. She do full body massage. If you have blocked milk ducts, she will help clear them. She also does tummy wrap to make tummy slimmer after pregnancy. After my first baby, my friend recommended her to me because she used her services during her pregnancy too. Really very good I would say. You can also have a trial period of 1-2 days to see if suitable.
  19. khairiana

    khairiana New Member

    And btw, mdm emma can come to your house without extra charges...
  20. justone7378

    justone7378 Member

    khariana, what is her charges may I ask? [​IMG]
  21. mimimi

    mimimi Member

    For both my pregnancies, I engaged Auntie Sadiah Contatc No : 97724579. She is really good...She does full body massage, I am able to sleep better at night after the massages. She can also help to massage your breasts to help clear blocked milk ducts. Thumbs up for her service!!
  22. yallo

    yallo Active Member

    Hi I used Mdm Eja after I delivered in Nov '11 and found her quite good. She's a nice, quiet lady, very punctual. If you intend to breastfeed she will help to do hot stone massage on your breasts to clear blocked ducts, very shiok :p Her contact is 84394351.
  23. mandy1220

    mandy1220 New Member

    hi Sarah

    do u have Mdm Layla contacts? Can you PM me if u prefer. Thks!
  24. staphy

    staphy Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Can PM Mdm Layla's contact? Thank you!
  25. celin

    celin New Member

    Hi Sarah,
    can pm me Mdm Layla's contact? tks.
  26. Averie

    Averie Member

    When do we need to book postnatal massage lady? I am about week 20 now.
  27. faith_wong

    faith_wong New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Does anyone have Mdm Layla's contact number? Many thanks.
  28. rbbaby

    rbbaby Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Can you PM Mdm Layla's contact? Thank you!
  29. annetay

    annetay New Member

    Hi mummies, could try traditional holistic postnatal centre. had their service for my two girls and few of my frens had their service too. website jamumassage.com
  30. faith_wong

    faith_wong New Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Am hoping to hire Mdm Layla as well, could you kindly PM Mdm Layla's contact? Many many thanks!
  31. jewelchia

    jewelchia New Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Kindly PM Mdm Layla's contact? Many many thanks!
  32. baobei_han

    baobei_han New Member

    Hi mummies.
    Have anyone engage postnatal massage from BabiesBellies Javanese Massage or Origins Jamu Massage? Any feedback? Thanks! [​IMG]
  33. ian3105

    ian3105 Member

    can you PM mdm layla's contact?
  34. holiday005

    holiday005 New Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Can you PM me mdm Layla's contact?
    Thanks a lot
  35. babydreamer

    babydreamer New Member


    Can someone PM me mdm layla's contact?
  36. lilash

    lilash Member

    Anyone can advise mdm Layla's contact? I need a massage lady desperately!
  37. mel_chen

    mel_chen New Member

    Hi ladies! May I have Mdm Layla's contact as well?
  38. existence

    existence New Member

    Hi all,

    May I have Mdm Layla's contact as well?
  39. angiemomtobe

    angiemomtobe New Member

    Can i have Mdm Layla's contact as well?
  40. jungle

    jungle Active Member

    Hi, can I have Mdm Layla's contact number ?
  41. rachelcheng

    rachelcheng Member

    I have tried Emma 91822373 too. She is really good as I love her massage strokes. My belly really becomes smaller after she helped me massage. She is so nice that she knows I do not wish to break the massage due to hari raya and she specially made a trip down so that I can have a full stretch of consecutive massage I chose her instead of her sis ida and no regrets!
  42. norakea

    norakea New Member

    Hi mummies/daddies
    we cater to pre and post natal massages.
    Malay experienced therapist from spa.
    Malay traditional massages wz binding.
    Confinement cooking avail too.
    We cater weigtloss TRA and anti aging products. Best sellers in Singapore! Distributor for NUSKIN
    do add me on fb so u can see the testimonials and packages offered.
    facebook : Nora Kea
    contact wadsapp / sms : 85187739
  43. decembersag

    decembersag New Member

    Hi Puppy26,
    You tried mdm emma for post-natal?
  44. mtb13

    mtb13 New Member

    Hi, Anyone has Zie Aziz'S contact??? I have difficulties pm her on facebook..
  45. decembersag

    decembersag New Member

    Hi Anne,

    Do you hve any bad experience from Traditional & Holistics ml? Like coming late or something?

    How would u rate their service?
  46. jo_malone

    jo_malone New Member

    Can someone pls pm me mdm Layla no.

    Thank you
  47. babydreamy

    babydreamy New Member

    dear all. hope you can pm/ post mdm layla hp number ? thanks [​IMG]
  48. mylaalaaland

    mylaalaaland New Member

    Can someone pls post me mdm Layla no. ... thanks!
  49. cynthia1981

    cynthia1981 New Member

    Hi Sarah,can u PM me Mdm Layla's contacts?
  50. zachalexis

    zachalexis New Member

    Has anyone tried this lady, Mdm Zarina for post natal massage? I just got her for a pre natal massage yesterday, she claims all the products she used are home made, right down to the oil she used for massaging. I'm thinking of engaging her, but she is quite expensive I think. 7days @$560. Would like to ask for more comments/reviews if any.

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