Post Natal Massage - Anyone Tried Babies Bellies?


I like to check if anyone tried Babies Bellies post natal massage? They seem to be quite new in the market but package price and details seem very interesting and affordable.

Any comments?


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Hi mich,
Seem like never heard their company name b4. Mind was done by malayheritage massage and very satisfied with their service.Few of my office fren have tried their service and give gd feedback.Find their price quite reasonable.They even got hotstone service in their package that they use to compress on tummy & breast and its really work that after sessions my milk flow have a better letdown. Mayb you can try and visit our website


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babies bellies is from where? do they have a shop ? i have never heard before.

my massesue is from origns jamu. very professional and for their services, i dun mind to pay even more. i booked during their promo . you can see their site whether got any promo if your budget is tight.
Don;t mind if im just asking about Babies Bellies?

And SUE, you are just posting onbehalf of ur company...

Look at how you type, "visit out website" doesn't that give u away?

Here like alot of fakies... URGH!


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u r so alert yet funny... thumbs up !
i m delivering this wed - 1 apr, still havent decide which massage lady to engage as mine will be cs.

have a nice day.

I'm delivering this mid of May... Same here, have not decided which one to engage...

Oh, why CS, why dun wanna go by natural?

Thanks... And you too...


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You find a good massage lady?
I'm also delivering this mid of May. Same here, have not decided which ML to engage..



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Hi Mich, i'm delivering mid-May also and I'd signed up a package with Babies Bellies (7days). dunno how they are in terms of massage but went to their shop before, not bad. am thinking of trying their pre-natal massage before i give birth. i think i trust those with a shop front better than freelancers.
Hi Grace & Tiny M,

Have not found a massage lady yet. All my frens who delivered b4 all tell me thier massage lady no good...

I thought of giving Babies Bellies a try... I also wanna try for their pre natal massage too...
I've been doin pre natal massages, so far so good..

Yup, I think the price quite reasonable. I actually called in to check. their transport ranging from $5 to $10.

The lady boss seems to be very friendly, I think maybe I will make a trip down to have a look.
Just to share,

I visited Babies Bellies today. I tired the pre natal massage. Not bad for a start.

Must comment the lady boss, she really very friendly. I signed up a 10 day package with them for post natal. So looking forward to it!


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I am looking for a ML as well. How much it cost you for 10 days package that you have signed up? Mind to share?
Hi yanqiu,

My EDD is on 21st May.

I'm not sure how their post natal is like, but Tiny M's fren tried and said not bad.

And yesterday I was there to do my pre-natal.
I had a chat with the lady boss, from what I see, though her company is new in the market but her therapists are not, her therapists are all very experienced with pre and post natal.

Though the pre-natal on the ex side. But post natal, I really think its reasonable lor. Bcoz you see if its free-lance massage lady, also about the same price. Further theirs is company, so in a way must have service mah, if nt ruin the company's name how?

You can visit their website and have a look. They can explain to you further.
Hi Audrey,

For the 10 day package is $500. The lady boss explain to me depending on location, the transport varies but definitely within $5 to $10 per trip. So that means u might expect it to be $600 in total.

Base on my scenario: my this 10 day package comes with free 1 body scrub and 1 steam bath. So she say better to at her spa.

I will be paying $500 plus ($7(transport) x 8days). That means total I will pay $556 include transport.

I will be giving 1 session to my hubby to do together at her spa, as her package is flexible.

That means my 1 massage + body scrub + steam bath and giving 1 massage to my hubby all do at her spa.

Urm, hope my explanation clear. I see until I oso abit blur.

You may want to call her? or visit their website...


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hi *MiCh*,
Thanks for sharing!
Wow, that's reasonable. I have browse through the service and price from various sites this afternoon, some even hit $1200 for 10 sessions.

There are so many massage services out there to compare and make me confuse too!
Hopefully I am able to digest all the information before my baby pop out.


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Hi Audrey,
Me also confuse to choose which massage lady to serve me for my postnatal massage till my CL lady recommend me Mdm Suriyah frm Malay Heritage Jamu Massage. She say that few of her clients was serve by her. And I agree with my CL as I feel more energetic and relax after my sessions. As my CL says that frm her experience that when some of her clients have their postnatal massage, the therapist either look not experience the way they do the massage or as young as 30yrs old. I feel very comfortable with Mdm Suriyah and when she heard my bb crying, she can know that its due to colics. She help me to massage my bb and my bb sleeps very well after the massage. I think we should get experience therapist to serve us during our confinement. Thank to my Cl lady.

No worries!

I saw the therapists this company has. And they assure me they will not get those young ones to serve. I dun think I have any worries. Because the lady boss also mother of 4. So should be fine.

Dina, how come I always see you posting about Maly Heritage Jamu Massage only. I went thru all the threads regarding post natal in this forum to get better info b4 I take up any post natal. And looks like you everytime post the same thing in most of the threads. You sound like a fake customer of your own company just like Sue...

Anyway, I have also done my own survey regarding post natal. This are all the sites I have visited. So far some prices I think quite ex bcoz since they are free lance, why still so ex? But of coz some are reasonable.

My 2 cents worth. i should change this title of this thread to which post natal is recomended? Hehe

These are some of the sites i came across. Perhaps you all just wanna go check out yourself...

Sorry, I condemn origins jamu massage and malay heritage massage bcoz seems like alot of testi and comments posted in such a short while about this 2 companies after they were introduce to this forum so I just find it fishy and abit fake to be frank.



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hi *MiCh*,

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks for all your effort to consolidate all the solid info for us to refer!

Appreciated and loved it so much!

No worries. Its my pleasure... Anyway I started a thread about beware of post natal companies cheats...

Wonder should we just post everything there and let the others beware of them...


Hi Mich,

Can check, is this Ivy of compassvale massage good? I got a ML called Ivy for my #1, and not too good. Chinese lady, and 40+ and a bit cross-eyed... Thanks! :D

For her $38, is it with transport etc??
Hi Lil Jade,

Her prices does not include transport. I find her quite good. The price reflected is to do the massage at her place.


Hi mich & ladies,
My edd date is Aug 09.
I am looking for a Post natal massage.
I am also confused by the thread of Malay Heritage Jamu Massage & Origins Jamu Massage.
can anyone help me to clear my mind on who to choose?
Hi Shizuka gal,

If I am you I won't choose any of these 2. Bcoz I find the so called testis n nice comments given are all fake. Go thru the threads and you know what I mean...
Hi Shizuka gal,

I took up a 10 days post natal package with Babies Bellies. I went to try out their pre-natal the other day and even have a chat with the lady boss for very long.

So after chatting, I find their company reliable and decided to go ahead with them and the lady boss assure me she will get someone to cater to my needs too.

you can go check out their website

You can read the above post I posted...


Hi Mich,

Thanks for the reply. Uhh.. so she is not cross-eyed huh?? Hehe... wait i meet my nightmare ML again! So is her place decent and ok?? stripping in someone's home, i a bit paiseh.. :p
Lil Jade,

No prob... Urm, i nvr notice n i dun think she is... This Ivy use to work in Philip Wain. Her place dun worry, quite comfy... Yup, definitely decent


HI mich,
I decided to choose my colleague's ML - Mas. Also recommedation by SMH-mummy.
But also thinkg to try babies bellies pre-natal massage; i think my legs are abit swollen.
Hi shizuka gal,

Good for you... At least got ppl u noe to recommend, better...

Actually if legs swollen, drink more water it helps... Thats what I did...


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Hi Mich,
I also signed up with Babies Bellies for 7 session. So looking forward to it.

The lady boss is nice..
Hi Grace,

Yes, I agree... She is really nice. She even wanna give me a lift home as she stays near me but I told her that its alright.


Hi Mich,

Thanks! I'll be seeing my gynae in 2 weeks time then once he Ok it, I'll go book with Ivy. :D

Oh, I was at Amore the other day (was shopping and curious so went in), the rate for prenatal massage is $98/hr!!!! and if package for 15x then can become $60+.. Geez!!!! So exp.. I had to fight to get ot of the consultant's claws!!!

BTW, i know it may be unrelated, but is there any good recommendation for pre-natal yoga?? Thanks!
Hi Lil Jade,

No prob! How lon is your pregnancy now? Normally ppl will recommend to go when you are 4 to 5 mths pregnant and above.

Yup, I went to Amore b4. Their sales consultant will try their best to squeeze u dry but lucky both of us never fall into their trap. Its really ex, bcoz we pay for their advertising, rental etc...

For pre natal yoga, I am not to sure den... Bcoz I never try it b4...B4 pregnancy, I use to do yoga once a while den I stopped...


HI Mich,

I'm now 19 weeks, and aching all over.. so I'll buzz Ivy once gynae ok all. No worries about the yoga, I'll source around a bit more.

Thanks for your help! :D


Hi all, if u are still looking, I would recommend my massage lady Milah. She lives in the East but travels to Woodlands and even Jurong West.

My son is already 5 months but I am still engaging Milah to massage me once every month ($40 only).
She goes on for 1-1.5 hour and sometimes goes beyond 2 hours if my body has more 'knots'. No extra overtime charge.

Her fees for post-natal is $50 with tummy binding which I felt was good considering my tummy went down within 3 days.
After the 1st session, she will see condition and advise if need to massage 3 or 5 days more. No need for package and no hard selling from her. Just pay her after each session. Always punctual and never stingy with her massages and advice.

She doesn't chat on the hp during massage sessions. And also she doesn't burp loudly like some massage ladies do!

Most importantly, she limits herself to 2 house calls per day to give full attention & strength to her clients. In that way, she is never in a rush to leave and able to give extra massage time if it is required.

If u need her contact, do PM me directly as i do not check this thread often.


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i have tried the babies bellies - pre natal massage

very superficial one... no effect of relief tireness at all.disappointed...i actually end up more aching...maybe the posture we lie down while doing massage is uncomfortable.

I pay for 69.90 for scrub & pre natal massage its state 90mins, but acual massage only last 1hr..
for the service & standard i get the price of 69.90 is overprice.

they seems to have only one massue only... very young & no experience kind.

i wonder their post natal is good though?

hope they pickup their skill... as the lady boss Ally is nice and give & share advise.

You can let the person know to use more strength. Its the young malay girl you use right? If its her, its the same as me. I told her to use more strength and I found it good for me. My massage is 1 hour but I had it for more then an hour!

I dunno how come you face such unpleasant experience.


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til i tell the person wat to do , u mean i have to teach her how to massage me? i tot she the therapy not me wo..

pre natal to destress tireness areas for preggie mummies mah. and they are suppose to be expert .

anyway , they only have one & only malay massage girl anyway. no one else to choose. the rest are for post natal who go to home one...

my massage last less then 1hr.. anybody else try babies bellies?


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Hi flower,
prenatal massage should be done atleast after 6mth onward and it should be done by someone experience. A fren of mine went to a spa and she got shock to see a young girl abt 25yrs old to serve her for her prenatal and cancel her session at last. I dont mind to pay more to get someone experience rather than got problem after that. I had my prenatal done by Mdm Rokiah before and feel very comfortable with her. Lot of advise and she is very experience with her service. Even advise me to compress my leg always as I got bad cramps every nite and its really helps.

Huh? Why u so work up? I didn't say you have to teach the person what to do... I just said if you needed more strength, jus tell her.

Every place that I go for massage, its common for a customer to tell the massage person to add more strength if he or she finds that the strenth is not enough what. Even the massage lady also will ask what.

Again, if you are not happy then why never complain to their boss instead of fuming over here?

Huh? When I was there I saw a few ladies. Perhaps I was more lucky then you?


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Hi mummiess....

if u r looking for massage lady... can look for ida (9424 9829)
she is very good and very dedicated massage lady...
every session has full body massage, breasts massage and also charcoal thingy which will help to heal and most imptly, TIGHTENING ur v area....
she will do e wrapping for ur tummy at e end of every session.
in any case if mummies has blocked milk ducts, she'll help clear blocked ducts as well..

her charges is $50 per session and she dun charge tpt no matter which part of sg u stay..
she also include body scrub as well...

she is really friendly lady and i really recommend u to try her if u r looking for a massage lady..

meanwhile.. mummies... enjoy ur pregnancy and enjoy ur couplehood time w ur hubby!!
rest more and be active to have a fast delivery!! :D


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huh, do i sound angry? i jus pointing out only, noting too personal.

why shld i complaint to the boss and spoilt pple rice bowl?
if we customer feel disappointed jus dun go back lor. why mus complaint to the boss ?!

forum is the place to share personal experience.


Dunno leh. Yup, u sound quite angry.

Complaint is jus a form of feedback so that the staff can improve what...

Its like if you have a maid, she do wrong thing or she never do thing properly, then if you dun scold or feedback to her, will she ever improve?