Poor OSCAR Results - Very Worried


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Hi MTB, just to share my experience with all. When I was 16wks preg with my 2nd child. I failed my blood test, high chance of down. Nonetheless, I was so worried that I cried for a few days, what's worst that hubby didn't allow me to do amino. However, I was hesitant too, as it will be a 2-3wks of wait, it's way too long for an anxious mother. So I went online search high and low abt the risk of this amino test and what else can be done. And so i found professor Mahesh from the web. We immed made a appt with him for consultation. Prof told me about flash fish, a test which enable me to know my 1st results in 24hrs, 2nd results in 48hrs and 3rd results in a wk! Of course I went ahead with it approve by my hub. Indeed, my results came out in 24hrs. It did some assurance to me.



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Hi All,

I'm 30 years old. I had my OSCAR last week @ TMC, the NT scan was normal, all nice... but the T21 result is 293, which supposed to be above 300, and the rest T18 and T13 were allright. My gynae reccomend me to do amnio, but i chose to do the 2nd blood test 1st before going for amnio. Has anyone done 2nd blood test for OSCAR? mind to share pls?





I had the same prob as you, NT scan normal but t21 was 1:35 overall risk. I wanted to go for a second blood test but was advised against it by more than 1 gynae. We did seek a second/3rd opinion. Apparently there will be not much of a diff.



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Hi Puteh,

I got my result out today and it's a normal and healthy baby girl..the amnio test itself is really painful, sharp pain. I couldnt handle it well. I dont like needle at all. I heard mostly amnio test result will come out normal, so dont worry. I my self was very worried, couldnt sleep well and cried almost every night.

and the 2nd test was diff from OSCAR blood test and the accuracy is lesser, so i dont see any point of testing it.

Good Luck....



Thank you Bie. I am so happy for you and your baby gal!

I did a genetic Scan with Dr ananda at Camden. And he could not detect any soft markers for trisomy 21. So our odds have been adjusted to 1:100.



Dear rubby,

the gyna called my hubby on last friday and told us the bb boy is fine. Praise the LORD. As my risk is high for trisomy 21 based on oscar (its 1:28), the fast track result is based on trisomy 21/18/13. the report shows baby is fine.

as for the amino test, it was really fast. I kept praying all the way and just closed my eys tight.

Right now, I am into my 17 weeks and 31 years old.

i can understand the worrying feeling even though at times we feel confident and peace but somehow the worrying will strike us now and then. do reach out to me anytime.

by the way, how much did u pay for the amino?

i paid about 1250 (exclude GST).

your baby will be fine..GOD will bless ur baby...


Hello Mommies, i hope you're all doing good.

I was very grateful with this forum. It really helps me after reading your testimony regarding about the OSCAR BAD RESULT.

Last january 2021 i received my Oscar Result. As a frist time mom I was worried with my baby. I'm 28 years old and i did my screening test when i was 12 weeks and 5 days.

This are the following information:


Background risk: 1:791

both T13 & T18 are both low risk except with T21. I did my screening test at Thomson Medical Centre. My OB didn't discuss about my blood result, so she adviced me to go for Amniocentesis. But me and my husband decided not to go fo Amnio infact we're waiting my 20 weeks Fetal Anomaly Scan and this time my OB change to NUH insted of TMC.