Poor OSCAR Results - Very Worried


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Hi Poppy79

My case is same as you, but can not remember the ratio. As I read frm the forum previously, most of the baby turn out normal after the amnio test. Of course my baby also healthy and cute [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif], now she already 8 mths.

Anyway, i can understand you will still worry until you get yr amnio result. Btw, the amnio test also not pain, although i so scare before i do it.

all the best



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Hi Yippy,

thank you so much for the prompt response. I really appreciate your inputs. i have been praying for strength and that the bb will turn out healthy. I am glad you understand that getting worried is still part of the routine. i am schedule to go for the test next wed and the gyna said they will be able to release the fast track result by sat to me (since my ratio is real bad at 1:28). every day i have been praying and staying positive for the baby so that he will be a happy baby in my womb.

thank you



Dear Poppy

I have bad result for my triple test and was scheduled for my detail scanning and amino. But I will only get my result in the next 3 weeks. I have been worrying everyday and praying that my baby is okay.



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Dear Rubie,

I can understand how are you feeling as deep in our heart, we hope and pray that our baby is healthy. We will pray and go through this. How many weeks are you now? when is your gyna performing the amino test?



Hello Poppy

I have done my amino on Wednesday and detailed scan on Tuesday. Result will only be out in another 3 weeks. Have u done your amino? U opt for instance result right ?

Hope everything will turn out well...



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Hello rubie,

I have done my amino as well on wednesday morning. Fast track result will be out for tomorrow. Detailed result will be out in 16th march. The amino test was fast and i kept praying so dont feel the pain.

Now it is the waiting moments that keep us anxious. I have been praying and praying. Really hope the report will turn out fine and healthy.

its pretty scary to wait for the incoming call from the clinic to hear the result.

By the way, how old are you this year?

May GOD bless both of us...AMEN



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My blood test result was 1:59 for down syndrome. I went for Amnio last week and my baby boy is fine =)

I hope this will encourage all worried mothers because I know how it feels!

The Amnio test will feel like a regular injection. To make things easier for myself during Amnio, I closed my eyes and thought of all the cute baby videos I saw on youtube. The actual procedure just takes about a minute. Hope this helps!



Hello Poppy

How was your result!! Hope is good news.

For me, the clinic recommended me to wait for 3 weeks as they do not provide fast track result.

Amino is fast but very scary and stressful experience.

I'm in into my 21wks and 32 yrs old this yr. I've done my detailed scan on Tuesday and my baby is progressing well.

How old are you? How many weeks are u now?

Our days seem very long for these few weeks.

Hope all will be well and finally over.



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Dear rubby,

the gyna called my hubby on last friday and told us the bb boy is fine. Praise the LORD. As my risk is high for trisomy 21 based on oscar (its 1:28), the fast track result is based on trisomy 21/18/13. the report shows baby is fine.

as for the amino test, it was really fast. I kept praying all the way and just closed my eys tight.

Right now, I am into my 17 weeks and 31 years old.

i can understand the worrying feeling even though at times we feel confident and peace but somehow the worrying will strike us now and then. do reach out to me anytime.

by the way, how much did u pay for the amino?

i paid about 1250 (exclude GST).

your baby will be fine..GOD will bless ur baby...



Dear Poppy

Congrats. Happy to hear that your result is fine. Now you can feel relief and start shopping for your baby stuff...

btw, i also having a bb boy, same same. i hope in another 2 weeks I can start shopping for my bb stuff.

I paid 1500 for my amino.

Even though we have faith but cannot stop worrying until we get the result.

Tku for your blessing.



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Dear Rubbie,

I can understand the worrying feeling even though we have faith. I have gone through it even though we keep on praying and attending church. There is a little voice in me telling me that bb will be all right.

however, the worrying still will kick in now and then.

Rubie, you will be fine defintely. the oscar test result is very inaccurate. Soon, the weeks will pass and you will receive good news.

Keep the prayers on!

GOD bless




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Hi, I am new to this thread. Currently, I am 13 weeks pregnant and just had my Oscar test last thurs. Today I received a call from my clinic and they told me that my result is not good. Risk is high for T21... My gynae need to see me urgently on Mon. My heart dropped when I hear abt this..

Does anyone have the same experience of high risk Oscar test? Is the result accurate? I am so stressed now...



Hi Jen

I did not have Oscar. I have done triple test during 16weeks and was recommended to do amino. Still waiting anxiously for result. These few weeks of waiting were very torturing. Our minds will run wild.

Personally, i have done alot of research. These tests do have limitations.

Hw was your gynae visit yesterday? What is the next step?

I know exactly how you feel. Feel free to PM me if need to talk.



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Hi Jen,

my OSCAR test ratio is 1:159. Till now, I am 16 weeks+ and will hold the decision for amnio test till 20th week detail scanning.

How is your visit with the gynae?



Hi Jen

I did not have Oscar test, mine was triple test and the result was no good. I went for Amino and still waiting for result.

You can read some threads with bad oscar test results.

How was your gynae visit on Monday? What is the next step? Fully understand how u r feeling now as I am still gg thru it.

you can PM me if need to talk.



Hi angsc74

I also went for my 20th week detailed scanning before proceed to Amino.

It is a long wait for you. Must be strong



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Hi rubie,


Just curious, what makes you decide to go for the amnio test after the detailed scanning?



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dear mummies, i received a call from my gynae today that my oscar result is bad too!i am very worried. but after reading the post here, i felt better. but my doc oso mentioned that my baby intestines are outside the tummy. so it means a high risk that my baby is DS. im now 12 weeks preg and im 27 yrs old. should i opt for the CV or amino?



Hi angsc74

Yes, my gynae did mention to go for detailed scan first, followed by Amnio. Amnio is 99% accurate, therefore, I still opt to it. The waiting time is very very tough.

Hi Xuefang

What did your gynae advice? For my case, I was recommended to do Amnio because i had triple test on 16weeks.



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ladies, thanks for sharing your experience, it makes me feel better. I'm in 12-week preg, first preg and I'm 37. The OSCAR test result came back, not good, 1:29. I'm going to do Amnio test in 3-week, any idea how painful it is?

Any comment/recommendation of Dr. TC Chang from Thomson Medical Ctr?



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Hi All,

I have received the call from my gyna, the detailed report shows a healthy baby boy. GOD bless. For all the mamas with bad oscar result, do not be too worried, all of you will be fine and your bb will be healthy.

My T21 result was really bad, risk is 1:28.

Gyna recommended to go for fast track result as they will know the T21/T18/T13 result in 3 days.

if the fast track result shows fine, you will be fine.

In regards to the amino test, it is not painful at all. my advice is to close your eyes before they start taking out the needle and prepartion work. 1-2 mins will be over.

hope it helps.

GOD bless all of you.



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Poppy, thanks for your advice and reassuring note. I will keep you all mommies posted how it goes when I have my amnio test in 3-week time. Let's pray for each other and may GOD give us peace!



Dear Poppy 79

A big congrats to you.

I also received my Amnio result yesterday and my baby boy is fine and in good health. Finally after a long 5 weeks, I can stop worrying and start making plans.

Dear Chris

My experience with Amnio is more of mental stress. I worried abt my baby in the process of doing it and effects after that. My gynae has applied local anesthesia so it is not as painful as I imagine.

The blood tests out there can cause alot of false alarms and fear. Majorities baby turn out to be fine after amnio.



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Dear Poppy79 and Rubie, congrats! So happy for you! Thanks for your continued support by posting your experience here, it means a lot to us who are waiting anxiously for our test. Good luck with the rest of your preg journey.



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Hi Rubie and all MTM, sorry for late reply cos was in a very worried and stress mood for the past week.

I went to see my gynae last Mon and got a very bad Oscar result due a bad NT measurement (1:3) She suggest me to go for either CVS or Amnio which I have to wait for another 3 more weeks. As I don't think I can handle the stress of long waiting period and I want to know the result soon, I opt for CVS which I had it done on Wed.

The CVS procedure is not as painful but the after effect is the most unbearable part. I suffered from terrible cramps for a few days along with the agonizing feeling of waiting for the results. These period of waiting is the most terrible stage of my life..

Finally, I got a call from the clinic ytd and they told me that my fast track result is out and my bb is fine. But I still have to wait for the 2nd detailed report which will be out in another 2 weeks time and also my 20 wks detailed scan to ensure all is fine. Hope all is well for me again.

For all mtm who had bad Oscar results, don't give up hope cos I realised this test is not conclusive. If you wish to have more assurance, do opt for cvs or amnio. The pain is nothing compared to knowing that your bb is fine.

Thanks to this email thread as it really help to console and encourage me. Congrats to Poppy79 and Rubie for yr gd results too..

Let's keep this thread active and keep each other posted k.





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Hi Jen, Your post is very encouraging, thanks!!

I have very bad OSCAR result too and will be going for Amnio next mth. I am 36 this year. I think I cannot affort unhealthy baby, both mentally & financially I can't cope. I am wishing for miracle that my baby is normal.



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Jen.. very encouragin.. i had the same situation with mummy angsc74. Ratio for T 21 was 1: 76 based on NT measurement A 5mm at week 13. Gynae called n my heart sank. Decided to seek 2nd opinion after all the researches. Went to Dr A at Camden Medical and he ruled out T 13 & 18 immediately after the scan n brought down the risk to 1 : 2000+ but takin into consideration the first one done at TMC. is 1: 200+ He suspected that is becos of the timing and bb's posture as i spend a good 2.5 hrs in TMC to take the measurement. so Dr A advised to go for detailed scan at week 20 to decide if i should go for amnio. As for my gyane when he saw my report from Dr A he said having 2.5mm NT is also risky but me n hubby is waiting to see detailed scan before deciding on amnio or not...



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hi. i have the following results:

t21: 1:6555

t18: 1:15269

t13: 1:48095

at 12 weeks.

i got this done at dr celina chua at mt. elizabeth. how is she? anyone been there?

do you think i should go to dr a as well for peace of mind? i have got an appointmnt with him for 8 jul.



Hi Newbie

Since you have good oscar result, why do you need further testing unless the Dr advises. Or you have other concerns.



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I have received my Amnio result and my baby boy is fine and in good health. Finally a big load off my mind.

My OSCAR result is 1:6 due to bad NT scan result. My age is 36. I think for mummies > 35 years old, OSCAR is not accurate at all, just go straight to Amnio. The procedure is not painful, just like injection.



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Don't trust OSCAR result, mostly inaccurate. The figure was torturing me for last 3 wks.

I got my Amnio result and my baby is normal.

Amnio is not as scary, whole procedure is only 2 mins. As long as you rest well and take the pills, nothing bad will happen, have faith. Choose a gynae you trust.



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To share my experience ....

My oscar result was 1:159

During the 20th week detailed scanning, the radiographer had informed that there is no markers for DS. But as we are not ready for a DS kid, we still decide to go ahead for the amnio test. Like what the others mentioned, the procedure is very fast. For me, the needle in the tummy for 1 min or less. It is not painful too.

As for the wait for the result, it was not too torturing for us because of what the radiographer had told us.

We just got the result from the gynae just now.

Thank goodness!!! The baby is normal and its a boy [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



This thread has give me reassurance and comfort when we received our bad Oscar Result.

Want to share our experience here. To give some support to worried PTB who share the same encounter as us.

We have a 3.5 yo gal and looking forward to be parents again to a new baby. We are very happy when I am found pregnant. And after 2 MC, we really cherish this coming baby.

This pregnancy is not a smooth one, starting with bleeding, nasty fall due to exhaustion, high fever, flu etc etc.....so every visit to gynae for us is a exciting but also worrying one cos we are afraid, unhealthy baby growth? No HB???...

We go for Oscar test not knowing what to expect as our first baby only done triple test, Oscar is not available then.

The sonagrapher is a nice lady explaining details while taking measurements. Hubby and me were very happy cos baby have grown so much and is very active and cute during the scan. The sonographer assure us all measurement taken looks healthy and shouln have any problem. But the risk will be calculated with blood test result when available. We left the hospital feeling confident we are going to have a healthy baby and every ct on Oscar well spent cos we get to see baby for very long duration, zooming in and out. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

But then come the bad news in the evening. Oscar result out. My blood test risk ratio is 1:7 for T21 which make my combine test result to be 1:24. Oh gosh, our world come crashing down. What are we going to do next????

Our gynae advise us to do amino test, which will give us a almost certain result if my baby is with T21. We have to wait another 3 wks before we can do the test cos baby is too small now.

These 3 wks are torture to us. Deep down I strongly believed our baby will be strong and healthy. But what if...... I really mean what if....

We opt for express result from the amino as we cannot imagine another 3 wks wait for the result. The amino test is not scary nor painful. Its done in a few mins and then its the waiting time.....

The express result was mentioned to be out in 2~3 days time. But for mine, we got it the next day late afternoon. Phew!!!!

We are going to have a HEALTHY BABY GIRL!!!!!!

Though the express result is not detail, but my gynae told me its has high accuracy and for him, it never deviate from the final detail report which will only be ready in 3 wks time.

Today, I got the confirmation from my gynae the detail result is good!!!!!! Confirm... FIRM.

I will like to share my experience here, as I understand how PTB feel when such bad test result strike. Though it's only a screening test, but its really a torture to us till we have the answer.

My risk is 1:24, highest I have read on this thread. But we are thankful, all things are going to be OK now. So don't worry so much (I know its difficult...impossible ;P) But Oscar is really only a screening test.

Hope my sharing here can help you feel better and give you some support during this unpleasant time.




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To all MTB, just wanted add on to the reassuring statistics that OSCAR, FTS(First Trimester Screening) result is definitely not conclusive.

My scan result was fine, in fact, the nasal bone is very obvious. However due to my age and the maternal serum test result, my risk has been adjusted from 1:176 to 1:19. The gynae and counselor kept telling us that the result is worrying and that we should do the amniocentesis test.

Was crying when we went through the counselling session which we were told that the legal abortion stops at week 28... my mind just went blank...

Finally decided to do the test and it was really a torture during this period. Constantly thinking that this pregnancy would just stop here...

Just got my result on wed and I have a normal baby boy! What a relief...



Hi jeseric and jovial

congrats for the good news. what a relief. I also had similar experience in June with bad triple test result. The few weeks of waiting can drive us nuts.

Hope this thread can reassure MTBs who going thru the same situation.



Hi, i have my fair share of experience too.. Did oscars and baby NT was 2.5-2.6MM.. scare the hell out of me. But gynae wasnt worried. together with blood test, i was not at a risk but i did worry all the way till detailed scanning. Even with detailed scan, i worry all the way till birth.. And he is a healthy 8 mths old baby now.



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I've had drama myself. My Oscar scan was good, Nuchal skin fold at 1.5 & 1.9 and nose bones. But my blood test was horrible for PappA values. My risk increased to 1:49 and 1:51. Dr Loh and June Tan straight away recommend amnio. But I didn't want to take the risk of invasive testing and decided to wait for 20 week scan.

In the 20 week scan everything seemed fine again until the tech lady scanned one of my twins and said had some heart problem (right aorta arch, single umblical artery) and a shorter right hand last finger. Again Dr Loh recommend amnio, (they very pro amnio there hor? Give prof tee and prof yeo work issit?) but amnio only tests for down syndrome and not potential heart problems.

I cried an entire night, didn't want to kill the baby anyway although husband reluctant to take the risk on a less than healthy baby.

So in the end went to Dr Ananda at Camden next day, thank God could squeeze in appt even though he on leave. He scanned for two plus hours and couldn't find the defects that the sounologist saw. Considering he got more experience in this field, should trust his judgement right? He put the risk much lower, like 1:2000 or less. He's not pro-amnio though and felt the risk of miscarriage is not something to take lightly. So hubby and I went home feeling reassured.

Now we dunno if should continue monitoring at kk. The gynae doesn't scan you but doesn't mean their tech people scan everyday makes them more experienced in this...



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I've just recieved results from my OSCAR. Quite bad 1:2. Negative results for both scan and blood test. I have just had a CVS and am waiting for my results. Has anyone else had scores as low as this? Quite worried



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My was normal for the neck scan but the blood test came out quite bad and i am in my late 20s. Anyway, went for amnio as i really couldnt sleep after that night. The procedure was not very painful and was very quick. Given 2 days mc with no heavy lifting and the amnio results were normal... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] and i gave birth to a healthy girl in aug.

Decided to take amnio so as to buy back a piece of mind..



Hi mummies,

I'm 36 this year with expecting an identical twins.

I have a badly NT scan which is 1:7 crying for 2 days and now decided to go for amino test. I can't afford 2 DS bb though it's a painful decision if the result come out is bad.

My gynae is from thomson so obviously he is recommend Dr Chang from TMC. But today i seek a second opinion from KKh the Dr who sees me is Prof John Tee.

Now i'm in dilemma to choose which will be better, Prof John Tee fr KKH he is a professor and his charges is cheaper,only $700+ whereby Dr Chang from TMC his charges is $1200.

Please recommend someone who is good from your experince please???

I'm very comforted by reading june's thread here. Try to contact her for more info but couldn't PM her. If anyone have her as fried,pls keep me informed.

Thank you so much!!!

Mother desperate in needs,




Hi Xuansmum,

I do not have much help here. But just an info to share. My friend is expecting a twins too, but she did not go for Oscar test, reason Oscar Test is not so accuarte for Twins, esp if you fail the blood test component badly. After checking around she went for genetic scanning instead.

So don't panic. Oscar result actually take in a lot of components like age, blood test and NT scan. So if you are of certain age, your ratio already being bring downwards + due to great homos flunctuation with twins, the results may not be so reliable.

So stay clam, don't let this affect you so muc. I know its difficult. But remember your babies depend on you and your mood will affect them. For amino, you can opt for express result. Though its slightly more exp but you only need to wait for 3 days max. It worth it consider all your worries.

Jia you!! Hope I can cheer you up a bit.




Dr TC Chang at thomson medical. He is the high risk pregnancy doc in TMC and he is very good and skillful.



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Hi everyone,

I just realised i'm pregnant a month ago, and i'm 4 mths pregnant now. My risk is 1:18 and i'm 30 years old. It is really devasting. As i'm a PCOS mummy (irregular menses),

getting pregnant with a calendar is almost impossible.

I took Amnio test by Dr TC Chang too and waiting for a week plus.

Praying is all i can do and when my gynae called,

i was teared with joy. BB is fine! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I'm not sure if the sonographer was in a hurry and did my NT scan within half an hour.

Oscar test is really giving false alarm, or am i really so lucky to be the 1 out of 18? I just take it as i'm blessed or the NT scan might not be as accurate as it seems to be.

I read a few posts that Mummys seek for 2nd opinion from dr anandakumar and the numbers are low rish again. Hence save $ for Amnio test, and also Amnio test has risk of MC.

@Gina: CVS is invasive and was done through Vagina and has a higher rish of MC than AMnio.

And CVS can be done before 16weeks. If anything happen that u wish to have an abortion, the whole procedure is less complicated, u dont need to induce birth.



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So glad to read of the many "happy endings here"

Am 13+ weeks pregnant.

Scan and blood tests at KKH came out with v bad odds.

1:61 for T21 and 1:4 for T13 [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

HAve decided to go for amnio tho i am so afraid of the risks of miscarriage,..

Can i check if anyone has experience with Prof John Tee of KKH?