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Pls help I'm going crazy

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sheena_ratha, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. sheena_ratha

    sheena_ratha New Member

    My 3 yrs old gal is really driving me crazy I jus delivered my second one she is 25 days old and my gal dosen't wants to listen to me at times she disturb my small one till she cries she handles her very roughly and pull her legs and hands... i tell her so many times but she doesn't wants to listen ...she's getting naughtier everyday and even if I punish her she does the same thing agn & agn sometime she shouts,beat or pinches me and my husband...what can I do some expert mummys advice pls..........I'm going crazy

  2. jbaby

    jbaby New Member

    Maybe you can try to talk to her about this change. She is feeling insecured. get her little presents says it is from the sibling. Spend some time alone with her so she won't feel left out. Now everyone is focusing on the little one, so it is normal that she can be attention seeking at this crucial time . try not to reprimand her as she will even be more biased against the small one.
  3. oishi

    oishi Member

    punishing her at this point of time will only aggravate the situation. she is doing so to seek your attention.

    Try to talk to her in a calm and firm tone if she bullies sister.

    Involve her in small little things like asking her to bring u sister's diaper or wet wipes etc and thank her.

    Yes, bring her out for a date solely without sister and make her feel she's still wanted.

    It takes time to change her behaviour. so be patient.

    And all people around her have to do so, not only u parents. so sometimes gotta let your friends or relatives know how to acknowledge her existence. [​IMG]

    agrees that sometimes 3yr old might not listen, u just gotta try out methods that will work out for u n her.

    good luck.
  4. toto_mommy

    toto_mommy Member


    i also had the similar experience of my elder boy being insecure when the bb arrived. he would be unhappy if we carried/praised the bb instead of him.

    over time, the situation improved. what i found useful was that either hubby or i would spend time with him--just to make sure that he gets attention as much as the bb. we also gave him responsibility of helping to take care of bb, 'discipline' his younger sibling when the latter does not finish drinking the milk, and praising him for good behaviour infront of the younger sibling and telling the younger one to learn from kor-kor's exemplary behaviour.
  5. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Sounds like jealousy and insecurity. Being fierce may just backfire because kids don't know how to talk out and handle their frustrations.

    U can teach the older one to fold small towels and arrange bb clothings. Praise and encourage her for being such a great example. Give her a treat to thank and reward her efforts too. Also teach her that bullying the defenceless (don't say sibling 'cos she has to know that it's a general rule) is not a very nice thing to do and that you will have to punish her if she deliberately misbehaves.

    3yo is very tough stage to teach 'cos they're starting to want to enforce their own idea of 'rules' and 'rights'.

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