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Pls Advise on Medical Insurance GE vs NTUC

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by sukiyi2006, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    I'm planning to buy medical insurance for my baby & some of the family member.

    Some info I've gather from net, any expert mind to share your opion? IS GE better than NTUC?

    1. GE Highest total annual limit of $500,000 (with the additional $150,000 cover for 5 major medical conditions)
    Note: IncomeShield's "Enhanced Preferred plan" offers annual limit of $350,000 while AVIVA Myshield Plan 1 offers annual limit of $300,000.

    2. GE No x days notice requirement prior to making claims; no requirement on claims being "reasonable"
    Note: NTUC Income requires 4 days prior notice for non-emergency medical treatment and only would pay whatever is deemed "reasonable" to them. Like Great Eastern, AVIVA does not have this condition. I'm not comfortable with Income's 4-day notice clause and "reasonable" clause

    3. GE Extra annual limit for 5 major conditions, not only for cancer treatment
    Note: the 5 medical conditions are namely, Major Cancer Treatment (offered by AVIVA) but other medical conditions such as Coronary Artery By-Pass, Heart Valve Disease, Neurosurgery and Major Organ Transplant.

    This is definitely one up by GE, definitely better than Income and AVIVA

    4. GE only shield plan with 5% annual renewal discount for LIFETIME!
    Note: This renewal discount is given to you regardless of how many times you claim! Some insurers only give you renewal discount based on NO claim. This again GE is better against all other insurers namely, AVIVA, Income, AIA and Prudential.

    5. GE Cover cost of medical reports for claims process (this can cost $70 to $250).
    Note: some insurers require consumers to pay these themselves. If I didn't remember wrongly, AVIVA does not pay for this.

    6. GE Cover claims from medical institutions with NO mediclaim facility
    Note: recent letter to forum reflected the case of one Incomeshield policyholder who cannot claim due to the treatment done at a clinic with no mediclaim facility. Thus, such a problem will not happen if a person is insured with GE Supreme Health.

    7. GE co-insurance is 10% for all plans (min required by Ministry of Health).
    Note: Currently, there're no riders available to pay for co-insurance (AVIVA has) or pay for both co-insurance and deductible (NTUC Income has). GE might consider launching a rider in future.

    8. Lifetime limit of $5 million for the TOP plan by GE.
    Note: AVIVA Myshield Plan 1's lifetime limit is $2 million. Income has "unlimited" lifetime limit (however, truth is not true. Why? Becos actually it's limited by the max of $350,000 annual limit while GE's annual limit is $500,000, higher than Income.

    9. GE Provides coverage for confinement in Community Hospital upon referral from discharged hospital.

    10. GE provides coverage for Prenancy Complications and Congenital Disease.
    Note: NTUC Income specifically exclude any treatment relating to prenancy and congenital disease.

    the oversea claims will be pegged to SG private hospital rate..???
    ALL shield plans DO not cover any overseas treatment??

    they only cover overseas treatment in case of emergency treatment whereby any delay would result in death??

    Deductible for day surgery $3000 for GE, how about NTUC enhance shield?

    any expert can guide, & answer some of the question? thanks.

  2. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    why no expert here????????
  3. sunflower_gal75

    sunflower_gal75 New Member

    Hi sukiyi,

    I'm no expert in this. Actually you have done a rather thorough comparison of the three products. In my humble opinion, there is no one best product out there. Shield plans are more or less the same - the purpose was to cover the medical and hospitalisation expenses. Different companies will come up with slightly different features and use them as selling points.

    Just look at the products and see which best suit your needs and budget. Ask yourself if all those extra features are essential for you, your baby or family members. Ask yourself if you want your hospitalisation to be be covered fully. If yes, then you can get a rider to cover that aspect. If you are comfortable with the co-payment and deductibles, then such a rider is not necessary. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

    Based on your description, it seems that you have more or less decided on GE. I'm sorry if I have inferred wrongly. [​IMG]
  4. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

    Hi Missy,

    I'm not yet decide, GE don't have the rider! But included for major cancer coverage & medical report cost...

    Still consider le... don't know how.. difficult to choose. Aviva also seem like good, bcos 2person (parent) took the same plan my child can get free coverage...

    Really headache... Actually I'm AIA supporter but after go through everything, think like want to change to other insurance company.

    Anyway thanks for your reply.
  5. sukiyi2006

    sukiyi2006 New Member

  6. s7870127g

    s7870127g New Member

    Can check it out with my financial planner. He is from Prudential. He actually helps to do up a summary for all the plans I have bought and do up comparisons of plans for different companies for me. Can call and ask him if GE is better than NTUC. Can show him the plans you are interested in . I am sure he won't mind helping to list out the pros and cons for your plans. Hee Hee. Kenny 98783246
  7. clmy09

    clmy09 Member

    Hi Sukiyi,

    i've PM-ed you.

  8. pruroyce

    pruroyce New Member

    Hi there,

    Im actually a adviser with Prudential. If you have any queries just drop me a private msg or give me a call @ 83881622. No obligations no worries. =)
  9. beezbride

    beezbride New Member

    There are actually some changes in the different MediSave Payable Hospitalisation in the market this year.

    I have done up a comparison of the rates and benefits of the plans offered by all the 5 companies in the market now.

    PM me if you need them.
  10. raspberry_teardrop

    raspberry_teardrop New Member

    your comparison is really through! haha.. i'm an independant advisor and these sort of comparison is what we do for a living actually.. compare across the market.. anyway, based on my comparison, i think that G.E is the most comprehensive. But, its also the most expensive. There is no best plan for everyone. Its what suits you [​IMG] One more thing to ask is, whether you'll really need to use up to all the benefits they provide. Do you already have other plans that may cover or overlap with these? Also, G.E's rider is stand-alone. Meaning you can purchase just the rider itself to cut some cost. You can get a cheaper basic plan and add on a G.E rider [​IMG]
  11. pruroyce

    pruroyce New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm Royce from Prudential. If you have any queries please feel free to PM me or contact me @ 83881622. Thanks. =)
  12. chinkerina

    chinkerina Member

    I'm an agent with Great Eastern Life.

    I'm a Bride To Be soon and planning ahead!

    hehe.. well sukiyi2006 you done really great job in the comparisons. Do let me know if you need advice on more comprehensive product for kids. I do hope you already bought your plans from either of the companies, get protected cover ASAP. No point compare and didnt get cover by any.

    This is Rina from Great Eastern Life. Need any advice just msg me. 90284275.
  13. llynn000

    llynn000 Member

    Hi beezbride.. wanted to PM you but your settings does not allow PM.
    May I hv the comparisons you did?
    What about Medishield? Any one did comparisons?
  14. damianpang

    damianpang New Member

    wow, theres quite a lot of financial planners here!
  15. chinkerina

    chinkerina Member

    Anyone looking for Short Term Lump Sum savings i've lobang 3 years @2.1% or @ 2.25%

  16. bettyong25

    bettyong25 New Member

    Great Eastern policy review and advice. Anyone looking for Short Term Lump Sum savings i've lobang 3 years. pls contact me.

    Ms Betty Ong
  17. jasperjerinjuan

    jasperjerinjuan New Member


    anybody still looking for insurance or endowment plan, pls do feel free to contact me at chewlaichuen@yahoo.com.sg

    my hubby's with uob selling Prudential products.. no obligations..
  18. baby_ashley

    baby_ashley Member

    looking for comprehensive plan for children?
    call me @ 90029677
    Thanks! [​IMG]
  19. shineaslights

    shineaslights Member

    Hi all, if you're looking for advice on insurance, I'll be happy to help with no obligations. i'm with AIA and a mummy of 3 myself, so can share my personal experience. PM me if interested. Thanks!

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