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*please be warned* Manduca Baby Carrier, $149 from Baby Expo

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by shiokz, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    Dear mummies, I recently bought a Manduca Baby Carrier from the Baby Expo held on 28 March 2013 at Singapore Expo.

    The store, Baby Superstore, set up a booth for Pre-Orders of the Manduca New Style Carriers at $149.00. Thinking that it's a good deal, I went ahead.

    So I just received the carrier and here's how it looks like, and how it compares to the guaranteed authentic ones found in Isetan and from other mummies that bought the authentic ones.

    Mummies, make your own judgement on how real this product is from Baby Superstore at Baby Expo.

    Some mummy group friends have done similar research and confirmed that it looks VERY SIMILAR to the Manduca sold in Taobao. Please decide for yourself if you still want to purchase it.

    I understand that the same deal is going on in May 2014 Baby Expo. On their webpage, Baby Expo 2014 | 9-11 MAY | LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED!, they are claiming its real. PLEASE BE INFORMED.

    Manduca, being one of the leading brands in baby carriers, should not lack such quality control. Dear mummies who have purchased the same product as me, do share your reviews as well.



    1. Overall Box

    Colour of title words is different from that in Isetan.

    TOP: From Baby Superstore
    BOTTOM: From Isetan

    2. Bad printing. Words and Logos get cut off.
    Poor colour photo print.

    IMG_0010.jpg The colour of the photos look off in real life.

    3. Product comes wrapped in plastic, but I'm aware quite a few mummies say their real ones don't.

    4. Product rained loose black threads all over my bed when I opened it.
    Bad stitching. Frayed threads, loose ends.
    Red tag logo is lopsided.


    5. Tag shown here looks exactly the same as the one in Taobao shop

    IMG_0014_Fotor.jpg From Baby Superstore

    10320558_10152059609883091_3368934104041587610_n.jpg From Taobao
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  2. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    Have also noticed that the sticker says "Manduca Navy" but I bought Black colour. I wonder why.
    The sticker is also upside down and not at the sides of the box like I see in other people's boxes too.

  3. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Dear Shiokz,

    As spoken with you, the Manduca Baby Carrier that was sold at Baby Superstore was imported sets and authentic. We also sell Philips Avent, FisherPrice, Graco, Bright Starts, Evenflo, Britax etc - from strollers, car seats, bouncers & rockers to playpens.

    We import from all over the world. Your review has got no concrete base and is misleading.
    Most places in the world is selling @ below $180 except for Singapore distributor selling @ $249.

    I think you are the one selling from Made in China goods in Singapore Motherhood Bulk Purchase.
  4. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Shiok, maybe you buy from taobao so you think everyone is like you - buy from taobao then sell in Singapore
  5. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 5.41.20 PM.png

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  6. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Your stuff from China selling at

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  7. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    I think you seriously need some reflection on yourself
  8. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    Thanks, ok, I'm merely sharing my product review based on what I have bought from the baby expo.
    I am a mummy-to-be and I am also in the midst of all my baby shopping, the Manduca is one of them as I read good reviews on the product.

    Manduca one of the best baby carriers around and is at a premium price tag.
    What I received as a bit disappointing, so just sharing with everyone.

    No need to get agitated about the above and start digging everything on me yea? Serves not much purpose actually... I think its pretty common to sell clothes also ;)

    Actually whether the item from the baby expo is good or not, I don't think I have to be the only one posting about it, and actually it doesn't really benefit me yea?

    Potential buyers, I'm just asking that you ask around first before committing to buy, other mummies may provide you with their opinions too, whether favourable or not :)
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  9. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Just returning to you what you did to others ;)
  10. lengce

    lengce New Member

    Baby SuperStore,

    If the Manduca carrier that Shiokz purchased from you is authentic as you claimed, can you explain the poor quality (Bad stitching. Frayed threads, loose ends)?
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  11. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Dear Lence,

    Shiokz did not wait to call us to tell us any issues but instead she spam us at all our posts. And claim is her 'honest review' when her subject means another thing. I don't know her real intention.

    In our humble 6 years of business, it is first time I encounter any customer unhappy with their purchase and chose to spam post rather than calling the company first.

    She even asked us to send the order without checking whether her mum in law is at home. When our driver reached, her mum in law is not in and have to resend again. We didn't even charge her for redelivery which most companies would.

    She claimed the threads 'rained' on her bed in another post but she did not post any picture. Instead of comparing the pic with a Manduca carrier, she draw comparison with Taobao pic.

    I think that is not usual of a customer unhappy with her purchase.
  12. lengce

    lengce New Member


    But didn't Baby SuperStore check the product before delivered to customer? How come the carrier that delivered to Shiokz is such poor quality?
    As a mother myself, I can understand Shiokz worries / anger when she paid $149 for such poor quality carrier.

    I think perhaps you can give us an explanation here on the quality of the Manduca carrier that received by Shiokz
    Because Manduca is quite a reputable brand in the market. So if you said it is authentic, I can't believe that the manufacturer didn't do Quality Control on the product before they export loh.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2014
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  13. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    I would say, if other mummies who bought the manduca have similar concerns as me on the quality, then it would be clear for all to see. I'm just an angry customer :( the manduca is something I would want good quality because of the premium price tag and also because my baby is going to be sitting in it, it would affect my baby very much in terms of posture n comfort if the quality is not to expectation, and I spotted several things that made me doubtful.

    I appreciate baby superstore for sending the bag to me earlier, perhaps fresh stock arrived early, instead of the 13 may date that they have informed upon purchase.

    Regarding the redelivery, your personnel called me suddenly and said want to deliver in 5 minutes time, when I was totally unaware that you were going to send me the product few weeks in advance. I'm also working full time and was busy at the time of the phone call, so i told your personnel that she can try, usually someone is at home, but no guarantee.
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  14. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Hi Lengce,

    Because we already sent out all the stocks we had on hand… I only have one display piece with me and that did not have what was mentioned -
    Bad stitching. Frayed threads, loose ends or Red tag logo is lopsided…

    Sorry but you know what I think… what would any normal customer do if they receive an item and unsatisfied with it?
    They call the shop or email them. But Shiokz did not do either.
    Instead, she spammed our Facebook and spammed another thread that we did to promote our event and also started thread 'to warn parents' and said is her honest opinions.She stalked us… ? I find it a puzzling move by a 'angry customer' and is my 1st time got spammed… o_O and we never had a customer who behave this way …?
  15. lengce

    lengce New Member

    Baby SuperStore,

    Sorry but I can't really get your explanation. Your display piece doesn't have the defects as Shiokz mentioned (of course la, if i am the seller i also use the best one for display) and what has it got to do with the carrier that you sent to Shiokz?
    My question is why Shiokz received such poor quality carrier when you claim what you sold is Authentic?

    I saw your reply to post at other forum that your carriers are parallel import.
    BUT does the product you imported pass the Safety / Quality Control from manufacturer? As from the carrier that received by Shiokz, it is difficult to convince myself the carrier passed the QC.
    Please mind that these products are to be used by baby / infant. What parents concern most is the safety of the product.
    I believe many parents would not mind to pay a little bit more but to get baby product with safety assurance
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  16. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Dear Lengce,

    We have been selling Manduca baby carrier on pre order from Dec '14 till now.
    We had send out many carriers to date and so far the only complaint come from Shiokz.
    From a customer who did not call or email her displeasure but stalk us online.

    Dear Lence,
    I can't reply to you more unless you are a customer. You can check on our company track record - in business from 2009 and we run events from once a year to 8 times a year in 2014. If you think we sell substandard item, how do we survive to date? Wont customers bad mouth us or come look for us at our events?

    We did not force anyone to buy. Even our display piece is our only one piece and all is on preorder. You can think all you like to think that we display the best piece because no matter what I say will not convince you. But what happen to those customers who received the first batch in Dec '13? :)

    The 'review' came from a customer who did not feedback to us buy stalked us which is unusual… thus we will not attend to this.

    We parallel import many stuff and baby carriers is just one of the many. And do you see anyone online spamming us from 2009 till now?
  17. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    For the record, please define stalking correctly, because I merely posted at the forums or fb posts that are related to the sale of this manduca from your company. It's pretty much publicly advertised posts from baby superstore for your baby expo event. No "research" or "stalking" is required.

    If anything, I am the one who feel stalked, as instead of addressing customer query, you chose to dig up my personal bulk buy posts and post them online which is unrelated to this issue. I repeat, I have a full time job and I am not involved in the baby industry nor sales industry and have completely unrelated to you. I do not run an online business either.

    Mummies, please read the above and decide for yourself who is the one putting up with all the bad experience with this company here. An established company who has operated for years ought to have more sales professionalism as well.

    I am also aware that other mummy has posted regarding bad service attitude from baby superstore, so I'm not the only one.

  18. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    Hi all,

    Managed to get hold of a authentic Manduca locally with the real warranty cards and tags and here are the picture comparisons.

    It looks very different from the one from Baby Superstore and this one feels a lot better! No defects too.

    Do see the pictures below.

    Left: Real
    Right: Baby Superstore

    Stitching is different, wordings and quality look different.
    Right one shows off centred stitching.


    Top: Real
    Bottom: Baby Superstore

    Bottom one shows a label with poor alignment. Font size different



    Top: Real
    Bottom: Baby Superstore

    Very obvious:
    Stitching shape is different, real one do not have signs of poor stitching.

    You can also spot some very bad stitches for the bottom one



    Top: Real
    Bottom: Baby Superstore

    Spot the difference? Bottom one has a slightly off stitching for the little worm. The registered trademark looks very off as well.



    Left: Real
    Right: Fake

    Left picture is the real YKK zipper which feels solid and smooth. You can see 'YKK' even on the zipper end.
    The right picture is thinner and doesn't feel as smooth.



    Top: Real
    Bottom: Baby Superstore

    Different buckle.



    Top: Real
    Bottom: Baby Superstore

    Tried and tested for myself, real one buckle is SOLID and STRONG. Bottom one is soft and flimsy. For this reason, it is unsafe as the buckle carries the load.



    Top: Real
    Bottom: Baby Superstore

    Bottom one got broken wordings, sticker in wrong position



    Bottom: Real
    Top: Baby Superstore

    Colour different.



    Top: Real
    Bottom: Baby Superstore

    Colour different. Logos are chopped off.

    Most importantly, real one states that Manduca New Style is Made In China which is correct.
    Bottom states Made in Deutschland or Germany, which is incorrect! It is supposed to be China.
    Manduca is never made in Germany anyway. It is made in Czech Republic (for the Blackline and Limited edition series) but it is a German brand.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Picture of warranty card from Manduca Asia. The one from Baby superstore does not have warranty.



    Picture of Manduca Tag. The one from Baby Superstore does not have such a tag.
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  19. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Hi Shiokz, I need to leave you to entertain yourself in this thread.

    Even Isetan display piece is different from what you bought - Cos Isetan display pc is another batch.

    And the thread that the customer complained about our attitude… Our staff went to send to her house cos she didn't pick up her calls but no one is in. I went specially to send to her even at 10.30pm at night. The sterilizer was bought by her sister at our fair so she didn't know about the adaptor. We displayed the sterilizer with the different adaptor at our event and all customers knew about it.

    It is surely the latest design. It does not mean latest design is a better one than existing. Eg. Philips Avent just launched 2 in 1 sterilizer in UK. It is not better than the existing 3 in 1 for sure right?

    The sterilizer her sister bought is made in China - yes. Every customer saw and know when they paid for it. The packaging shows Chinese text too. It is on open display. We will also display it again in our coming event. She didn't know cos she's not the one who bought it.

    If I have the luxury of time, I should start a thread on customers that we faced too. We have delay in shipment and customer really need the baby cot cos wife had given birth. Very nice guy with very friendly wife - we send our guy to send a playpen to them to use for 1 night cos baby cot can be sent on the next day. But after setting up the baby cot, the customer's mother said hometown custom and said to our guy - you need to leave something behind. Leave your playpen behind. What started as a loan end up the customer wants the playpen… haha… the customer was nice enough… asked me can leave the mattress cover behind pls?? haha…. I said is ok to give the baby a gift - the mattress cover, but not the playpen. I do it dos he & his wife are very nice but can't speak the same of the elderly auntie.

    There are many type of customers - we can't please everyone.

    We started in 2009, and maybe I should count myself lucky that there's only Shiokz and the other one that you found online : )
    The other customer wasn't the one who bought the sterilizer at all - she told me she will ask her sister after I told her we display the sterilizer at our event.
  20. lengce

    lengce New Member

    I think the answer is clear now...
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  21. SloshySoupy

    SloshySoupy Well-Known Member

    retail price of a manduca carrier is 200 plus (249 aft discount at some stores) so if I see a manduca selling at 149, I would def think twice before I made the purchase.

    Yes, I must admit it does sound tempting as 149 is almost like 100 bucks less than the original price. But I believe in quality and product assurance. I rather go to their flagship store or authorized distributor, pay up and get something which I know is authentic, something which I do not need to go to the trouble of comparing or doubting and when in use, use it with total assurance.

    Just my 2 cents worth
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  22. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Maybe you all want to ask why the owner trying to buy our carriers?
    If she so think is not real, why buy from us?
    Also, there is other sellers selling in this website for overseas spree for $179

    Why Singapore distributor sell @ $249? Cos 35-40% margins are given to the so call authorized retailers.
    Those of us sell direct thus this price.

    Why not ask why the Singapore distributor must sell so ex when everywhere in the world is so cheap?
    Only $160 in Korea, $170 in Australia & $180 in UK.

    ;) I wonder why the owner didn't offer to buy the carrier from Shiokz???
    God knows
    1 kind of rice feeds many kinds of people….
  23. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member

    Maybe you all want to ask why the owner trying to buy our carriers?
    If she so think is not real, why buy from us?
    Also, there is other sellers selling in this website for overseas spree for $179

    Why Singapore distributor sell @ $249? Cos 35-40% margins are given to the so call authorized retailers.
    Those of us sell direct thus this price.

    Why not ask why the Singapore distributor must sell so ex when everywhere in the world is so cheap?
    Only $160 in Korea, $170 in Australia & $180 in UK.

    ;) I wonder why the owner didn't offer to buy the carrier from Shiokz???
    God knows
    1 kind of rice feeds many kinds of people….
  24. michiyochin

    michiyochin New Member

    Very Unethical to post customer's details openly and publicly. Especially for the last post showing customer invoice with address. That is customer invoice right? Will note this store and let my friends know too. :eek: Just in case similar issues happened and they just post customer's details and address.
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  25. matchbox*dior

    matchbox*dior New Member

    It is indeed unethical and not professional for posting customer's details online. Instead of acting professional, seller mentioned about unrelated issues such as: (sister bought the sterilizer). Why divert attention and stir up unrelated issues, what is seller trying to achieve?

    Pic one which shows made in china from babysuperstore does not coincide with their box mentioning made in Germany.

    I do believe pictures speaks a thousand words and no authentic products would have such bad print quality/stitching/inconsistent wordings etc.
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  26. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    The worst thing is, I checked with other June mummies who bought the Same thing as me at the Same fair on the Same date, they have received much better quality Manduca carrier on the stated delivery date of 15 May 2014 (lesser defects although they themselves have spotted a few inconsistencies). The authenticity of their Manduca is unknown. The other mummies are disappointed too but not as disappointed as me. Maybe theirs look "A grade" so it wasn't so bad for them?

    I have no idea why Baby superstore delivered a Manduca carrier to me 2 weeks earlier than other people and I received a very bad quality one compared to them. This is my first time purchasing from Baby Superstore and I have to kena this! How can a store deliver products that are so inconsistent across customers?

    I truly wasted my $149. My Manduca is confirmed to be non-genuine, after seeking verification. They have also advised me not to use the carrier as the buckles are truly of poor quality and that will compromise on the safety of the product.

    It is now in my house collecting dust! Sigh!
  27. matchbox*dior

    matchbox*dior New Member

    I think seller should refund the money to you. Would you be able to check with manduca the unique serial number with them as all manduca carrier has a unique serial number and comes with 3 years warranty. If number is not valid, you can report this matter to case. Thanks again for sharing such incidents to prevent consumers from getting duped.
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  28. poohbear8383

    poohbear8383 Member

    not sure if lemon law applies here..if yes can go and try
  29. swnee

    swnee Member

    Hi looking at the comparison the one you bought looks like in bad shape. Are you able to look for the distributor for Manduca in Singapore to do a verification with them? This will help clear the doubts. http://www.manducababycarrier.com.sg/ Seems like they are the exclusive distributor
  30. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    Exactly, I contacted them and they have very kindly verified my item to be a fake in person! This is how I know how to spot the different aspects of the bag. This is a great piece of evidence for me and I will be taking the appropriate actions soon enough.

    On the other hand, I would like to share that I received the Manduca Blackline, bought from Isetan yesterday, and the quality is TOP NOTCH. None of the defects that I have stated above. Very happy!

    Few general differences (of course there are more):

    1. The bag is sturdy, the buckles are TOUGH AND FIRM - 3 point buckle (need to depress centre button then unbuckle).

    2. The stitching is GOOD QUALITY. The logo is PERFECT. Not like what you see above - the worm looks different from their company logo! Poor lazy stitching of logo! An authentic product would not have that! It's company branding! Stitching of all logos, notes and tags are flawless, there is no roughness and no out of alignment. Even the ones received by other Manduca buyers from baby superstore - theirs was out.

    3. The zippers are STURDY, thick, gives that firm feeling when you zip. No thin, flimsy zippers.

    I would like to share the link to the list of authorized sellers in Singapore. Baby superstore is not one of them, by the way.



    I really wish to warn people who have bought baby carriers of unknown authenticity to STOP USING IT - you can buy a better one as long as it is real (doesn't have to be Manduca, can be Ergobaby, Baby Bjohn, anything). If it is a fake or replica, the SAFETY and ERGONOMIC aspects of the carrier are compromised. Unsafe, flimsy buckles? Poor shape and firmness? Too bad I got cheated - super unlucky.

    Our babies are our precious little ones and our priority. If you think about it, you can get fake handbags, watches, etc and it is still harmless but for a baby carrier, it really will affect your baby's safety, health and comfort.

    Last edited: May 31, 2014
  31. cool_summer

    cool_summer New Member


    Dear Mummies & Daddies,

    Be very careful of cyber liar. Yvonne Lee posted online at our Facebook, on her's and other Facebook pages that

    She bought a stroller & car seat from us - Quinny & Graco and had mechanism problems.

    BUT THAT's FAKE!!!!


    Attached are messages to her to call her a liar and wanted her details to sue her for smearing our good reputation.
    But she did not reply at all after more than 3 days.

    If she's real customer, why didn't she call us for servicing or reply?
    Bcos she's a FAKE!

    We sold so many 2014 car seats from reputable brands like Britax, Maxi-Cosi. Ferrari, Nania, Fisher-Price etc - AFTER 6 YEARS IN BIZ, ALSO NO CUSTOMER CALL ME FOR SERVICING

    We have been servicing parents since 2009 and have a very good reputation.



    Attached Files:

  32. Alinea

    Alinea Member

    I dun like the way Baby Expo deals with the customer. It seems vindictive and high handed. Even there was only one or two complaints (based on what you have said) a complaint is a complaint. It should be handled properly. What is the relevance of posting all these SMS with all your accusations to Mdm Lee? I have never seen a store with this behaviour .
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2014
  33. Alinea

    Alinea Member

    I do not respect posting a person's private details over the website. You could be against the laws. As for product reviews or customer feedback over the public forum or website , I think that the company should know how to deal with it properly.
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  34. yingzzz08

    yingzzz08 New Member

    Shiokz, do you still have the receipt? I was thinking if the Sg distributor can verify in writing that it is fake, and when Baby Superstore claims that it is 100% authentic, then this is misrepresentation and they can be potentially sued!? I am one of the victims too! I think I am going to get one from Isetan too.
    If only all of us mummies can come together and get refund from them!!!

    Cool_summer, FYI, this thread is on the Manduca carrier. We don't really care about the cyber liars you spot. We are more concerned with how you are going to prove that your product is 100% authentic as what you claimed.
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  35. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    Oh yes, the local distributor did verify it to me in writing ;) contact me and if u wish to take action, I can go with you?
  36. yingzzz08

    yingzzz08 New Member

    Dear mummies, i have lodged a police report on 23July.
    Before I went to the Police, I emailed the seller on 17 July and asked for an explanation for the difference between their product and that sold by the authorized distributors in Singapore. The seller was not able to provide an explanation, and merely continued to claim that their product is authentic, even though they are not one of the authorized distributors in Singapore. Instead of explaining why there is no 3 year warranty provided as stated on Manduca's website, the seller mentioned shiok even though I did not mention a word about shiok in my email, saying arrogantly that if shiok has so many complaints why no action was taken after almost 3 months. In fact shiok told me that she has reported to CASE, but as you all know, CASE is not a law enforcing authoring. If they seller refuses to refund/ budge, that's it.

    The seller stated that I am not even their customer as I did not provide my delivery order no. / invoice no. to them. In my last email correspondence to the seller, i gave the seller my DO no/ invoice no, but the seller did not reply me.
    Cool_summer, before you claim that you did not receive my last email, or before you go around saying i am a cyber liar who is not able to prove that I am a genuine customer, let me repeat that my order no. is A01914. If you ever dare tell me that this is not a valid DO/ invoice no., save your efforts. I have the original invoice with me right now.

    To all mummies looking for a Manduca carrier, please check out the actual product sold at the AUTHORIZED distributors first before you even look at the 'authentic' product sold by this seller. Especially the buckle. If you tug and pull the real buckle, it is firm, solid and not flimsy. Whereas for the 'authentic' product, the buckle is flimsy, and moves when you tug and pull at it. In my view, I don't mind if the packaging or the Manduca logo is different or does not appear to be genuine. To me, the buckle is the most important element in this carrier as it plays a crucial role in supporting your precious baby's weight. Even the authorized distributor advised not to use the 'authentic' carrier as they are unlikely to have passed the same stringent tests that Manduca Carriers have to pass, to be safely used for the recommended weight limits.

    I have also bought the authentic carrier from Isetan as they are having a baby and toddler fair from 11th to 24th July!
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  37. Joel Salatino

    Joel Salatino New Member


    I am bit late to the party here, but I just wanted to add:

    I work at a shop that sells Manduca Baby Carriers.

    We sell lots of them and get them from the local distributor.

    I know how the authentic ones look like.

    Shiokz is right, the carrier shown in the pictures posted by her in her first post show a fake carrier.

    So it seems as if Baby Superstore is in fact, selling fake products.

    The original carriers have a very high quality standard and are made of cotton/hemp, not that shiny synthetic as shown in the pics here.
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  38. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Hi just to check if I want to get a preloved manduca any idea what question I need to ask them?
  39. lucky3

    lucky3 Member

    Hi, does anyone know if these baby carriers are good? The website says they are cooling for Singapore's weather.

    Last edited: Mar 31, 2015
  40. shiokz

    shiokz Member

    yes woven wraps and soft structured carriers (SSC) made from woven wrap are very nice and comfy :) are you into baby carrying? there's a FB group called "Babywearing Singapore" the ladies there are experts and can help you. They will know fluffmail quite well.
  41. furbee

    furbee Well-Known Member

    I aso bought a prelove ergo 3yrs back, seller also mention authentic with box, after paying den brought home open is fake. What to do? Learnt a lesson...either do proper 'homework' to spot the fake n real b4 committing or buy from authorised store. :) once bitten twice shy. :)
  42. Babyaddict

    Babyaddict Member

    Sorry... May I know r u all taliking abt "baby expo" fm 5008 amk ave 5 tech place 2?

    Damn sickening....
  43. shiokz

    shiokz Member

  44. harky

    harky Member

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