Playgroup- Sunflower/LittleTots/AppleTree/Talent Plus


i not sure about other branch, but talentplus in cashew CC bukit panjang is really terrible!!
Is the worst playgroup that i ever seen.
My girl was there about 10 months last year!!


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I have experience with talent plus and apple tree before. Overall, I am impressed with the apple tree curriculum compared to talent plus which seems rather haphazardly put together. Also, the teacher made the difference. My girl's teacher was engaging and can manage the kids well. The teacher and asst teacher at talent plus my boy had was like waiting for time to pass. I recommend apple tree any day. My girl attended Tampines branch.


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Hi All, I have had a bad experience in Tampines 498M Talent Plus Branch...The teacher is worst I can say. She leaves the kid unattended if the kid is lil not cooperative or shy I would say. if you ask her, she ll describe your kid autistic. She is a pathetic lady teacher.I will take my Kid out of that branch..will put him in another branch..meanwhile could u suggest some good Playgroup in Sengkang Fernvale area...My kid is 2 yrs 8 mon old


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My child is currently enrolled in TalentPlus Playgroup located at Bedok South 71 . My friend recommended this school to me, telling me both the teacher is very good , helpful and caring, so I went down to take a look, the teacher seems really strict, not wanting to let me in , insisting that is lesson time and I should not be interrupting their lesson and if I went in, I might scare the children and ask me to come back after school.

So I went back later, thinking the teacher should be quite a bad one but when I approach the door, I saw her carrying a child that is crying and hoaxing her not to cry saying "mummy will be coming, its alright" and sang some rhymes to the child and the child seems to calm down, so I approach her and she ask me to wait again and explain that if she let the child down, the child will cry again. So I waited there with her, some small chatting and she was busy helping the child wear shoes even though she keep asking the child "why you still dont know how to wear your shoe, must teach you already," and finally the child mother came and she kept thanking and apologising the the teacher for the wait but the teacher just smile and said it's alright. After seeing all those, I got the feel that if my child is in this school, she will be treated with so much care by the teacher and after asking some question, I decided to enroll my child in.

First few day, I enter together and notice the teacher did not follow the timetable and I question her, which she told me that not all children will be able to follow strictly and they are actually allowed to do it their way as long as things mention in timetable has been done. Im quite alright with it and as for the clean up your child poo, this school doesn't sound the same as how you all mention. The teacher told me that if I'm not free and unable to change for my child, she will do it for me. The reason why they don't help us change is because the child will cry when someone other then their parent change their diaper for them and some parents requesting them to do too much things, like putting on powder after change, applying cream and so on. Which i can't help but to agree with what she say, as some parents really like to request alot of special privileges. How to conduct lesson when they are busy wiping your child butt and still powder and cream. After that I told her that I will not be free most of the time and I stay very far just to travel down to change and I'm alright with her changing it even if my child cried. And she did. My child loves to let the teacher change for her. She even purposely not poo at home just to go school and poo so the teacher can bring her to the toilet to change.

My experience with both the teacher is really great and my child just loves to go school, she even cry during weekend wanting us to bring her to school even though she start off being a very shy girl with others. My child is only open to me and my husband. Any other people she will run away and cry.
Now my child enjoy her school every single day and I feel really touch to see her interacting with her classmates and teachers and not the shy girl that start off with sitting at a corner in class.

Both the teacher have great patience towards my girl and give her alot time to get open to them. Updating me everytime and even have photos of how she is in school.
This will be the school I recommend for anyone near there. I heard from other parents that they know this school is all by word of mouth others about how good both the teacher are. Really great teachers!