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Playgroup/ Enrichment Class for Toddlers

Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by seascent, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Hi mummmies out there,

    I would like to find out if you would send your child to a home based playgroup/enrichment class (4-room HDB) that would consist of story telling, music & movement and some simple alphabets learning. The class size would be max of 5 kids which means more personal attention given. Say either once or twice a week for about an hour or 1.5 hour depending on the age of the toddler?

  2. 2hot

    2hot Member

    hi, are u gg to organise one? i am interested if u are staying at west[​IMG]
  3. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Hi 2hot,
    I'm staying near central region - tpy. I'm actually considering of starting one but need to find out from the mummies here to see if there's the demand and get some form of feedback such as the timing, the cost & whether they mind if it's held at HDB flat instead of a dedicated centre etc.
  4. meglee

    meglee Active Member

    Organising it in a HDB flat can be a bit cramp. If ur hse is spacious then it's quite ok. Just to share wt u that I have organise one for my group of frens but the group is quite big almost 10 of us. somehow can be quite diff to get kids to sit down n go thru the prog.we oso had sing song segment, story time, bubble time and also art and craft. u plan to start a business on this?
  5. xjysg

    xjysg Active Member

    I go to one with my son at a hdb flat. It's an empty room and we all take turns to host a session. It's informal but we collect small amt of funds to cover the expenses. If the prog is good and fees is reasonable, I don't see reason why it's not possible.

  6. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Thanks Megan and ky for your comments [​IMG]
    Ya am thinking of starting a biz on this. It would be good if can get it started & subsequently create some sort of employment opportunties for some mommies too. Tot it's good support oso. Don't really see this kind of arrangement in S'p. I've worked in childcare centres before, neighbourhood & high-end ones.The standard of teachers really can vary a lot. Even those popular big chain ones, it deps on your luck which teacher your child gets...it's crucial for young kids to learn the rite values from the start so the teachers play an impt role in inculcating these to them. It's easy to teach them skills, knowledge but not values. Oops, think I indulge too much in talking about this [​IMG]
  7. prissy_olive

    prissy_olive New Member

    Hi Kin

    I'm interested. Do keep me informed if you are starting one.
  8. meglee

    meglee Active Member

    So most likely where will u have it?? Do agree teachers varies in diff branch, really depend on luck...
  9. meglee

    meglee Active Member

    Double post
  10. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Hi Prissy,
    I'll keep you informed when it gets materialised [​IMG]

    Hi Ky,

    how many children can the room accomodate? Is there any curriculum to follow or is it on an ad hoc basis? Thks!

    Hi Megan,
    am hoping it to be around TPY or AMK area but then again, it depends on space availability as well. Esp now when rental fees are kinda high which is one of the major considerations.

    Yup, really depends on luck. I've a friend working in one of those 'famous' CC & the attitudes of the teachers made me hesitate sending my child to a CC when I have one next time.
  11. luvcp2005

    luvcp2005 Member

    Hi Kin,

    Any update? I stay in TPY and dun mind joining. Pls PM me if you are starting one.

  12. seascent

    seascent New Member

    Hi Maltbibi,

    I'll keep you posted when it's been finalised [​IMG]
  13. celes

    celes New Member

    May I join?
  14. michaelramson

    michaelramson New Member

    Hi guys!

    I am new to this Forum and to the country!

    I have been reading this post and thought I ask here because I have come across this place that I like and its at Toa Payoh!

    so, I just wanted to ask if anyone of you are interested to do a trial class with me @ Colourful Hearts? My girl is 2.3 yrs old and I have been looking around for a place to send her to, just for enrichment alone.

    I have spoken to the Program Director already. Basically, the trial class can happen when there is a minimum of 3 children so pls do sign up, esp if you have a child around the age group as my daughter!

    Also, I was pretty impressed with the credentials of the Program Director and the fees! Such reasonable prices so there is really no harm trying.

    mrs ramson
  15. jinomo

    jinomo New Member

    interested, do keep me posted too thanks
  16. wormybaby

    wormybaby New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Would like to find out if any mummies would send your child to a home based playgroup/enrichment class (5-room HDB) that would consist of flash card, story telling, music & movement and art and craft.

    Say either once or twice a week for about an hour?

    My son 1 yo and not in childcare. Thought it would be a good idea for him to join a playgroup for him to start to play with other kids.

    Any mummies interested?
  17. athlete

    athlete New Member

    Hi wormybaby,

    I'm interested, if it's at a convenient location.
    I stay in the East, and my boy is 1 too.
  18. wormybaby

    wormybaby New Member

    Hi athlete,

    Great! I'm staying at AMK. Can have the sessions at my mum's place at Simei if more mummies stay in the East.

    Anymore moms interested?
  19. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    I am staying in the east. Keep me in the loop if the location in convenient. My child is coming to 3.
  20. torhuiz

    torhuiz New Member

    hi wormybaby,

    so where is this homebased enrichment class ur talking abt?

    i'm looking for an enrichment course for my 18mths son...i dun mind to try this out if location is convenient.

  21. wormybaby

    wormybaby New Member

    Hihi mums,

    Thanks for all your replies... have been sourcing for a suitable venue to hold the playgroup... still looking. [​IMG]

    U got a good place to recommend or we can have it at your place?

    pm / email me ok?

  22. sabbie73

    sabbie73 New Member

    i am interested and am staying in the east too. my bb is 14 months old.
  23. cheers3344

    cheers3344 Member


    I'm very keen too for my 20 mth old daughter. Simei is good location for me but dun mind other places in the east too. Pls keep me in the loop if there is more details.
  24. shook

    shook New Member

    My son is 31 month. I m interested to join. Pls pm me if the playdate is materialize
  25. wongal25

    wongal25 New Member

    I am keen too for my 23 months son. Am staying in the west. pls pm me any details. Thanks
  26. jamespon

    jamespon New Member

    Anyone heard about applepie language enrichment class for kids?
  27. heera

    heera New Member

    hi i am staying at boon lay looking for enrichment clases on sat for my daughter age 5 . Prefer mandarin , math and english. Pls reply me at galhomequeen@hotmail.com
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