Play Dates for 2009 children


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Hi I am looking for friends to play with my 2009 Apr toddler. any mummy interested?

I have my eldest 4 and he is in school so didi has no friend to play with.

A few yrs back i posted the same post and got my eldest a fren of a life time, and they are still playing with each other now and then.

Interested pls respond...



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i stay at beach rd, but i go to the west daily... but we can always meet some other place...pretty flexible... ok.. why din i receive any mail when u ladies pm here?


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Hi im interested to join also. My gal is born in 2009 July. She's kind of shy. Wish to let her have more interaction with same age children.


Hello, my 2nd boy born jan 2009, i stay in the east. other than his elder and younger sister, he don't have friends, at home so lonely.


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Hi, I'm keen! My boy is born in may 2009. He dun have any other children to play with so far.... I stay in Hougang.


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i din know u ladies replied...

there is this play gym - small so all can interact.. but is located near redhill mrt station, by the swimming complex... pls state if u are agreeable to that place....

other gym are too big so they dont get to see each other...

they can come by my place , but is really small we can get them to do some activity together... or lets...go east coast for sand play...

pls kindly drop me emails as i almost miss replying to u...

[email protected]


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another way, if it is easier for the northerner to meet up, someone pls go ahead and arrange...

i understand as mummy it will be tough to travel far with one or 2 toddler...

we can go NEX ...was there a children play thingy right..

xpink_xuanx (mommyxuanx) i love to meet up with u... as u shd be the fastest to arrage a meet up i guess... all mummies are welcome..
Hi, i will soon be a SAHM wef Jul 2012, so like to arrange playdates for my Nov 09 son with other children ard his age.
My son is not attending any playgroup so i think playdates with other children will help improve his social skill.
Notveryfatmum, i requested to join ur group in fb le.
I'm chinese and stayed in Chai Chee Street.
ohstrawberry i have approved all requests to join the group, so you should be in now : )
i am going to the new playground Jurakids (at east coast) next Tuesday 5pm, join us?
(your son and my elder son same birth month! nov 09!)
v_ni, i am ok for weekday. and i speak mainly mandarin with my boys.. chinese is not a big problem for me
But i stay in the east.. and i am very shy to do 'public speaking' like storytelling.. will faint.. haha.. :p If we do get to meet up, i promise to speak only mandarin to your son..
I really loved to join u all but tue i need to send my son back to yishun cause need to work on wed to sat.
I speak both English and mandarin to my son, my hubby said my storytelling not bad, in future when i'm SAHM, i dun mind conduct a mini storytelling session for our kids. But my English not really that good, so sometimes i will have difficulty pronoucing some difficult words but Mandarin shouldn't be any problem, hehehe...
We keep in touch n hope to meetup with u all soon. Now counting down to my last day of work (30Jun), lol...
v_ni, how come u know i went to hokey pokey?? are u in the fb group too? Urm it's very similar to Royce Kids Gym at Liang Court.. ok la, not bad.

Your kid sleeps very early? My 11mo sleeps by 8pm and my 29 mo sleeps by 830pm, but we usually get back from downstairs playground around 6.30pm earliest! then milk then bathe then dinner
not really, i don't go royce that often. Urmm hokey pokey is really copy royce style.. i think royce has more toys yes.. one good thing about HP is it's 'open view', so you can easily see your child wherever he is.


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I'm interested in Chinese storybooks or readings. Anybody with kids of similar age interested in readings or conducting readings? My dd is born in July 2009. We live in Sembawang now and will be moving to Hougang St 11 soon.


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Hi, my boy is Dec '09. Would luv to join mummies and their little ones here, but I stay in the West.

Any mummies staying in the west keen to meet up? Pls pte email me at [email protected]. (In case I'm lost in this thread.)

Hope to hear from some of you.


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Hi mommies,
Just chanced upon this thread. I would like to join in as well. My daughter is born in May 2009. I stay in Toa Payoh area. I would be able to do both chinese and english story telling. Hope to get to know more fellow mommies whose kids are around my daughter's age.. Do keep me informed if there are any meetup.. Thanks and hope to hear from you.


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Hi. Is this thread still active? I am SAHM in Bukit Panjang area. Mother of 3 years old girl and 1 year old boy. Hope to meet up with other mummies whose kids are of mine's age. You can contact me at [email protected]