Planning for baby..


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Hi all, I am a mother of 2 and my 2nd child have DS. She was not diagnose till she was born and although I really want another bb I am really worried. And due to stress, work and home, I depend on sleeping pill and drinks to sleep at night... What should I do to prepare myself for another by
Hi bei.lim, hug hug. I feel should let the nature take the course.
If u are expecting the third child, u need to have mental prepare and
also need help from your family or hub to take care your 1st and 2nd child. =)
Just wanted to say jiayou! It's not an easy job but mommies are as tough as nails. Make sure you build a good support system of family and friends to help you through :)
Hi Bei Lim, just try hard.. If you love kids, you should have faith in yourself and take care of your body. You were mentioning your 2nd baby was not diagnose until birth meaning, did you went for all the testes?