Piano - Suzuki method or conventional method?


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I intend to start my almost 5 year old son for piano. Should I start with Suzuki method or just conventional method?

Any piano teacher can advise?




I'm a violin teacher. And I myself prefer the traditional method. Suzuki method has its own benefit but it neglects on sight reading which is very important esp when taking ABRSM exams in future.


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i am looking for a 2nd hand Yamaha piano for my duaghter learning Grade 1. Budget less than 3k. any good recommendation?

can someone share what's the difference b/w the conventional and suzuki method? I am looking for a music school for my child 5 year old. Want to know more.


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I know of an experienced private piano teacher, a kind and soft spoken lady. She is good with young children and very knowledgable too... well kids love her.

Her name is Su Lin hp:9030 4318 (note: I don't get commission for promoting her, just wanting to share.. as she is good)


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I am a piano teacher. I m in this line for 11 years. I personally think that, all shall depend on how your child can take it and how parent and environment is going to influence your child to love music. As in stimulate brain, also depend on how you focus on your child's fine motor skill.