Pediped: 50% off (AYNIX)

hi Aynix
sorry for hte late tranfer

To Account DBS Savings Plus
063-7-011288 anyix
Amount S$35.69
Transaction Reference 7233918834

<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2">Orders Placed</font></font>

<table border=1><tr><td>Nick</TD><TD>Collection</TD><TD>Batch 6</TD><TD>Color</TD><TD>Size</TD><TD>USD</TD><TD>SGD</TD><TD> Payment RCV </TD></TR><TR><TD>highheels</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Dakota Flex </TD><TD>fuchsia</TD><TD>EU26</TD><TD>54.95</TD><TD>$56.05</TD><TD> $56.05 </TD></TR><TR><TD>thereine</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Dakota Flex </TD><TD></TD><TD>EU24</TD><TD>54.95</TD><TD>$56.05</TD><TD> $56.04 </TD></TR><TR><TD>cupcup</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Brody Flex </TD><TD>navy</TD><TD>Eu23</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD>$30.59</TD><TD> $29.60 </TD></TR><TR><TD>tutu_san</TD><TD></TD><TD>pediped daisy grip&amp; go </TD><TD>light pink</TD><TD>EU22</TD><TD>34.99</TD><TD>$35.69</TD><TD> yes 35.69 </TD></TR><TR><TD>cherry</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Abigail Originals </TD><TD>white multi</TD><TD>12-18 os</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD>$25.49</TD><TD> yes (Pls advise total paid) </TD></TR><TR><TD>guseliz</TD><TD>with cupcup Reg mail?</TD><TD>Pediped Brody Flex </TD><TD>navy</TD><TD>EU28</TD><TD>29.9</TD><TD>$30.50</TD><TD> yes (Pls advise total paid) </TD></TR><TR><TD>yepod</TD><TD></TD><TD>lulu </TD><TD>light pink </TD><TD>26</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD>$30.59</TD><TD> yes 30.59 </TD></TR><TR><TD>irene low</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Sydney Originals</TD><TD>choc brown multi</TD><TD>12-18 mos</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD>$25.49</TD><TD> awaiting payment. </td></tr></table>
<font color="119911"><font size="+2">leila</font></font> pmed you.

<font color="119911"><font size="+2">bethel</font></font> there's not discount off this item. discount appliacable only on sale items.

have made pymt for the following :

size : 18-24 mths
colour :light pink multi
Price: USD 24.99 * 1.36 * 0.60 = S$20.39

Color: navy
Price:USD 24.99 * 1.36 * 0.60 = S$20.39

Total amt trf is S$40.79. Transaction Reference 7257462790

kindly chk.

wld like to add on :

size : EU 22
colour : light pink
Price : us$29.99 * 1.36 * 0.60 = S$24.47

Will trf later cos i forgot my IB gadget.

I have transferred S$ 20.39 to your DBS Savings Plus account.
Transaction reference: 7259612654

Pls confirm my order and amt.
<font color="119911"><font size="+2">Leila</font></font> Item 3 oos.

<font color="119911"><font size="+2">bethel</font></font> tks for the orders and payment.

can I order the following:
size EU29.

will transfer the money by tomorrow.

thank u
Hi Aynix

I would like to order the following:

Pediped Abigail Flex

Size: EU26
Price: $44.90
Colour: white/ multi

Sub total: 44.90 * 1.36 * 0.6 = 36.70

Pediped Gillian Flex

Size: EU 26
Price: $29.99
Colour: Pink

Sub total: 29.99 * 1.36 * 0.6 = 24.47

Pediped Vail Flex

Size: EU 29
Price: $54.95
Colour Brown

Subtotal: 54.95 * 1.36 * 0.75 = $56.05

Total: 36.71 + 24.47 + 56.05 = 117.23

Please confirm and I'll transf payment. Thanks!
Hi Aynix,

item no. 3 seems like is in stk again, cld chk? but if oss, pls get item no. 4.

size : EU 22
colour : light pink
Price : us$29.99 * 1.36 * 0.60 = S$24.47

if above o0s pls get below :

size : eu 22
colour : white
Price : us$29.99 * 1.36 * 0.60 = S$24.47

have trf S$24.47 with Transaction Reference 7261272617. kindly chk and advise. Thks!!
Hi Aynix

Have made payment of $117.23
Transaction Ref: 7261423882

Kindly verify. Thanks for organizing the spree.

Cheers, Starus
<font color="119911"><font size="+2">jacqaw</font></font> ok. you are the last orders. pls let me know when payment is made.
<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2">Orders placed</font></font>

<table border=1><tr><td>Nick</TD><TD>Collection</TD><TD>Item Name </TD><TD>Color</TD><TD>Size</TD><TD>USD</TD><TD> Payment RCV </TD></TR><TR><TD>leila</TD><TD>woodlands</TD><TD>Pediped Daisy Originals</TD><TD>light pink multi</TD><TD>18-24MOS</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD> yes 40.79 </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Brody Flex</TD><TD>navy</TD><TD>EU27</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Lulu Flex</TD><TD>pink</TD><TD>EU22</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Bona</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Gillian pink</TD><TD>pink</TD><TD>EU24</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> pay when back </TD></TR><TR><TD>bethel</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Daisy Originals</TD><TD>light pink multi</TD><TD>6-12MOS</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD> yes 20.39 </TD></TR><TR><TD>cupcup</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Brody Flex</TD><TD>navy</TD><TD>EU29</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> yes 26 </TD></TR><TR><TD>starus</TD><TD>queenstown</TD><TD>Pediped Abigail Flex</TD><TD>white/multi</TD><TD>EU26</TD><TD>44.9</TD><TD> yes </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Gillian Flex</TD><TD>pink</TD><TD>EU26</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Vail Flex</TD><TD>brown</TD><TD>EU29</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>jasmine</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Lulu Flex </TD><TD>light pink</TD><TD>EU28</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> yes </TD></TR><TR><TD>hosmi</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Maggie Flex</TD><TD>white</TD><TD>EU22</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> payment tomorrow </TD></TR><TR><TD>tiny</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Lulu Flex</TD><TD>pink</TD><TD>EU22</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> yes 24.47 </TD></TR><TR><TD>gg02</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Lulu Flex</TD><TD>light pink</TD><TD>EU31</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> no </TD></TR><TR><TD>sweetkyra</TD><TD></TD><TD>hillary pink</TD><TD>pink</TD><TD>8</TD><TD>34.99</TD><TD> yes 28.55 </TD></TR><TR><TD>jacqaw</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Brody Flex</TD><TD>navy</TD><TD>EU29</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD> tt tmw. </TD></TR><TR><TD>bbloelim</TD><TD></TD><TD>Pediped Daisy Originals</TD><TD>white</TD><TD>12-18MOS</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD> yes </td></tr></table>

<font color="119911"><font size="+2">Jacqaw your new orders are included also.</font></font>

<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2">Will be away from 9th December - 15th December -unable to reply to any emails/enquiries until i'm back</font></font>
<font color="119911"><font size="+2">sorry the above table not v. updated... will do the update when I'm back</font></font>
nick: lukemonny (babyluke)
email: [email protected]
Collection: haig lane

Item Name 1: Geox Ascari
Price: $29.99
Size: EUR 28 (US 10.5)
Qty: 1
Color: Grey/red
If OOS: Drop

Item Name 2: ralph lauren tanya
Price: $24.99
Size: 6
Qty: 1
Color: ditsy pink floral canvas
If OOS: Drop

Total: 54.98 * 1.36 * 0.60 = SGD 44.87

will tt the fund to you if i still csn place order, thanks!
Hi Anynix,
Ignore my previous posting. I didn't realise that the pediped orders are from ollyshoes, not
I checked ollyshoes and they didn't have my dd's size.

sorry for my confusion!
Hi the promo for Naomi has ended I think

Pls let me know if u can help order the daisy in size 27 and advise on the total price. Thanks!
<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2">Just came back from my trip, just to update - the promotion for 40% is over already</font></font>

can u pm me for collection/delivery arrangement for the christian book n shoes?

I pm-ed u, but just incase it did not reach u.

thank u
<font color="119911"><font size="+2">cupcup</font></font> will courier the items to Guseliz - the shoes will not arrive so soon - it's been a week since I've made payment and there's no updates on VPOST side

<font color="119911"><font size="+2">irene_low</font></font> it will not arrive this week as it's christmas time and VPOST has been slower with their shipments...
<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2">Batch 6 - Ready for collection</font></font>

<font color="119911">Mummies pls read the following:</font>

1. Domestic shipping is higher this round as I split the orders into 3 orders so that we can qualify for the discount 25USD off USD100. However, we saved on the international shipping as I requested olly to ship all the 3 separate shoe orders together in 1 package - just that they still charged me for domestic shipping for 3 orders, which is non-negotiable.

2. Discount for the shoes varies from 22.7% - 24.7% as it's not possible to divide the orders into exact amount of USD100

3. Flex takes unit of 1.5/Originals takes unit of 1.

<table border=1><tr><td>Nick</TD><TD>Batch 6</TD><TD>Color</TD><TD>Size</TD><TD>USD</TD><TD>SGD (USD*1.36)</TD><TD>Less SGD (Discount)</TD><TD>Domestic Shipping</TD><TD>International Shipping</TD><TD> Unit </TD><TD> Total </TD><TD> Payment RCV </TD><TD> <font color="ff0000">Top up</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD>highheels</TD><TD>Pediped Dakota Flex </TD><TD>fuchsia</TD><TD>EU26</TD><TD>54.95</TD><TD>$74.73</TD><TD>17</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$10.72</TD><TD>1.5</TD><TD> $72.50 </TD><TD> $56.05 </TD><TD> $16.45 </TD></TR><TR><TD>thereine</TD><TD>Pediped Dakota Flex </TD><TD></TD><TD>EU24</TD><TD>54.95</TD><TD>$74.73</TD><TD>17</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$10.72</TD><TD>1.5</TD><TD> $72.50 </TD><TD> $56.04 </TD><TD> $16.46 </TD></TR><TR><TD>cupcup</TD><TD>Pediped Brody Flex </TD><TD>navy</TD><TD>Eu23</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD>$40.79</TD><TD>10.1</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$10.72</TD><TD>1.5</TD><TD> $45.45 </TD><TD> $29.60 </TD><TD> $15.85 </TD></TR><TR><TD>tutu_san</TD><TD>pediped daisy grip&amp; go </TD><TD>light pink</TD><TD>EU22</TD><TD>34.99</TD><TD>$47.59</TD><TD>11.79</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$10.72</TD><TD>1.5</TD><TD> $50.56 </TD><TD> $35.69 </TD><TD> $14.87 </TD></TR><TR><TD>cherrry</TD><TD>Pediped Abigail Originals </TD><TD>white multi</TD><TD>12-18 os</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD>$33.99</TD><TD>8.47</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$7.14</TD><TD>1</TD><TD> $36.71 </TD><TD> $25.49 </TD><TD> $11.22 </TD></TR><TR><TD>guseliz</TD><TD>Pediped Brody Flex </TD><TD>navy</TD><TD>EU28</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD>$40.79</TD><TD>10.07</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$10.72</TD><TD>1.5</TD><TD> $45.48 </TD><TD> $29.60 </TD><TD> $15.88 </TD></TR><TR><TD>yepod</TD><TD>lulu </TD><TD>light pink </TD><TD>26</TD><TD>29.99</TD><TD>$40.79</TD><TD>10.07</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$10.72</TD><TD>1.5</TD><TD> $45.48 </TD><TD> $30.59 </TD><TD> $14.89 </TD></TR><TR><TD>irene low</TD><TD>Pediped Sydney Originals</TD><TD>choc brown multi</TD><TD>12-18 mos</TD><TD>24.99</TD><TD>$33.99</TD><TD>8.42</TD><TD>4.05</TD><TD>$7.14</TD><TD>1</TD><TD> $36.76 </TD><TD> $25.50 </TD><TD> $11.26 </td></tr></table>

<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2">All mummies please email me your collection, amt paid and HP as the PM function doesn't seem to work at times.</font></font>

<font color="119911"><font size="+2">Collection</font></font>

1. Courier $6 (email me below your address and hp)
2. Normal Postage $1.50 per pair of shoes (Highly advise reg mail** add $2.24)
3. Haig Lane (My mum's plc: Available for collection in 2 days time. Weekdays: after 7 pm; Saturday: Mornings; Sunday - by appointment only. Email me your hp/time of collection. Will mail you details for collection)
4. Strathmore Avenue (Sat/Sun between 4-6 p.m. Wednesday-Friday (preferred time is 8-930 a.m./4-6 p.m./after 8 p.m.)
5. United Square (Starting in 2012: Thursday 4 p.m.)
7. Orchard MRT (2/January Mon 615 p.m. station control)
8. Ikea Alexandra (Weekday: Lunch time - by appt only pls email me)
9. Woodlands MRT taxi stand: Sunday @ 1050-11 a.m. (email me your hp)

<font color="ff0000"><font size="+2">Please read</font></font>
1. I will not be responsible for lost mail via normal postage. Highly advise reg mail/courier.

2. For courier: Pls give me your Address, Hp and date/time you will be home (2 days in advance)

Pls advise on address. I strongly encourage reg mail as parcels get lost and can't be found if sent via normal mail. Postage is e.g. $0.80 (normal postage) + $2.24 for reg mail. <font color="ff0000">Top up</font> doesn't include postage.
Hi Anyix

Shipping tt, reference no. 7327601613. Pls pm me address/mobile for collection of shoes. likely on weekday at your mum's place hiag lane.
<font color="119911"><font size="+2">odiey</font></font> not taking orders at the moment as I anticipate to be really busy over the new year...

<font color="119911"><font size="+2">therine</font></font> pmed you.

<font color="119911"><font size="+2">Bethel</font></font> 1st package will arrive tomorrow. Another package is on it's way should arrive next week. I don't know which package contains your orders until it comes.