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PDs at TMC

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by kerry, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. kerry

    kerry New Member

    Can recommend any good ones at TMC?

  2. polo

    polo Member

    avoid Dr. Ang Ai ting...
  3. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi Polo,

    My son was attached to her when he was born there. I do not think she is very good too. She made my son drink some special and very expensive milk powder which i bought two cans at one go, and my son does not like it at all. And in the end another PD says my son will be fine and need not take that milk. Also, she says my son got bad allergies when the other PD says it is not. But this is just my personal experience.
  4. lemont

    lemont Member

    Dr. Ang Poon Liat is gd & experienced but some of the staff got attitude problem there. esp the older ones. mayb they r all bz..
  5. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

    I used Dr EK Ong when i delivered my boy. He's a great dr, just very long queue at his clinic.
  6. kerry

    kerry New Member

    thank you for all the feedback,
    heard Dr Keoy is good but very quiet any comments ?
    Polo. why avoid ang ai tin ?
  7. fion

    fion Active Member

    mine is Dr Keoy when my boy is borned.. he is ok but quiet as wat u said.. everything to him is normal and OK.. u got to ask qns and he will ans normal/ok.. sometimes find it not bery assuring.. kekeke.. but better than he telling u abnormal/not ok.. rite?
  8. kerry

    kerry New Member

    thanks cupid,for the reply.
    U didnt change PD ?
  9. fion

    fion Active Member


    i changed to PD near my plc..
  10. kerry

    kerry New Member

    thanks and is your PD now a good one ? where ?
  11. tika

    tika Member

    i went to Dr Keoy too. My gynae had accidentally cut my newborn's head during csect and she recommended Dr Keoy as our in-hos PD. I find him unassuring at all. He keep saying dont worry the cut on my baby's head will be fine. Wont get infected or become worse. Keep repeating baby is Normal and OK (like babycupid say).

    1 week later, got pus come out of my baby's head. We went back to see him, cos he told us it wont get infected. But again he say This is normal. What an ass. Hubby was so annoyed. I already give up hope on the PD.

    We chg PD to Dr Winston at CCK Kidslink. He's an excellent PD and very gentle. Plus he explains his diagnosis clearly so you know whats going on with your child. We've found our perfect PD. =)
  12. kerry

    kerry New Member

    thank you tika for the explainations.
    to sum up think Dr. Keoy is not very good at talking & conveying to parents huh ?

    Any more comments from others ?
  13. idaarshad

    idaarshad Active Member

    `tika... how come can cut newborn's head.. what happened -care to share - my 1st time hearing this
  14. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    wah cut newborn's head!! so scary!! how come like dat???
  15. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    how to choose a PD? do u go for those recommended by friends? or u stick with the one who attended to ur bb at hospital during delivery?
  16. kerry

    kerry New Member

    Normally if you dont have any PDs in mind te gynae will "assigned one " to you and its someone normally they hve worked with ad trust.

    Maybe not cut the head cut at C sction during pulling the beby out may heve incured a cut ?
  17. tika

    tika Member

    Hi all. Yup it was a horrifying experience for us as first time parents!! Hubby and i really shdn't have paid for the Csection. Luckily my daughter is fine. Its just tougher luck for us cos her hair is taking its own sweet time to grow. She's 14 months now but her hair is still nowhere near ear level. Her scar can be seen quite clearly as her top hair is not long enough to cover it. =(

    Yew can read abt my csect experience at TMC at the the following thread.

    my post is somewhere in the middle of the page -

  18. yiyi123

    yiyi123 Member

    Agree with Polo, avoid Dr Ang Ai Ting.

    I was assigned to Dr Ang PL.
    After 5 days since I discharged from TMC, my boy was a bit yellowish, so I went to see Dr Ang PL. But it was an afternoon and he is not in, so I was advised by the staff to see his partner, Dr Ang AT. She was very mean with her tone saying we did not take care of baby (sounds like what kinds of parents you are to cause baby to become like that) and baby have jaundice and need to admit hospital. I am more sad then angry and I cry a lot that day. My hubby was so angry afterwards and tell me to ban seeing Dr Ang AT in the future. In the end I came to know that a lot of my frens' babies also encounter the same jaundice problem and is very common and should not be so upset about it.
  19. nubie

    nubie Member

    Yeah avoid Dr Ang Ai Ting at all cost
    find her very rushed and impersonal further more try to force us on screen test that's really unnecessary, since my oldest one never had it even when she is born in country Dr Ang Ai Ting said it is practiced.
  20. Mummykian

    Mummykian Member

    Thumbs up for Dr EK Ong frm SBCC!!
  21. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    I was assigned to Dr Keoy when I was due. For the uninitiated, Dr Keoy is a neonatalogist at TMC. From what I have heard, parents seeing him end up in two camps. First camp - dont like him. Second camp - ok with him and stayed with him for their second/third child. I belong to the second camp.

    When my son was born, Dr keoy came to my ward every morning between 6-6.30am to report how my boy was doing.

    I agree Dr keoy has some traits that some parents find uncomfortable with but having been with him for almost 2 years now, he's the most suitable for us.

    Each time my boy falls very, very sick (3 times so far), it's him who gave the correct diagnosis. I had brought my boy to the famous Dr Koh at SBCC AMK and DR Ang AT/Ang PL. None gave good diagnosis for my boy's condition. On these 3 occasions, Dr Keoy was away for holiday, so bo pian needed to see another doc.

    When he's 3months old, my boy was coughing very badly for a week. We brought him to see Dr Koh who immediately concluded my boy's cough was asthmatic after hearing I had childhood asthma. We spent close to $600 for 2 visits but still boy was not getting better. By then, Dr Keoy returned liao. We went to Dr Keoy and he gave a thorough check up for my boy and found that my boy was having a rare skin disease, MRSA. If we had stuck to Dr Koh, my son would have been dead by now. For this, I would always always remember and be thankful to Dr Keoy. He didn't dismiss my son's condition as 'cough', 'simple flu' or asthma. He didnt take the easy way out but rather, did his own diagnosis.

    Maybe he somehow has a connection with my son. I realise he remembers a lot of things I have told him (from previous visits) about my son. Unlike how some mums mention here, Dr Keoy always have time to discuss in great depth on questions that I have. Of cos, there are times when he replies "it's normal". [​IMG]
  22. kuro

    kuro New Member

    but i heard alot tat he is very quiet and dont talk is it true ?
  23. bluemarinesg

    bluemarinesg New Member

    I would say he's not the 'chatty' sort but he answers our questions patiently. When he think the answer is "beyond our intelligence" or need a lot of time to explain, he would point us to some books or website. I rather he does this, then try to cook up stories to get rid of us.

    He is that sort who "I just want to see my patients" kind. If you are comparing him with Dr Ong Eng Keow, then of cos Dr Keoy is quiet and boring lor. But do I need a chatty doc? No, right? I just need someone who cares and is sincere in helping my kid to be back to good health and explain to me about things I dont understand or things I ask about. Dr Keoy does all these.

    He doesnt charge u ridiculous fees or sell u medications that your child doesnt need or bluff u into hospitalising your child for trival things.
  24. lemont

    lemont Member

    My prob w Dr.Keoy is i cant hear him properly.. he is soft & i think i've got prob w my ears too.. haha...

    anyway, i m changing away from Dr.Ang PL too... think he is too bz, all his visits r snap & short.

    will try Dr.Winston @ Kidslink CCK, this is 10mins from my place [​IMG]... thanks tika for ur recommendation [​IMG]
  25. kuro

    kuro New Member

    hi all , heard dr keoy is on his own now at novena , is he better now ?
  26. hazeline

    hazeline Member

    I will be delivering in TMC and we need to choose a PD otherwise, they will anyhow assign one?

    The thing is, I signed up for their Subequent Born Incentive program and will get 5% discount off the consultation fees if I select one of their "partner" PD. My question is: Is it really cheaper if I select a PD from their list? Or is the cost already "added" such that those PD in the list are already the more expensive ones, so there is no difference on whether I choose a gynae on the list or not?

    Also, anyone has good recommendation for a good PD with low charges? I read on the internet that Dr Ang Ai Tin is not very recommended. There are other PDs in the list, some with clinics within TMC while others have clinics elsewhere. PDs on the list are Ang Poon Liat, Anita Menon, Janice Wong Tzen Yuen, Eugene Han, Tan Kuanyang etc. There are afew others that are not based in TMC.

    Any comments/sugggestions is greatly appreciated :)
  27. Baby 2014

    Baby 2014 New Member

    I switched from Dr. Ang Ai Tin for my older daughter cos I found consults to be short and abrupt. Wanted anything but her. OBGYN recommended Dr. KY Tan, TMC Level 6. pretty detailed and very encouraging about breast feeding. Going into detail with each explanation. U can try. I was more comfortable with PD in house cuz in case anything go wrong PD is nearby. I got 10% from SBI discount on both PD ward charge and subsequent PD visits. Vaccines can also claim medisave also. so overall cheaper than expected.
  28. sweetmermaid

    sweetmermaid New Member

    Dr Ang AiTin was assigned to me by my gynae on the birth of my baby. She is indeed very abrupt and gives short consultations as in others' comments. Her clinic is always crowded and expect a wait of 1-2 hrs each visit. They go by first-come-first serve. So we switched to a nearby-our-home paede for subsequent vaccinations and follow-up. That said, Dr Ang AiTin is a very responsible and good doctor, especially for emergency. She seems to camp out at TMC as she's there all the time. There is not many PD clinics open on weekends and she will race down to TMC within 30 mins or less when your child is hospitalized. In fact she was around to examine the baby when I delivered at 8pm. When my baby was jaundiced, she took care of her and baby was discharged without any issue. But the deepest impression was when the baby was hospitalized at 21 mths old with blood in the stool and high fever. It was a Saturday evening and the on-duty doctor called her. Dr Ang came immediately and ordered all the necessary tests and put the baby on drip. One may think that she should be more consultative with the parents, but as anxious parents at that time, a clear and decisive mind like Dr Ang is necessary to ensure all needed actions are taken. Within 2 hours, the blood tests results were out and she ordered for the antibiotics and other necessary treatments. The very next morning, we were sent for x-ray/ultrasound as she wanted to make sure all the major organs are not affected while we continue to await the results of the stool culture. She will visit the child twice a day. Within 2 days, the fever was gone and the baby was active and happy, making parents and Dr Ang equally happy. Within 4 days we were discharged and reviewed a week later with Dr Ang @clinic. Some may comment that she will order a lot of unnecessary tests, but as parents we felt the tests may seem extensive but it is important to ensure the diagnosis is precise and we left the hospital with a baby restored to health and a precise diagnosis on what happened. Lastly, it is indeed known that Dr Ang's feess are not cheap (i.e. $200-300/visit during hospitalization, $85@clinic), so medical insurance is really necessary if one chooses to be warded at TMC, but then, all other Singapore private hospitals charges are not cheap either.
  29. 4evaluv

    4evaluv Member

    Highly reco dr allyson tan. Her clinic is at sengkang. So if u stay near there wld u gd. Shes very detailed n i like that whenever we go wen my kids are sick she wil explain to me wat causes it n wil let me know roughly wen they wil recover n shes usu spot on. I tink im nw pretty knowledgeable cos she shares a lot.

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