PD Edmund KOH at Tiong Bahru


Hi folks, heard that dr Koh has left the clinic at Jalan Membina. Not sure where he has moved to though, does anyone have any idea?


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Hi mummies,
I am considering to go to Dr Edmund Koh for my bb's vaccination. He quoted ard $1800+ for the essential & optional vaccinations, including consultation. Is this the norm rate? I asked my GP clinic- for 6 in 1, costs only ard $300.. The rest of the optional vaccinations cannot be so expensive right?
For advice, pls. Thanks!

Mrs Ng

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We've had 2 terrible experiences with PD Edmund Koh over the past 2 years, the second one prompting us to log a formal complaint with sma. The first was more than a year ago, when we discovered that the expiry date on the medication he had provided was incorrect. Over the phone, when checking on the dosage when my kid had a fever, his nurse asked us to come down to the clinic instead, as the medication previously given had expired. Although when we looked at the date, there was more than half a year to expiration. Upon stating this, the nurse corrected herself and said the date was incorrect.

On a more recent occasion, we were turned away by pd Edmund koh, when my kid had a serious cough complete with phlegm. Specifically, the doctor referred to the previous complaint about the incorrect expiry date and told us to go somewhere else as "standards here might not be high enough for you." We went home without seeing the doctor and my kid's coughing.


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The worst ever! I will definitely sue the pediatrician if my baby boy’s nose continue bleeding!

The pediatrician has not been professional; no enough stuff to assist with test such as nasal swab and caused my 15-month old’s nose bleed! I witnessed how the pediatrician forcefully insert the swab to my baby’s nose, it must be stabed too deep, and my poor boy’s nose start to bleed right after he remove the swab. That was so shocking and abhorrent !

Seeing bleeding, the pediatrician conviently push the blame to parent being not able to hold baby’s head firm enough (how crafty and mean! come on, parents are not your assistant, and they were not trained anyway either. To request parent to assist with your operation is already unsafe and is wrong, yet when thing went wrong, you push blame to the untrained parent! What on earth!!!)

By the way, the clinic is very run down and small. The pediatrian’s consultacy room has no privacy at all, where everyone waiting can see what’s going on inside.

The bill is definitely not worth the service and environment you get! (Consultation fee is $100 for a clinic in HDB, what?)

Avoid this clinic if you don’t want to have a disastrous experience!

Take my true advice because I am a parent, I hope all parents in Singapore will be respected and their beloved ones can enjoy high standard medical service. Poor pediatric clinic like this one should really catch up if not then to be eliminated.:mad: