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PCOS patient and trying to conceive, pls share experience here.

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by elle, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. elle

    elle Active Member

    Hi! (PCOS)Ladies,

    I notice quite a few of us here are PCOS patient so i decided to have this thread for us to gather and share experience here.

    Hope this thread would be able to improve our knowledge of PCOS through exchanges.

    Keep your posting coming in okie..

  2. elle

    elle Active Member

    Calling for Poohy & autumn gal understand from other threads that both of you are PCOS patient , could you share what treatment are you going thru at the moment?

    Hi! Poohy,

    I've been diagnose of PCOS months ago and gyne gave me clomid 150mg(1st try) for treatment.
    Apparently this doesn't work well on me, no eggs was realeased and i was so sad that i cried.
    Thought i was hopeless..
    But got to know from you and other relevant website that metformin could helps too.
    However, my gyne don't seem to mention at all. Is this a control drug?
    My gyne suggest to go through a 2nd try on clomid by increasing the dosage.. You think it would work since 1st time already gone case..
    what is your views/advise?
  3. meemee

    meemee New Member

    Hi elle,

    I am interested to know why did the Dr prescribe clomid & how does it help you?

    By the way, I am also a PCOS & plan to have BB 1 or 2yrs later. Just stop taking the birth control pills which regulate my menses becos I don't want my body to depend on it.
  4. elle

    elle Active Member

    hi meemee,

    according to the gyne, clomid helps to stimulate the ovaries in producing eggs. After having done blood test, sad to say the result is no eggs at all.
    Clomid don't seem to work well on me.

    My previous gyne gave me Diane35 to regulate my menses. but apparently it is a birth control pill so my current gyne asked me to stop taking that if i plan to have BB.

    So right now are you taking any medicine to regulate your menses? What symtoms did you have as a PCOS patient? irregular period or ?
  5. ray

    ray New Member

    Dear Ladies,

    I've also just been diagnosed with PCOS. Scans show a typical "string-of-pearls" in my ovaries and blood tests confirmed that my LH is slightly higher than FSH.

    But I think mine may be a mild case. LH:FSH is 1.3:1 and I don't have the typical symptoms like overweight, acne and balding etc. However, I have regular spottings between cycles and my cycle length is about 35 to 38 days, sometimes longer.

    I was really worried about the spottings as we intend to start trying for a baby few months down the road. So I took BBT charts to confirm whether I'm ovulating. Luckily, I have been but it's always late into the cycles like between day 19 to day 23 or something like that.

    I've just seen my gynae yesterday to discuss about my condition. She wanted to prescribe me with Clomid to regulate my cycles to a typical 28 days so that it makes it easier for us to time baby dancing. But hubby and I decided not to take it since I'm ovulating and also I'm afraid of side effects or running the risks of carrying multiple babies. But hubby doesnt mind twins... [​IMG]

    Still I'm worried about whether I can really conceive and the risks of miscarriages. Because of my condition, we have decided to start trying early though hubby is still on an overseas assignment. On the other hand, I also wonder if I can really cope alone in the event that I really conceived. Aiyah, really vexing thinking about all these....
  6. elle

    elle Active Member

    hi ray, what is the "string of peals" you referring to ? Is it cyst?
    I've went through both tummy & vaginal scan before and both report normal. but i still abit worried cos' seems like most PCOS patient comes with cyst. Dunno whether did the gyne miss out during the scan.
    My blood test also confirm my LH>FSH. with a ration of about 1.4 so does it consider me also mild PCOS? I thought once LH higher confirm PCOS as there is no classification betw mild or strong right? Ray, at least you are ovulating every month not as bad as me .. My period comes once a blue moon. If my menses come once every two month i already very happy.
    I think its better to start trying for BB now since now we know we have PCOS. Dun wait few months unless you still beri young. By the way, dun mind me asking how old r you? I am dragon. You leh?
    Hubby and me also thought of trying only next year. but once i've been diagnose with PCOS we intend to start trying asap. Time flies.. its better to start early.
    Perhaps after taking clomid you would be extra fertile and easier to conceive. No harm trying for a cycle. Me very unfortunate whereby clomid doesn't release my eggs.

    Actually to be able to conceive is already very blessing, even with multiple babies i also dun mind.
    Financially is very stressful i believe but the joy of having kids is not something $ could buy.
    Frankly, twins should be tolerable but not triplets or more. Else lagi stress man..

    Not to worry too much when u realise you've conceived .. "chuan dao qiao toa zi ran zhi". I'm sure the happiness would outshine your worried ness.
  7. meemee

    meemee New Member

    Hi elle,

    Thanks for the Clomid info. I used to take Diane 35 to regulate menses & then switch to Meliane. Now I initiate to stop the pills & see whether it go haywired or not. Apparently, it is around 40 -45 days of cycle for several mths. Already ask my Dr, she say as long as it is regular & not more than 3 mths, then shouldn't be a problem. The only worry is I cannot predict when is my ovulation period. Normally it's 2 weeks before menses.

    My symptoms is irregular menses, around 2-3 mm cysts & LH>FSH. I had done a osteophoresis test and it doesn't seem good. My dr explained that it was due to my imbalanced hormone.

    Hi ray,
    I am interested to use the BBT chart, can I get it from pharmacy? And how to use it?
  8. ray

    ray New Member

    Hi elle,

    I dont think my "string of pearls" are cysts cos gynae didnt mention about removing them leh. Think she did mention that those are eggs trying to be "the egg" for the month but she said probably I didnt ovulate that's why they're stuck inside. Now, this is the confusing part cos for the past half year I've been ovulating, according to my BBT charts and my latest blood test also confirmed that I've ovulated.

    Dont worry about cysts lah... Cos I read not all PCOS patients will have cysts, we'll just have to leave it to the professionals, ok? Hmm... I guess if LH:FSH is not that high, we're not that serious right? Cos I also read that most doctors confirm their patients are PCOS if the ratio is like 2 or 3. Not sure if you've visited this website, very informative on PCOS -http://infertility.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inciid.org%2Ffaq%2Fpcos.html.

    I'm a rabbit, also not getting any younger. Like you, we've also decided to try early cos of my condition. But we'll probably give Clomid a miss first since I'm ovulating. Also, hubby is on overseas assignment but we try to meet up every month and it's difficult to coincide with my fertile period. I've read somewhere that we cant take Clomid for more than 6 cycles cos it increases risks of cervical cancer. So, taking Clomid is out for us for the time being cos of the timing issue. We'll see how, if still cant conceive when hubby is back for good next year, we'll have to go for that.

    We'll leave it natural and wait for god's gift. If really conceive, i'll have to learn to be more independent... You dont worry too much too. Stress can affect your ovulation. Need to have positive thinking, be strong and stay healthy ok? I'm sure with higher dosage of Clomid, you'll ovulate successfully [​IMG] To motivate you a bit, when i was at gynae's clinic, i saw her Clomid patient with twins! Very beautiful baby gals. Mixed parentage, 1 baby like mummy, 1 baby like daddy! Very pretty [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hi MeeMee,

    First of all, you need to get a basal body thermometer, you can try Guardian. That's where I got mine, pink packaging with Japanese words. There's a chart inside the box but think it's easier to plot online. You can try www.fertilityfriend.com.

    You should be able to find out more about BBT from the website. Usually, I'll leave the thermometer beside my bed and take temp before I get out of bed. When you plot the temps, you should be able to tell when you've ovulated. But as the chart tells you after you've ovulated, you cant really use it to time baby dancing. It's more to understand your cycles better. Hope this helps [​IMG]
  9. elle

    elle Active Member

    hi ray,
    thanks for your informative reply..
    Did your gyne says these "string of pearls" wld have any effect on you? is it possible to remove it? So envy you every month ovulate promptly .. BBT chart seems to be pretty useful huh.. But if my period is so infrequent you think i could use BBT chart to check whether i'm ovulating? what's your view? I also wonder why my gyne never ask me to do charting mayb me too infrequent liao so no point charting.

    The website you provided i've read it before, very useful. i also read about the ratio 2 or 3 then consider PCOS for some gynes. but in singapore seems like as long as your LH>FSH would be PCOS.
    yah.. you r right since you r ovulating mthly you shldn't take clomid. My gyne wants me to try taking clomid for 2nd cycle and would stop if it doesn't work. As what you've said clomid more or less have some side effects.. By the way, you heard of metformin? I read somewhere metformin works on some PCOS women who's resistant to clomid. I told my gyne about it but he said metformin is more for those pple who r fat whereas i'm not.. Sighhh..sighhh.. This drug cannot take , that drug have side effects.. like tat i really dunno what other hopes i have..

    hey.. great thanks for your encouragement .. i would try to think positive. Its so lucky that they have two pretty baby gals!.. Mixed parents' babies are always very pretty like barbie doll.. So envy them hor..
    by the way, what is this basal thermometer for? For charting is it? how much is one?
    So you r one year older than me.. But when did you get married?.. me just last Sept. since then my mum has been nagging at me to start planning for a kid soon.. Initially find her irritating (prior knowing my PCOS condition) but eventually know her "yong xin liang ku" . She also feels that at least start early you would know your condition earlier also.. but i didn't tell her about my PCOS condition, dun want her to worry too much.. But then hor.. more or less she's creating a kinda pressure in me leh..
  10. elle

    elle Active Member

    hi ray,
    did you read this ? it says the "string of pearls" are cyst..i think its better to check again with your gyne..

    2.6 How are polycystic ovaries diagnosed by ultrasound?

    An ultrasound of the ovaries is usually done transvaginally where a probe is placed into the vagina to gain view of the ovaries. In some cases, an abdominal ultrasound may be needed as well, but this tends not to give as clear a view.

    A classic PCOS ovary is enlarged and has a "string of pearls" appearance, where the pearls are the cysts. Usually ultrasound diagnosis of polycystic ovaries is made if there are at least 8-10 cysts that are less than 10mm in size on each ovary. It is not known how long each individual cyst will last, or what caused the arrested development of the follicle leading to the formation of the cyst in the first place. The polycystic ovary tends to be enlarged to 1.5-3 times the size of a normal ovary and often has an increase in the stromal tissue in the center of the ovary and around the follicles. Both the cysts and the stroma produce hormones, so the more cysts and the more stroma, the more likely one is to have other signs and symptoms of PCOS.

  11. ray

    ray New Member

    Hi elle,

    My gynae did mention that the string of pearls are follicular cysts eggs that have matured but are not released due to hormonal imbalance. She didnt mention about removing them leh and I also dont recall her commenting about my ovary sizes. The only treatment she offered was Clomid to regulate my cycle to 28 days so that we can time baby dancing better. Or maybe Clomid will force more eggs to be released, hence reducing the number of cysts in my ovaries?

    Dunno leh, Im confused liao and wont be seeing her so soon. If you see your gynae, can you check on my behalf? As in is it necessary to remove those follicular cysts and is it ok to leave them in there? But I think even if I removed them, theyll form again cos of my hormonal imbalance condition. Dont you think so?

    Yah, the BBT charts are useful for us to get to know our cycles better. Well, according to the charts I did ovulate... But with my condition, I wont know if theres any issues with my egg quality and my chances of conceiving

    I read somewhere that some gynaes dont suggest getting their PCOS patients to chart if they dont menstruate regularly. Maybe it doesnt tell much? Im not sure My gynae did mention that charting is stressful for couples who are actively trying imagine taking temperatures every day and wondering if ovulation is today or not? Youre in safe hands, maybe you dont take BBT first, dont give yourself more pressure. Just baby dance regularly and enjoy the sessions [​IMG]

    Yah, the basal thermometer is for BBT charting and I got mine for less than $20/- from Guardian. Before that, Ive used a normal thermometer and the temp takings work on the BBT chart. Cos BBT is to track the general pattern of the temps so I guess its ok to use a normal one.

    Think Ive also read somewhere about metformin and Ive a vague impression that its meant for people with problems about their insulin levels. Anyway, Ive found this but didnt get a chance to digest the contents. Hope its useful for your understanding - http://www.advancedfertility.com/metformin.htm

    Yah, Im a year older than you [​IMG] We had our customary in late 2001 but soon after hubby went for overseas assignment. Maybe because of the long distance relationship, no one has been bugging us to start a family yet

    Stay strong and positive ok? Im sure youll get there Have faith in yourself and your gynae Take care and keep us posted on your progress. Lots of baby dust to you
  12. a listener

    a listener Guest

    Hi Ladies,
    Any good news from all of u here?? My good frd had just diagnose with PCOS and very very sad abt this. Any good and promising news to spread around from your gals?
  13. poohy

    poohy Active Member

    A listener,

    you can actually join us at the high risk pregnancy and infertility group. There are quite a few of us there who are diagnosed with PCOS and I am one of them.

    Normally PCOS patient do not ovulate spontaneously or have irregular or long cycles. These will make it tough to conceive since u dun even ovulate.. so no egg how to fertilized rite. Most doc will treat PCOS patient with dosage of either metformin or clomid or both. These are used quite effectively to induce ovulation in most people. Once you achieve ovulation, and your hubby's sperm is normal, then it should be quite soon that your fren can conceive in no time [​IMG] Even if she fails to respond to metformin+clomid, there are other treatment options like injectibles.

    The thing is.... work with a Reproductive Endocrinology (infertility specialist/gynae) in this...

    I only know of one person who was diagnosed with PCOS here and conceive : autumngal.

    I myself hardly have any spontaneous menses these few years. Gotta induce with medicine and then induce the ovulation. I was briefly pregnant last month with the help of ovulation induction drug like clomid+metformin. Miscarried later but it give me more hope that I can actually conceive afterall.

    Hope that this helps. PCOS is very common problem and is one of the easiest infertility problem to treat (read from some article)... there had been many who have PCOS and yet conceive. Its just take slightly longer than others plus... gotta take more medicine ;)
  14. sadgirl

    sadgirl New Member


    I am also trying for a bb for a nearly 5 years already. Can i check whether anyone who is also obses here, that is trying also?

    I am having problem and my hus also having problem. Really dun know what to do? Anyone can help.
  15. poohy

    poohy Active Member

    sad girl,

    most important is to see a RE (reproductive endocrinologist) and then find out the exact problem and treat it [​IMG]
  16. catz

    catz Active Member

    sad girl, pls don't be so upset.. I have PCOS and my husband's sperm analysis was really bad too (only 4% normal morphology).. yet, after slightly more than a year, I conceived on my first cycle of Clomid. I would advise you to follow Poohy's advise to seek an RE's opinion and get treatment. Take care yah?
  17. loveluis

    loveluis New Member


    I'm also diagnosed with PCOS and on Diane35 for nearly 2 years.

    I went to my gyne during June to check if I can stop taking Diane35 but he said not reccomended unless I'm trying for a baby & he will prescribe me with some fertility pills.

    I am thinking of stopping the pills & see if my menses will come... as I'm planning for a baby next year...is it advisable?
  18. poohy

    poohy Active Member


    diane35 is a birth control pills that is not known to be able to correct a pcos condition. PCOS is caused by hormonal imbalance in your body. I was taking diane35 to regulate my menses which only comes 2-4 months or sometimes 1-2 times a year... for 6 months some years back. I did get my menses each month but once I stop the pills, my menses din even come once in more than a year till I see a gynae.

    I am not sure whether it has worsen my condition but if you are planning to have a bb, shd start seeing a gynae now. You will be given fertility pills to help u ovulate. Once u ovulate successfully, you will see your menses coming back. [​IMG]

    See a RE.
  19. catz

    catz Active Member

    Poohy, once again, congrats [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] So happy for a fellow 'cyster'!!!

    Hey loveluis, how're ya doing? [​IMG] I would seriously advise you to drop the Diane at least 6 months for 'washout'. Even though they say that normal fertility levels will return immediately after stopping the pill, I know many people (myself included) who found it difficult to conceive. If you see an RE, she might prescribe you with metformin which is a diabetic medication but seems to have effect on PCOS patients. As far as I know, this is the only way of addressing the root cause of PCOS. Ovulation drugs only address ovulation problems.
  20. poohy

    poohy Active Member

    catz, thanx [​IMG]
  21. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi Poohy,

    Yep, my menses comes only 4 seasons a year before I was on Diane 35. I was given Diane 35 to regulate it... yep, that's what i fear most... if i dun take it...it wont come...haiz...[​IMG]
    If i remember correctly... I'm having mild polycystic ovaries..

    Hi Catz,
    Things are going well for me, I've been busy preparing myself for the theory test... finally passed liao after 3 trys... Now I'm taking driving lessons for my test in Mid-Sept.

    Hmm, I tink i will go visit my gyne when I'm back in Dec... In the meantime, I will also be getting a second opinion from a gyne here...

    Thanks Poohy & Catz :p
  22. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hey loveluis, do keep in touch either via this forum or MSN messenger yah? My menses were also really crazy whenever I was off Diane - either 6 months or 3 weeks cycle.. crazy hor? What kind of health insurance do you have? 'Cos for me, my copay is $45 so it isn't so bad to go and see a gynae... of course, it's the tests which might be pricey if your insurance isn't so comprehensive lor.. BTW, it would be best to go to an RE, 'cos not all gynaes specialise in these kind of hormonal disorders. PCOS isn't very well-researched and not all gynaes have up-to-date knowledge on the latest d'lopments. Congrats on passing the theory test! Just remember for the practical, must really check blindspot and side mirrors whenever you do lane change or turnings yah?

    Oh, btw, I bought quite a few good books on PCOS fr Amazon... you should go and have a read...
  23. mykono

    mykono New Member

    juz to share my experience here:

    Aug 2001: found a polyp in my uterus and had it removed

    Feb 2002: blooed tests and scan revealed that I have PCOS and elevated prolactin level that caused anovulation

    Feb-May 2002: took clomid for 3 cycles but no results

    Sep-Nov 2002: did IUI again unsuccessful

    Nov 2002: did HSG to check for blocked tube but showed normal fallopian tubes

    Jan-Sep 2003: decided to switch to TCM as western medicine is causing gastritis and bloatedness.

    Sep 2003: finally preggy but suffered m/c the very day I visited gynae

    Jan 2004: Preggy again which is a big surprise as I already decided to take it easy and not really trying

    Now is eagerly waiting for the arrival of my bundle of JOY after months of fears and anticipation!!

    Hope my experience will be a morale booster to all out there who is still trying to conceive. I believe all of us will eventually conceive only a matter of time! [​IMG]
  24. catz

    catz Active Member

    Wow mykono, thanks for sharing! I also went through an early miscarriage last year and it was a shock to me that I had conceived on the first cycle of Clomid as we'd kind of given up hope already. In fact, my gynae had told me that PCOS patients are more prone to miscarriage so I was really freaked out until the hormone tests came back with ultra-high hCG.. so high that they thought it was multiples!! So when are you due? My EDD is 8 Jan [​IMG]
  25. mindy

    mindy Active Member

    hi all
    may i know if there is any symptons of PCOS? coz hubby and I been TTC for 1yr + so dunno if i cld hv PCOS ?
  26. catz

    catz Active Member

    JL, PCOS is a syndrome so there are many symptoms associated with it but some people have PCOS but none of the symptoms. Some common symptoms:-
    irregular periods
    excess facial or body hair
    weight gain

    You can find out if you have PCOS if you go for a scan at the gynae.. usually they will see little cysts dotting your ovaries - those are unripened eggs which were not released fully during the menstrual cycle. They also can diagnose with a blood test.

    If you have been TTC for 1+ year, it's definitely time for you AND hubby to go for check-ups.
  27. mykono

    mykono New Member

    Hi Catz! EDD is on 18 Sep. Now at home shake legs...very scared now! Wonder how delivery will be like. Juz pray everything will turn out fine. How about U? Have u delivered?
  28. mykono

    mykono New Member

    Catz...didn't read your ending sentence. Congrats and do take care! [​IMG]
  29. catz

    catz Active Member

    mykono [​IMG] Wah, you are due very very soon!!! I think I am also going to start freaking out at the 8th month.. not quite sure what kind of pain level to expect. My mother claims it isn't bad enough to scream but hmm... seems like she is the only weirdo who can tahan without pain medication :p So you quit your job? I am also at home shaking legs 'cos I quit my job to follow my husband to the US.
  30. sadgirl

    sadgirl New Member

    Dear Catz,

    Thanks for your advise. I think i will fix appt at KK and see what the doc says.
  31. mykono

    mykono New Member

    Hi Catz...I shake legs cos I take pre maternity leave. Dun remind me of my due date...want to chicken out also cannot liao! Went to do a vaginal swab last week...scream like "pig kena slaughter" so i can't imagine when the BIG DAY comes how I will react! U dun panic now...enjoy and relax! [​IMG]
  32. mykono

    mykono New Member

    Sad girl, I suggest u also consult chinese physician. Initially I was quite sceptical but after seeing my colleagues sisters who got preggy shortly after seeing him (one even got fallopian tube blocked), I went to try. To my surprise, he actually managed to regulate my system and gotme pregnant naturally in 9 months time.[​IMG]
  33. sadgirl

    sadgirl New Member

    which chinese physician did you see?
  34. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hey sadgirl, no harm going for both alternative and western medicine.. just make sure both practitioners know that you are having both chinese/western treatment so that there will not be any clash.

    mykono, ohhh, you're on prematernity leave..hehe.. don't be scared lah... after all, during childbirth, everything will be out on display. [​IMG]
  35. mykono

    mykono New Member

    Sadgirl, the clinic is located at Blk 325 Ubi Ave 1. Senendo Medical Hall. Lost his contact number liao. U can check on yellow page for the tel. Both me and hubby see him and consultation for both of us including weekly supply of medicine is around $100. But u muz be prepared to take BBT daily and the herbal medicine is rather bitter and is to be taken daily. But i think is worth the effort. There is only one physician there, his surname is Goh. Personally, feels very comfortable wif him but I think it depends on individual. I try to look for his number if can get will msg u. [​IMG]
  36. mykono

    mykono New Member

    Catz...scared also muz face it liao. My fren who is due 5 days earlier than me gave birth yesterday! So u can imagine my fear! Now better shop near Mt E so anytime want to give birth very near...heehee! [​IMG]
  37. sadgirl

    sadgirl New Member

    Anyone tried Bai Feng Wan? Does it helps?
  38. may_yee

    may_yee New Member

    hi, anyone has a good reproductive endocrinologist to recommend for treating infertility due to PCOS?
  39. lings

    lings Active Member

    is anyone still in this thread?? coz i juz found out i got PCOS oso [​IMG] but with no sympthoms only irregular period... would like to chat with all the same problems ladies [​IMG]
  40. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hi Meimei, having PCOS really does suck.. I have had irregular periods and acne all my life.. however I managed to conceive on Clomid. Are you trying for a baby or just trying to control the symptoms? Would be good to talk to your gynae and get on metformin...
  41. elle

    elle Active Member

    Hi Mei Mei,

    Me too diagnose as PCOS patient too. Dun be sad, PCOS also can conceive as per normal ladies.
    Me too conceived on Clomid(a kinda hormones pills). But on top of that i also took metformin which assist in balancing my hormones.

    Most gyne wld prescribe clomid for you only when you didnt react on clomid alone, they wld give you metformin to take 2gether with clomid.

    Hope the above info helps [​IMG]
  42. ah_cat

    ah_cat New Member

    Hi all,

    I am a PCOS & been trying to conceive too. Can we get the clomid & metformin easily from pharmacy w/o presciption?

    And how long did u all take to get preg? Plus another embarassing question like what is your freq of baby making session?

    Sorry to ask too many questions, but I am quite anxious to get preg...
  43. catz

    catz Active Member

    cat tail, nope, clomid and metformin are prescription drugs... you do have to be monitored by a gynae when you take these drugs... so pls do see your gynae asap if you're worried about getting pregnant.. also would be good if your hb could get a sperm analysis done.

    i took over a year to get pregnant but conceived on my first cycle of clomid... freq of session...hmm.. varied from 2-3 times per week but the session that we conceived, it was a once-off 'cos for some weird reason, we didn't have any intercourse 2 weeks before and about 1 week after.
  44. lings

    lings Active Member

    hi catz & elle
    thanks for replying [​IMG] coz the last post was last month.. so glad that u reply [​IMG]

    me now TTC.. went to see gynae on tuesday coz i miss menses for 5mths already.. then went ultrasound scan and "V" scan, blood test and pap smear.. gynae gave me metforin, clomiphene and sunolut(norethisterone)..goin back to gynae coz something wrong with my pap smear result.. nurse told me got infection but not serious.. can be treated by takin antibiotics [​IMG]

    HI cat_tail
    i'm new oso [​IMG]

    Hope we can share more detail here [​IMG]
  45. ssl

    ssl Active Member

    Hi Catz & Elle

    U are so lucky to get pregnant with Clomid. [​IMG]

    Hi cat_tail,

    I'm also diagnosed to have PCOS recently. My gynae gave me clomid for 3 months(5tabs for each month) but no good news.

    Only told first two times she saw follicles. thats it, after that menses came. [​IMG]

    so now, i stopped cos Chinese doc asked me to stop first. I wasnt given metforin (duno why) but remembered doc suggested if i'm anxious to get pregnant, go for IUI.

    I was abit frustrated by this medicine thing (cos every month was hoping it will strike but every time got disappointed) so i stopped visiting my regular gynae first.

    Instead decided to go for checkup at fertility centre. Thats how i was diagnosed to have PCOS. hubby will be going for Sperm Analysis tomorrow and we will be able to discuss the test result with the doc.
  46. ah_cat

    ah_cat New Member

    Thanks catz,

    At least it give me some hope that PCOS ppl can get preg too. My next gynae apppointment will be Jan next yr, so can ask her about the clomid. Currently I am off birth control pills for almost 2 mths but menses still never come (as usual)... *haiz.. I am just trying & hopefully can get it w/o any med help.

    So your bb making session is around mid of your menses cycle? At least I dun feel so stress but again.. I dun have regular menses, so how to gauge the timing.. [​IMG]

    Yup Mei Mei,

    We can keep each other update & also share our experience. It does give us great hope when I know someone like us can conceive.

    Hi SSL,

    Did your gynae knew that you are PCOS beforehand? She seems not very experience & going for IVF is always the last resort plus not cheap at all. One try is around $8k or more & the success rates are not very high. It's like waiting to strike 4D leh. I heard chinese med is quite effective but must have lots of patience.
  47. poohy

    poohy Active Member


    me too PCOS patient ... my period was very irregular when I was young 2-4 months interval.. and then I went on birth control pills in the early months of my marriage.. and ater I came off bcp, my menses din come for 1 year. Till I went to my gynae to get medicine to induce it then it comes.

    I was on clomid too and metformin. Managed to conceived thru that but miscarried. My cycle remains very long with clomid+metformin (ovulation on cd21 or later) and sometimes I dun even ovulate with those.

    I move on to injectibles and IUI and it works for me. I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Hey injectibles works the best for PCOS patients.. and it also shortens my cycle. While I was on injectibles, I ovulated on cd9 of my cycle for the first time in my life. [​IMG]

    so its highly possible. Many of us in the forum have PCOS problem and many of us also had conceived subsequently with the help of ovulation drug.

    btw, I think SSL is refering to IUI and not IVF. IUI is much cheaper compare to IVF [​IMG] IUI success rate is not that high actually but it depends on individual conditions... for me I guess it works well [​IMG]

    fyi, IVF has a much higher success rate compared to the normal couple who are free of fertility problems and BDr regularly.
  48. ah_cat

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    Hi poohy,

    Mind tell me more about IUI. This is new to me. [​IMG]
  49. ariella

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  50. poohy

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    hi cat_tail,

    IUI is intrauterine insemination. It involves placing your hubby's washed sperm directly into the uterus. This way, factors like mucus quality are eliminated. It cost abt $300-400 in most places. If you want to do IUI, you must first be able to ovulate well by yourself or with the help of clomid or metformin.

    SO-IUI is superovulation-intrauterine insemination. The superovulation is to cause your body to ovulate more than 1 eggs (normally 2-3) by the use of injectible drugs like puregon or gonal-f. From cd2, you inject the puregon on your own at home ... and by CD7, you will be asked to do follicular scan (which is vaginal u/s scan). From there, the growth of the follicles in response to the injectibles are monitored. If the growth is not ideal, then the dosage of the injectibles are adjusted accordingly. Once a mature size has been reached for 2-3 follicles, an injection is given to ovulate the eggs. That day or the next day, a IUI is performed. The cost of a SO-IUI cycle is abt $1.3-1.5k. This is becos the injectibles are very costly (they are the same as those used in IVF stimulation phase).

    The difference between SO-IUI and IVF is mainly that instead of placing washed sperm into the uterus (like IUI), eggs are retrieved, fertilised in-vitro and placed into the uterus as embryos (in IVF).

    The reason why injectibles are well suited for PCOS patient is because, unlike clomid which has an indirect effect in causing your body to produce enough follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), indirectly may also increase the amt of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) produced. This is not ideal since PCOS patient normally already have a elevated LH level which is one of the cause of the annovulation.

    The injectibles are actual recombinant FSH injected into your body to directly stimulate the follicles development. Thus it works better as it has a direct effect.

    Not all PCOS patients are overweight or insulin-resistance (I weigh only 42kg at age 25 when my PCOS was starting to deteriorate as in totally no menses for years). Research suggest that PCOS is a metabolical disorder. The use of metformin to reduce the insulin level seems to have an effect on reducing the LH level also, thus, in many patients, it actually reverse the problem as long as they are on metformin.

    I think SO-IUI works best for PCOS patient which does not respond well to clomid (which at times can also cause hostile mucus at high dose). I think if my PCOS condition is not reversed by childbirth (heard some people say it can be reversed at times after childbirth .. not sure how true), then I will certainly turn to this procedure when I want my 2nd kid. Else just waiting for ovulation is already a big waste of time.

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