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Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by pearlyngoh, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. pearlyngoh

    pearlyngoh New Member

    I heard some PCF got lots of homework whereas others are on play-based.

    The children in the latter have problems in Pri 1.

    Does PCF practice different curriculum in different centres?

  2. celinequek

    celinequek New Member

    My 5yr old is attending PCF Childcare (Moulmein) since N2 and there is no homework at all. My 7 yr old used to attend the same PCF and she is coping well in Pri 1 this year.
  3. sharene

    sharene Member

    Hi celine, my son is also in PCF Moulmein. He is in K2 now. Registering for P1 this month. So far i also did not see him bringing back homework to do. Only spelling and "Tin-Sia" once a week.
  4. celinequek

    celinequek New Member

    Hi babywei, my elder girl is in Hong Wen School. It's a SAP School. From PCF to P1, she has no major issues. Which primary school your boy will be going to? Good luck!
  5. sharene

    sharene Member

    My boy going to Kong Hwa at guillemard road. Its also a SAP school. We got our seat thru balloting. Very heng!!!
  6. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi babywei,
    Did you get through 2C ? or 2B?
  7. sharene

    sharene Member

    Mine was Phase 2C.
  8. celinequek

    celinequek New Member

    My girl got into Hong Wen thru balloting at Phase 2C too, oso very heng.
    P1 SA1 (mid-year) exam result determines if the child get into the Higher Chinese Class (one such class only in HWS).
    My girl will be having her SA2 Higher Chinese Exam tomorrow. She knows everyone in her class are as good as her so the stress is there.
  9. ahchoon

    ahchoon New Member

    //My 5yr old is attending PCF Childcare (Moulmein) since N2 and there is no homework at all. My 7 yr old used to attend the same PCF and she is coping well in Pri 1 this year.//

    Hi Celine, how do you find the PCF at Moulmein? I am considering enrolling my daugther there. Do you have any other PCFs in the vincinity to recommend? Thanks!
  10. eve74sg

    eve74sg Member

    Hi ladies

    Is PCF Moulmein at Blk 10?

    Initially wanted to enrol my girl there when we shifted. But didnt eventually due to some other childcare arrangements.

    Hi Cecilia

    My daughter will be attending Hong Wen Sch next yr. I thought Higher Chinese is for everyone? Didnt know there will only be 1 class in Pri 2 onwards?
  11. ahchoon

    ahchoon New Member

    After seeing the questions posted by Eve, I realise there are 2 PCFs in Moulmein. So did you send your kids to the one in Jalan Rajah or in Gloucester Rd? thks.
  12. celinequek

    celinequek New Member

    The PCF my girl goes to is located at Blk 50 Dorset Road.Full name is known as "PCF MOULMEIN-TAI PEI CHILDCARE AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"
  13. celinequek

    celinequek New Member

    Hi Eve, sorry for the wrong info that i got from my girl earlier...U are right, Higher Chinese is for everyone from the start of P1...but after SA1, the better ones are group into classes to continue with Higher Chinese. The rest, i think they are not taking Higher Chinese. Hope this helps.
  14. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Has anyone put their children in PCF nursery for 4 yr old?
  15. joelletan

    joelletan New Member

    Has any mummies enrolled their child in PCF Sparkletots in Woodlands blk 894?

    Care to share ur comments?
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  16. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Hi all,
    I have included a number photos of the teaching materials in my girl's PCF kindergarten in Jurong West, for English, Chinese, Maths and Science. I think that their standard is very high and they do prepare the kids very well for P1. Please feel free to view.


    Please note that every PCF centre is different. Check with the PCF kindergarten near your place to know more about their syllabus.
  17. lu_meihua

    lu_meihua Active Member

    Any mummy kid in PCF Radin Mas Blk 108 at Bukit Purmei? Can share feedback?
  18. cin

    cin New Member

    Hi mummies,

    any feedback on PCF Shunfu/Upper thomson? its called junior club, the one beside shunfu market..thanks!
  19. sveltebon

    sveltebon New Member

    hi Mei,

    is your kid in PCF radin mas Blk 108? Any feedback?
  20. ahxuan

    ahxuan New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Does anyone of you send your child to PCF Moulmein at Blk 10?

    Appreciate your comments on its curriculum, teachers and the place in general.

    Thank you.
  21. wrangler

    wrangler Member


    Thanks! [​IMG]
  22. nicsammi

    nicsammi Member

    hi any1 haf comment for pcf at blk 922 jurong west?
  23. assamjam

    assamjam Member

    I'm very blur with the term phase 2B and phase 2C? what are there? is there also phase 2A? pls explain as i'm a new mum with zero knowledge on the local education here, although i'm a singaporean now.. thanks
  24. doublel

    doublel Member

    Hi mummy

    Did u send ur kids to 894 woodland pcf?
    Any review can share with me?


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