Part Time Maid


Dear mummies.. any recommendations for part time maids? My aunty needs one at Jurong East, once or twice weekly.

Hi All,
I din read this thread for some time. I have replied addy, perfectmoment78, pm mommy1009 but not able to pm Wee. Wee, you might want to pm me.
Just to share...

Contact : Mdm Mok or Ling yi (thats what im calling her) 90089728

Very nice chinese auntie...
I am urgently looking for a part time helper.
Can share with me?

Area: Jurong West
Prefer: 1 SAT Morning (4hrs) / 2 Wkday Night (2hrs each)

Please PM me the rate, contact.

I'm looking for part time helper as well, preferably PR, living not too far from Punggol.

Area: Punggol
Time: Alternate Sat Morning (4hrs)

Please PM me rate and contact. Thanks.
hi all,
i'm looking for a part-time cleaner for alternate wkends morning at tampines..pls pm if u hv any recommendation..thks..
Hi all,

i'm looking for a part-time cleaner for weekdays at jurong. Pls pm if u hv any recommendation. Thanks。
Hi all,
My part time helper is very good,reliable and hard working.She charges $50 for 4hrs work and you will be satisfied with her job.Filipina 38 years old.Her number is 83290802.

I need a part-time cleaner for weekend at Woodlands. Pls PM me if you have any recommendation. Thanks.

I am looking for a part time cleaner for weekends.. I stay at tampines. Please pm me if you have anyone to recommend. Thanks.
Hi all,

I need a part time helper for once every weekend at Hougang. Kindly send me the contact if there is any good recommendation.


My fren's mum is working as a part time cleaner.
Typical chinese housewife, about 52 or 53 years old. Can sweep, mop, iron etc.
Rate is $10/hr
She only travels to Hougang, Serangoon, Bishan and Amk.
No. is 98300892

Anyone who is looking for a part-time helper, pls contact Ms Jothi at 9016-2450.

She can only work on weekends and at least 4hours/day, rate at S$10/hr. Area prefer around West and North. She has been working as a cleaner for many years, trustworthly and clean, no nonsense type
<font color="0000ff">Anyone has recommendation for part-time maid at <font color="ff0000">Serangoon</font> area? looking for my mum

Pls PM me as I wont check back this thread. Thanks</font>
Anyone has recommendation for part time maid at Serangoon North/Hougang area?
Pls PM me. Preferably weekend morning.
looking for one in west coast area...wkday nite once 2 hrs and wkend once 3 hrs...not willing to pay agency fees

pls sms me at 97655915

I'm looking for a reliable and good part time maid/domestic help in AMK area, who can clean twice a week.

Please do email me at [email protected] or PM me if you have any good recommendations.

Thanks much!
Dear all

I'm looking for part time cleaner(s) for my place in Woodlands and my mom's place in West Coast, preferably weekday mornings/afternoons. If any recommendations, pls kindly PM me, thanks so much!
Hi all,
I have one aunty to recommend. So far my frens have used her, no complains. If you need her contact, pls pm me.
am looking for part-time maid to help out.
once a week every sat for 4-5 hours (usual cleaning and ironing of clothes).
Am staying near mount faber/harbourfront

Please email me at [email protected]

looking for part time maid. Location in the east near marine parade. 2 to 3 times a week weekdays for 4-5 hours.

Please pm me. thanks
Looking for part-time maid for pre-move in cleaning around mid-Nov as well as weekly cleaning thereafter. Location: Bishan (near to RI). Prefer local Chinese, if possible. Pls provide contact. Thank you
Juz a bad experience which I'll like to alert all who are looking for part-time cleaners. I engaged an agent RINA (90547595) who provides me part-time cleaners , I found her online as she claimed that she doesn't charge any agent fees. she promised me all her girls are very responsible, but two of them who promised me would come to work for me, just simply not showing on that appointment day, never replied sms nor answered my calls. I have to keep calling and check with her ...and the third one came on week 3, A myanmar Lady (can't remember her actual name) for the 4 hours cleaning she does only sweeping, mopping (floor very wet), 2 toilets (not well clean at all even my toilets are still quite new) ironing...she was on the phone most of the time.
when i call Rina, (she was rude on the phone) she then told me that the girl is not good as she has also receive several feedback on her from other employers and she proposed to introduce me another one.( which means she will get another agent fees from the poor part time maid).....the second one came for 1 month and nver failed to sms on the day of cleaning for a change of date ( sick, friend coming from overseas ect)....
Service not professional and maid quality poor. Not Recommended.
hi katecres, YES, the RINA is soo rude.. i didnt engage her maids.. coz she is already so rude when i was enquiring on the rates and details.. i am the potential customer and she ans me 'already tell u the rate is $12 per hr if come every 2 weeks..' when i was asking her abt coming weekly.. totally turned off by her attitude.. i am even more polite than her lor.. ;p
Any recommendation for good &amp; reliable part time cleaners?

Location: Yew Tee
Frequency: Once a week (weekdays/weekends)
Pls PM me. Thanks!

I am staying at AMK , looking for part time helper to clean my house. Any recommendations can PM me, what does the helper help per session and also the hourly rate charges?

Thank you.

I am staying in AMK. looking for good and reliable helper.

Can you PM me the details?
i.e. the hourly rate, chores they will do , what are the things we need to provide?
I am lookin for a PT maid to come to my plc every Sun morning in Tampines. Looking @ $10/hr for abt 3 hrs

Pls PM me if you have one to recommend.

I'm looking for part-time maid in West Coast Area. Appreciate if you could pass on any reliable contacts. Pls PM me. Thanks!

Hi, any recommendation for good &amp; reliable part time cleaners?

Location: Tampines
Frequency: Twice a month (Saturday)
Scope: Cleaning &amp; ironing
Family size: 2 adults + 1 kid

Pls reply to this thread. Thanks!