part time confinement lady


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Hi! Im looking for part time confinement lady, preferably staying in Singapore. Im leaving in Sengkang area.
Things she needs to do will be cooking for me, take care of the baby, no need to do household chores.
Timing wise will be 9am-6pm Mon to Sat.

Any recommendations pls?

Hi Pennywawa, you can consider TMC confinement nanny, they have part-time CL but the price may be on the high side...
Interested too. Dec or Jan ok
Hi, I'm looking for a part time CL (no need to stay in) to take care of my newborn baby and do light chores during confinement. No need to cook food for me cos it will be taken care by my MIL. Any recommendation? Many thanks:)
If u are looking for someone to look after newborn n do some house work,No need to look for CL.Is very xp,try agency to look for nanny is so much cheaper.Afterall she no need to attend to u or do cooking....