Part time baby sitter - Any recommendation?


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I have a dinner to attend in September and I'm thinking of getting a baby sitter to look after my 11months old (by sept) and 3 year old at my place while I'm out. My maid will be home to help out as well. I'm not sure which agency I can go to for such "flexi" arrangement. Anyone has any recommendations?

Next wk I've asked a part time babysitter 2 come my hse 3x per wk 2 help my mum look after my 3 yr old son & 11 mth girl temporary.
Cos my girl's nanny temporary can't look after her due 2 health problem.
I've searched 4 1 wk, also advertised in gumtree.
Very few babysitter want to do part time or go employer hse.
Dunno this part time babysitter good or not.
i just received a quotation from a-team amah. they quoted me $288 for 4 man hour! i'm surprise how tough it is to find adhoc baby sitting service. i'll probably have to give the dinner a miss if i can't find someone.
i looked through the advertisement in gumtree. there were some individuals offering adhoc babysitting service. just not sure if i can trust them? anyone has any suggestion?
A-team is expensive. The 1 that I found charge me $50 agent fee, $40 (3 hrs) each time.
Do u have any elderly at home? At least u dun need 2 worry whether can trust them or not.
No I don't have elderly at home. But my maid will be home. She's ok with my children. The only thing is my 3 year old tend not to listen to her and will be difficult when we are not around. I wonder the rate that you got was for part-time rate? I'm only looking for the particular night when I'm out. So not looking to engage one on a regular basis. I'm kinda worried to try someone that I don't know at all. I'm hoping to find someone who have experience engaging these adhoc babysitter to get some tips.

i am looking for a nanny / babysitter to take care of my 2 yr old son from 330pm to 630pm at tiong bahru / bukit merah area.

any recommendation?

are u still looking for nanny at tiong bahru area? my aunt is a experienced nanny, chinese mandarin speaking, if u r interested, u can call her at 81838903....
I am posting on behalf of my mother who is looking for kid 1 year old (or slightly younger) and above to babysit for full day (overnight) or any timing as requested at her place. She's staying at Marsiling area and will be able to start work anytime. Please contact her at 82000661 (no sms) or 65192635. Thank you.
Hello reliable ad hoc babysitter available. Dance instructor who have worked with toddlers and babysitted for 1 year. pls contact 82438967
I am looking for a part-time nanny which only work 2 hrs per day (Mon - Fri) from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

The nanny need to fetch my daughter from childcare, cook dinner and feed her and bath for her. I will go nanny house to fetch her around 8.30pm.

Prefer who stay Segar Road or nearby.

Pls PM me if you have anyone to recommend.

Hi, I am a mother of 4 kids staying in Jurong West (Pionner MRT). I can help to look after ur precious for full day/ half day/ few hours/ whenever u need it. Interested parents can call me @ 91883900.

I need a baby sitter whom can fetch my gal frm child care n come to my house n take care of her just for 3 hrs Fridays onli as am studying . Pls email me at [email protected]. Prefer someone staying near boon lay drive or boon lay shopping centre . Chinese r good as can teach my gal too
Hi All,
I am a mother of two independent kids 7-yr old boy and 6-yr old girl who can help to look aft your kids if you are planning to spend a private/quiet night out wit your friends/spouse. I work from 6pm-12 midnight. I only take maximum 2 infants or 4 children per day. On weekends, i also take in overnight care.

Infants = 0-2 yrs old
Child = 2-12 year olds

Nights: $40/infant or $30/child
O'nite : $70/infant or $50/child

Call me at 97708547 if you need to ask for more details.
My dear mums, my name is Reemah. If u r looking for a reliable and good babysitter for your kids aged 2 years and less, I'll be happy to take care of them, I am a housewife with one son, I live at East Coast. If you are interested please contact me on this number: 83864243 or email me: [email protected]
I'm looking for a nanny for my children, 3 and 5 yrs old, on weekdays (daily) from 12noon to 3pm, with a view to extending the hours to 5pm on certain days of the week.

The nanny will engage the children (assisted by my maid) in fun activities which enable them to learn through play. Books, music CDs, and art & craft material will be provided by me. Firm and loving discipline through reasoning and counselling the children is expected if the children misbehave.

Ideally, the nanny should be experienced with preschool children. The nanny should also be patient with children.

We live in the Tenah Merah area. Hourly rates offered for this position is higher than that offered at childcare/kindergartens. Pls pm me if you are keen.
Hello all! I was a childcare teacher and now doing ad-hoc flexi babysitting needs. Feel free to reach me at
+65 8368 3865 for enquiries. Thank U!
Looking around earlier for ad-hoc babysitter to care for my 2 kids during weekends ( when I've to work) in 2014.
considering not getting another maid after my current maid return home early next yr.
prefer someone staying in the area ( tampines st 44) to come over and help my mom care for both kids when I'm not around.

Im looking for part time babysitter for Sundays and PH 3hrs in the afternoon. Bukit panjang area. Please pm me if interested. Thanks