Pain on right abdomen for 3 days now.


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Hi ladies,

Wonder if any of you experienced this.

I am 20 weeks 1 day today. Since 3 days ago, i ve been experiencing a pain at my right tummy. If i were to rate the pain, it ll be 4 out of 10. Constant pain for 3 days.

My Ob asked me to take Dulphaston and monitor. I took it on 2nd day, but the naggy pain is still there.

Had my 20w scan today. The doc did not find the cause of pain. No cyst either. Baby is growing well.

No vomitting. No fever. No bleeding. Bloid pressure is normal. The only worrying thing is the constant pain. Round ligament pains should not last more than few mins each time.

So the doc requested for blood test to see if any infection or whatever. Worried.