Pacifier craze


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My bb is 1.5mths old..I have a problem as she needs her pacifier every sec of the day and even while bathing, sleeping kind of worried as she can only part with it when she doze off but the moment she open her eyes, she will start again to cry for it..Anyone with similar issues or any advice??

Tks in adv



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Ur gal is only 1.5mths and can already WANT pacificer?

perhaps she is crying for milk/ u to carry/ comfort her rather than pacifier?

i personally feel bb is too young to WANT the pacifier..



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hi snow,

its true my bb start calling out frm 6 days when her pacifier drops...when i first started her breastfeeding she moves her head vigorously left and right and im slightly worried also tats y i pump out and give her bottle feeding..

even while bathing she needs her pacifier..