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Pls advise.

Hubby and I going for short holiday. Wondering how much to pay nanny for overnight babysitting. Paying her $500 a month for day babysitting.

Appreciate all replies.

hi carol,

i've not left my bb w nanny overnight b4... but our arrangement, if it happens, is to pay an extra day. Of course, both u and nanny should hv already decided on a 'per day rate'. Hope this helps as a reference.
i ever quo my bbsitter $1000/mth day & nite including sat and sun..tink $700/mth is resonable..since itz a short trip, pay her $50 per day coz if u are paying $500 for day den it works out to be $25 per day...
i'm paying my bb sitter $800 for day and nite care but my boy only stays 3-4 nite per wk at her place include week ends since 3 months old then after 6th months i pay her $850 for bb's food.
hope the info helps.
hi hi,

my baby baby is going 6 months old (born in mid Nov '07). I live in Bukit Merah area.

I'm looking for a nanny who can babysit him overnight during weekdays, preferably living nearby or around Queenstown, Tiong Bahru or Redhill area.

Alternatively I don't mind if the nanny prefers to come to my place.

Please PM me. Thanks!
The market rate mentioned here are purely fees for bb care right? Does it include bb's food?
What do we as parents supply to the nanny?

I'm staying at Hougang Ave 8 (St 61)..looking for a nanny for my baby boy after my confinement in Aug..Any recommendation? need in day 8am-7pm Mon to Fri and 8.30am-2pm for sat..Thanks

Currently my nanny is charging me $600 per month for my 2yo boy.

I am thinking of going half day CC+ half day Nanny. 1pm to 730pm with dinner. My boy will take the sch bus to her blk so she dun need to go and pick my boy too. Wat's the market rate for such nanny service?

Then next yr fullday CC+2hrs nanny from 6pm - 730pm with dinner. Similarly my boy will take the sch bus thus nanny need not travel at all. Wat's the market rate for this arrangement?

Anyone got experience? pls share.
Hi! I am a first time mom looking for a stay-in nanny (day & night) to help me take care of my baby for a peroid of at least 6-9 months -- any recommendations?
I am looking at paying $900-1000 a month -- would it be reasonable?
Would appreciate any advice/help! Tks!
hello all,

I am looking for a nanny to look after my son after my confinement in either next year mar or apr. Anyone has any recommendations, please advise. Best if the nanny is staying in Sengkang or bungkok area.

Hi all my mum provides babysitting services but u guys have to sent the kids to her place.. She is staying @ telok blangah rise 4 bus stops away from tiong bahru plaza... Not much criteria ... She only expect minimal salary from customer as she is passionate about kid not MONEY!! Her rates is any 6 days a week, a maximum of 10 hour a day. @ $500 per month. She also sents ur kid regularyly to check-up if needed. Or even school.. Overnight charge per night $30 a day...

Need more info cal me direct @ 93856063
Hi Ng Wei Lin Wendy,

Saw your post, though it was in 2008. Just wonder whether you're still at Farrer Rd? And managed to get a nanny?

Many thanks!
anyone has recommendations for overnight nanny who will stay in my house for just one month?

Please help urgently.
I am posting on behalf of my mother who is looking for kid 1 year old (or slightly younger) and above to babysit for full day (overnight) or any timing as requested at her place. She's staying at Marsiling area and will be able to start work anytime. Please contact her at 82000661 (no sms) or 65192635. Thank you.
Just curious, how do you mummies coax child to accept babysitter/nanny or to stop the crying when you have to leave her with the nanny?
hi can I have only overnight lanny in jurong west, what is the charge and she can also come my place and stay?
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