Opting for Non-Mother (Chinese) as Second Language


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Would like some advise.

My daughter is entering primary school next year and we would like her to take Mandarin as 2nd language instead of Malay. She has been learning since Nursery and we even enrolled her in Beijing Language School this year. She is able to read, write and speak Mandarin. Even her Chinese teacher in her kindergarten mentioned that she is on par with the other chinese kids.

So I received the form to opt for Non-Mother Tongue as 2nd language and it requested for test results as supporting documents. I don't think they are any kindergarten which will test their students at such a young age. So they suggested testimonial letters from the school.

When I asked MOE what else can I do, they kept telling me that they're not sure and told me to just submit testimonial letter. I am not sure how much a testimonial letter can help.

Are there any mothers out there who have gone through this process? Appreciate any advice. THanks!