Only SGD 43 you can get Genuine Leather Dress Shoes

Hello All members and viewers,
We are making and selling Only Genuine Leather Shoes. My brand is Dado. We offer a special price .only SGD 43 you get a really genuine Leather dress shoes. You can directly send email to [email protected] or WhatsApp +6288809431659 to get info. I have Goodwill that customer can receive the shoes in your address in Singapore and payment after you receive the shoes by transferring the money to my DBS account .or customer can buy through Youbeli online market place and payment to Youbeli online market place(Malaysia) .please see my Dado shop in Youbeli online market place. Free shipping cost from Bandung Indonesia to Singapore, Malaysia. Absolutely underpriced. Dado shoes is comfortable, flexible and Durable.

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